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Adam Penenberg: reporter of phony hacker stories

Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 16:38:02 -0500
From: "Adam Penenberg" <apenenberg@forbes.com>
To: Subject: Re: Please review the following material
Content-Disposition: inline


for shame trying to peddle a book so you can get even with people you disagree with. that's not very professional, carolyn.

for the record, your facts are wrong in just about every instance. i have passed on your samples to my attorney. i have been instructed to wait for the publication of your book and, if necessary, i have been assured that we will take the appropriate action at that time.


adam penenberg

Carolyn replies: That's a pretty funny email, coming from the man who wrote an editorial in which he inaccurately claimed that John Vranesevich has threatened to sue many people, and who fell for the Se7en kiddie porn crusade hoax that Pete Shipley and Brian Martin helped to promote.

Back to the carnival of folks who threaten to sue this web site--->>

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