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Hacker Wargames! 
Try to b reak into these computers -- please!

Are you tempted to break into computers, but for some strange reason don't want to go to jail? Guess what, there are computers whose owners want you to try to break in!

They keep on bringing up new wargames at the Pull The Plug site. Advanced players only.

Wargame at http://www.hack.ae/. You can play it online on a website exclusively developed for the challenge. There are ten levels for HACK Dot AE Contest. Each level has a different problem which will test the candidates hacking capability.

Want to play hacker challenge games that are easier for beginners? Check out http://www.hackergames.net for information and links to hacker challenges and wargames.

Here's how to run your own hacker wargame. This is harder than you might think. The big, and we mean BIG danger is that a criminal might break into yourwargame computer and use it to -- duh -- commit crime. Then the authorities will think you mcommitted the crime and you could go to jail.

Play a multilevel wargame at http://www.hackthissite.org/ According to , "Here at hackthissite.org [a computer break-in challenge] we try to make our site the friendliest environment to learn in as possible. This site is good fun and is always coming out with new challenges. Anything goes on the site, (excluding dos, and brute force attacks please). The IRC server is irc.inteliinternet.com and the room is #Hackthissite. Don’t worry about asking “Dumb” questions. If you ever get made fun of for “Noob” questions, just pm me, spiffomatic64, with your question and the person who made fun of you. We don’t take kindly to jerks.

Play lots of breakin games at http://www.all.net. It is run by brilliant virus researcher Fred Cohen. He offers games even a beginner can enjoy.

http://www.try2hack.nl/ is a great wargame for beginners. It even has a forum where you can learn how to attack it.

Hackerslab.org is a genuine hacker playground with computer break-in games, run by Korean hackers who want to discourage computer crime while encouraging those who want to legally learn how to hack. They now have an English version of their web site.

Ebina tells us how to get into the game. "You start out by registering for an account, which gives you a user name and password with which to access the 'View Problems' page. You will then see the problem you need to hack to get to level 1.

"You then telnet to drill.hackerslab.org, login as level0 and guest, and hack your way to user level1. Once level1, you run a command, `pass`, that tells you the password to login as level1. Enter that into the 'View Problems' page, and you can see the problem you need to hack to get to level 2. All the way to level 14."

If you are serious about winning a hacker wargame, click here for help.

Some of these wargames might allow you to keep control once you break in. That means you have to learn how to fight off attackers. Many hackers say defense is much more challenging than attack! Click here for help defending your computers.

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