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I'll Sue!@#$%!!

"I'll sue" is one of the most popular things self-described hackers and hacker sympathizers say to threaten us Happy Hacksters. We're beginning to think that some people who call themselves hackers must be enemies of free speech. They deface web sites and shut them down with distributed denial of service attacks. These attacks violate your freedom to use the web. So it should come as no surprise that many "hackers" try to censor web sites by threatening lawsuits.

The most hilarious threat came from lawyer Jennifer Granick, representing Jay Dyson. She's threatening to sue us because we commented on a story in both the web and print versions of Forbes magazine. Hey, if her client doesn't like the Forbes story, he should get her to sue Forbes.

Then there was MostHated's whining and threatening because I say harsh things about the criminal stupidity of his Global Hell gang in Überhacker: How to Break into Computers.

Our tutorial on social engineering has inspired more threats to sue (and one wimpy blackmail attempt) than anything else we've ever put on this web site. The parts of the tutorial that have people in such a sweat are:

Pete Shipley wins the prize for most effort expended. His lawyer actually sent me a letter that refused to say what specifically might have been erroneous, and threatening to sue. Click here to see that letter, and here for Meinel's response.

A press relations person for Secure Computing Corp. refused to tell Meinel what was libelous about her social engineering tutorial. She simply verbally threatened to sue.

Adam Penenberg of Forbes also refused to identify anything that might be untrue about him, simply threatening to sue.

Richard Thieme was not happy at all with Meinel reminding people that he wrote many totally fanciful stories about Se7en, even though he knew that Se7en was, shall we say, possessed of a remarkable imagination. Click here to see how Thieme tried (and failed) to persuade her to leave him out of that story.

Bronc Buster (Erik Ginorio of Cisco) tries to trick Meinel into believing he can get a restraining order to prohibit her from reporting on him.

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