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How to Totally Compromise a Fortune 500 Company

Beep… Beep… Beep (Wake up stupid!) 0530!!! I sent an arm flinging across over to the nightstand to silence the menace known as the alarm clock. I stumbled over to the stacks of 486's, Pentium, Pentium II and Pentium III boxes that were stacked on top of one another in the corner of my bedroom. As the light from my 21" monitor illuminated the room, I decreased the brightness as to not wake the wife who was sleeping soundly.

Rubbing my hands together anxiously, I poured through the list of freshly acquired and enciphered passwords that would serve as my key right into the wide area network (WAN) of AcmeHQ. That's my fubarred version of the name of my victim, a Fortune 500 company. My enumeration of the target network sure did pay off! I eagerly got to work exploiting a reverse telnet technique bypassing the fearless Cisco PIX Firewall and casually made my secure shell (ssh) connection from a small inconspicuous BSD box tucked away in a closet half way across the world. When prompted for my username I simply entered "CIO" and "<users SSN#>" as the password.

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Last login: Wed Jan 3 17:57:45 -0800 1999 on TTY1 from god.acmehq.com


Oh, very nice. The CIO had added himself to the root group. GID0 -- how convenient for me!!! I quickly created a half a dozen new accounts with inconspicuous names that followed the obvious naming convention which I easily put together from the shadowed /etc/passwd.

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