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More News From the Hacker War Front:

John Vranesevich helps FBI track the Yahoo hackers, warns that clumsy investigations by computer security companies may be doing more harm than good. "I share [Vranesevich's] dismay," said George Grotz of the computer crimes division in the FBI's San Francisco office. "There have been a number of individuals who have pointed fingers at others, and who have claimed credit for this. It's our job to separate the bogus from the legitimate." Wait just one minute -- didn't Forbes' Adam Penenberg claim the FBI is busy trying to put Vranesevich behind bars? Maybe Penenberg forgot which Universe he lives in...we're waiting to see Penenberg claim to have interviewed the Yahoo hackers.

Mixter, who created one of the distributed denial of service (DOS) attack programs that can shut down even the biggest web sites, explains why he wrote it.

Wired swallows yet another bogus Brian Martin news story -- this time on the billion dollar DOS attack spree. This follows a Wired story that claimed Yahoo wasn't really shut down by a distributed DOS attack. When the overwhelming evidence presented by all the other news media made it clear that the Wired story was fabricated out of nothing, Wired then claimed the DOS attacks were a government conspiracy. Sheesh, what do you suppose the next bogus Wired story is going to be? Oh, yes, Laura Moorhead, who says she's the "executive producer" of Wired, phoned Happy Hacker Clown Princess Carolyn Meinel and threatened to sue her if she writes about Wired's blizzard of fanciful stories. However, you're reading this now, so Moorhead's threat must not have worked.

Antionline's John Vranesevich makes some cautious predictions about the numbers, types and motivations of the billion dollar DOS hackers.

DOS Attacks Could Cost $1 Billion; Spread of Attacks on Web Sites Is Slowing Traffic on the Internet; Hacker Attack Costs Yahoo Half a Million Dollars; Several Web Sites Are Attacked on Day After Assault Shut Yahoo; Vandals hit top sites: The week of Feb. 6 saw the biggest computer crime assault in history. No longer content with defacing web sites, individuals unknown forced the biggest web sites in cyberspace to shut down for hours at a time, losing millions in income. Here's how to fight these DOS attacks.

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