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Hacktivism Sucks

In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, some hackers are trying to organize strikes against Middle Eastern nations. This is a very bad idea. Almost all Middle Eastern nations, including Iran, hate terrorist leader Osama bin Laden and are our allies in bringing him to justice. The only government on the side of the terrorists is Afghanistan. Most of the people of Afghanistan also hate bin Laden and their Taliban oppressors.

What about attacking computers used by Afghans and terrorists? We need to leave Afghanistan's and bin Laden's Internet access up so US cyberwarfare experts can use them for their own rather, ahem, interesting uses.

Internet cofounder Vint Cerf is begging hacktivists to stop attacking Middle Eastern countries.

NIPC (US National Infrastructure Protection Center) has "already received reports of individuals encouraging vigilante hacking activity. Those individuals who believe they are doing a service to this nation by engaging in acts of vigilantism should know that they are actually doing a disservice to the country," their advisory stated.

The Dispatchers are the lead group attacking US Middle Eastern allies, yet everything they have done has actually harmed the US. How are the leaders of these countries going to ensure the support of their citizens if they are reading vicious, dirty web site hacks purporting to support the US?

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