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More News From the Hacker War Front:

We thank Vincent Larsen, and Jon for putting together Fangz. Oh, and thank you, Bill (the giant Texan interior designer) for doubling as our body guard, those wannabe rioters didn't have a chance!

Oh, yes, they said Fangz was cheating because when someone booted in single user mode from console (which in itself was against the rules), that cheater couldn't change the root password. And when people tried to compile C programs that would do naughty things, suddenly the C libraries became inaccessible. Duh, maybe this is a Good Idea! Learn more about Larsen's revolutionary Process Based Security at his SAGE, Inc. web site!

More bogus Def Con news: Hackernews.com reports Meinel was ejected from Def Con 7 for "abuse of press privileges." Says Meinel, "I wish it were true. I'd be honored to have gotten in trouble for practicing freedom of the press. But they really were just mad at Fangz."

See a report on the Def Con 7 conference, which includes a half-accurate story about how the Def Con staff first granted a press pass to Happy Hacker's Carolyn Meinel, then revoked it when an Attrition.org staff member objected to her presence in the press room. As David Akin, technology reporter for the National Post in Toronto pointed out, "They invite criminals to speak at their conference, but they deny a freelancer a press pass?"

Hackers hinting they are to the same guys who shut down the FBI Web site, defaced the US Naval Surface Warfare Center Web site. Their trenchant political analysis this time? An obscene tirade against the FBI, blacks, women and gays.

A group calling itself f0rpaxe hit the Web site of the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division with yet another homophobic tirade.  Will someone please explain why these guys ore so concerned with people's race, gender, and sexual orientation?

Bogus news alert! A reporter, Polly Sprenger, finally got snookered by the attrition.org hacker fantasy/obsession site. Click here to see her story.

More news from the hacker war front--->>

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