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Überhacker II -- More Ways to Break into a Computer with CD-ROM with tools for Windows, Linux and Unix. By Carolyn Meinel, second edition, Oct. 2003.

This book reveals how the experts *legally* test systems for security flaws and how they discover new flaws. See also Software Security: Building Security In, by Gary McGraw, chief technology officer of Cigital, for tools and techniques. Meinel highly recommends that you read McGraw's book as well as hers.

The difference between these books is that Überhacker II shows how to set up a low cost hacker laboratory that you can quickly reconfigure with many operating systems, and how to run wargames with your friends while minimizing the risk that criminals might break into your laboratory network. By contrast, Software Security: Building Security In is better for people who are working in a corporate environment with big budgets. It does not cover how to set up a test network or run wargames, but unlike Meinel's book goes into depth on software design and testing methodologies.

You can get an autographed copy of Überhacker II shipped priority mail or FedEx from Carolyn Meinel. Click here for an order form you can print out to get an autographed copy. Or click here to buy it online with a credit card direct from Paladin Press.

What's new in the 2nd edition? What are people saying about Überhacker!?

 Excerpts from Überhacker II: More Ways to Break into a Computer

Special for beginners: the Hacker Pack! Get autographed copies of both The Happy Hacker book (which helps you learn the basics) and Überhacker II (for advanced hacking) at a bargain rate (only available at this rate from Carolyn Meinel). Click here for an order form.

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