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The Little Black Book of Email Viruses (232 pages, released Feb. 2002) is the latest book by leading virus expert (and writer) Mark A. Ludwig. Click here for the Table of Contents.

Mark Ludwig rolls up his sleeves in a no-holds -barred look at modern computer viruses. Here you can gain the first hand knowledge you need to have a fighting chance . . . while exploring the fascinating and sometimes frightening possibilities for digital life and experimenting with real viruses! Ludwig tells you EXACTLY how it's done. Why are we offering a book that teaches exactly how to write -- and fight -- the most destructive tools on the Internet?

It's because we've given up on the company that writes the world's most pathetically vulnerable software (yes, we mean Microsoft) and the companies that try to prevent Microsoft operating systems and applications from spreading the kinds of viruses and worms that terrorists could even use to completely crash the Internet. So, folks, it looks like it's up to us to solve the problem. And the only way we can do that is to know exactly what the problem is.

Before you get too deep into this groundbreaking book, you'll want to set up your own hacker lab so you can keep out of trouble. Both the Happy Hacker and Überhacker books show how to set up a lab so you can experiment to the max, safely.

Ludwig has a Ph.D. in particle physics. However, rather than work on nuclear weapons, he choose to devote much of the last decade to research into computer viruses and artificial life. Ludwig's first book, The Little Black Book of Computer Viruses, was banned in France.

Ludwig is a member of the Board of Directors of Happy Hacker, Inc and has been a valued mentor and confidant of Carolyn Meinel. Click here to learn more about Dr. Ludwig.

How to buy The Little Black Book of Email Viruses

You can get it direct from the publisher, American Eagle Publications, by phoning 800-719-4957 or 928-537-5512. Or order it from their web site at http://ameaglepubs.com

Save money (no shipping or handling costs) by getting your bookstore to order The Little Black Book of Email Viruses for you. If they tell you they don't know how to order it, give them the ISBN number, 0-929408-33-0, and their order phone number, 800-719-4957.

Or you can order a copy via postal mail from Carolyn Meinel. Click here for an order form.

Want a laugh? Click here for a close look at the cover of the book.

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