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How to Totally Compromise a Fortune 500 Company, continued...

Me: "Oh wow, traffic was terrible. Is it usually this bad?"

Employee: "Yep, every day! Are you new around here?"

Me: "Well kind of, I do most of my work out of the San Francisco office I'm just here to do a quick Y2K Audit."

Employee: "That sounds pretty exciting. The company flies you across the US for this?"

Me: "They sure do, I've never been to Las Vegas, so I was especially looking forward to this trip."

We walked across the parking lot and were now standing in front of a large double glass door with two visible security cameras and a proximity key card system. My new friend, who I later learned was the Director of Marketing, held his badge to the proximity reader and was rewarded by a quick "pop" as the magnetic locks on the double doors were released. I walked in confidantly, giving no sign that I didn't belong. As I approached the front desk, an attractive young lady who proudly wore a nametag identifying her as "Jan" greeted me with a smile.

Me: "Hi Jan, I'm Rob from the San Francisco office. I'm here to do a Y2K audit. Could you direct me to the break room? I haven't had my coffee this morning and, well, I'm just not human until I get some of that devil juice in my system."

Jan: "Oh, nice to meet you, Rob. Sure, the break room is through those double doors and down the hall to your right. Since you're visiting from the San Francisco office, I'll buzz you right through. Oh, I'm out of temporary badges. Just take this yellow sticky note and write your name, office location and the word visitor underneath it, then clip it to your shirt pocket. That way, people will know your name."

Me: "Thanks, Jan. You know, I'm going to have to take you out for lunch so you can show me around Las Vegas, right!" <Innocent friendly flirt>

Jan: "Tee-hee, Sure, babe, if you're buying, I'm game. Oh, by the way, if you need access to the server room, just talk to Mark McMillan. He can get you a temporary access code. The Deloitte & Touche auditors had a lot of problems, though. So if you run into trouble just call x1566."

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