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More News From the Hacker War Front:

A hack of Brookhaven National Lab accuses Pete Shipley of being a Girlie! Hack of White House Web site accuses Carolyn Meinel of being a crack whore! Golly, what new trenchant political analyses will those hacktivists treat us to next?

PC Week magazine and the Amarillo Globe-News praise our test of our Wargame director Vincent Larsen's BRICKHouse web server. Find out why we call Vincent "Evil Kernel." However, please don't believe the claim in this story that Bronc Buster is part of the Hacking for Girliez gang -- the reporter got that part dead wrong.

Editor and Publisher Interactive reports on a May 22-25 seminar on free speech in Cyberspace and Happy Hacker's battle for free speech on the Internet. 

Forbes magazine story Nov. 16th, 1998 issue. Read about the hacker war that tried but failed to run us off the Internet!

Read about the courage former Hacker Wargame director Mark Schmitz revealed when the ISP he co-owns came under attack by the Hacking for Girliez gang.

N.Y. Times hack tip of iceberg September 13, 1998

Hackers break into N.Y. Times Web site September 13, 1998 There are dozens more stories on this attack on the New York Times, so we won't bore you with an complete archive of the news coverage. The Hacking for Girliez gang took credit for the attack and claimed Meinel taught them how to do it and paid them to use her techniques on the New York Times. Our summary of this incident is -- it was childish and Carolyn Meinel says "I didn't do it!"

JPL Hoax Carolyn responds to news of her alleged hack of a JPL Web site. She didn't do it -- it was just some lamer trying to fool the clueless. May 24, 1998

Happy Hacker Book review - Hear what Infowar has to say about the Happy Hacker! June 3, 1998

"King of the Hacking Hill" - ZDTV acclaims Hacker Wargames, March 16, 1998

"Surf Guru Q&A: How can I learn how to hack?" - "Ask The Surf Guru" on ZDNet recommends Happy Hacker ezine - December 15, 1997

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