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Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 21:51:45 -0500 (EST)
From: Bronc Buster <bronc@2600.com>
To: Carolyn Meinel <>
cc: jericho@attrition.org
Subject: Re: In the words of Adam Penenberg, "So sue me."

Look here, you have asked me before if I wanted to contribute to your book, and I clearly stated NO. I also clearly stated that I wanted no part in any way, shape or form in your book, and that you could also not use any of my code, e-mails, or ANYTHING what so ever. Because you asked me before it was done, and you got the reply, which was no, I think you are smart enough to figure out what grounds you'll be on then.

I will save the legal babble; save that Joy is still in law school.

This obsession you have with this matter is out of control, and you need to get a grip. Maybe you and JP think you can get rich off this, playing the Poor Me slant, but forget it. We have ALL come to the conclusion that we are going to ignore it, and as our actions would reflect over the last few months, we have.

There is NO STORY here any longer, it's over. This entire fisaco will fade away and be a bad memory. Just stop.

In conclusion:

Don't put me in your book (you do not have permission).
Do not use any code/articles/e-mail/logs that have anything to do with me in anything you do.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Leave me alone.



Carolyn's comments: Bronc has been in many news stories, most prominently by taking public credit for hacking Chinese government computers. When an individual solicits reporters to write news stories about himself, he can't expect to be able to pick and choose which reporters cover the story by threatening lawsuits. The First Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees freedom of the press. Bronc won't find any court in this country that would try to violate the First Amendment just so he can control which reporters write about him.

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