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Happy Hacker Digest March 9-12, 1997
      This is a moderated list for discussions of *legal* hacking.
           Moderators: Carolyn Meinel and Ruben D. Canlas Jr.

            OR to the Hackers forum: http://www.infowar.com

               Please don't send us anything you wouldn't
              email to your friendly neighborhood narc, OK?

        To subscribe or unsubscribe,
  use the subscribe boxes on the menu bars, please.. If you  decide you
   just want to use the forum and not get these mailings, we promise   our
       feelings won't get hurt if you unsubscribe from this list.
                       H a p p y  h a c k i n g !

   o Notes from the Moderator/s
   o Getting and Installing Linux
   o LILO Problems
   o Answers to a Pine Question
   o Still In Search of Identd
   o Viewing Passwords
   o Winhack
          - NT Questions
          - Programs from a Web Page
          - Logo stuff
   o Hacked on IRC!
   o What are IRC Identd Requests?
   o Why to Get a Computer Science/Math Degree
   o Rants and Responses

Ruben says: Nothing feels better than the surge of happiness after
a major accomplishment. That's exactly the feeling I got after I
installed linux on my pc box.

Thanks to the shared knowledge of the HH community, I got bold
enough to borrow my friend's Infomagic CD and ask him some stupid
questions. He recommended RedHat because he said it's easier to

Now, I recommend RedHat to all the other newbies here. I planned on
narrating my whole experience, but as you'll see from the messages
below, others have done a better job. So I've relegated myself to a
few inserted comments when I felt like giving my 2- cents worth.

Meanwhile, we're trying to improve the readability of the digest. Help
us do this by (1) quoting relevant msgs clearly (that is, select and
quote the specific text you are responding to), and (2) by sending us
you rants and raves about the digest.

Here's to a better mental shareware!

          -- benc ;)
 "In a world without fences, who needs Gates."
          -- t-shirt spotted at the recent
              Usenix conference

<1: get redhat linux>
From: Bernz <bernz@ix.netcom.com>

"Jeffrey Steinbrecher" darkling69@hotmail.com asked this

   >I have a win95 laptop, and am looking to double boot linux
   on it. I >have no idea where to find linux, and only a rough
   idea on how to >get it working.

Bernz answers:

When i was interested in getting linux, i had the same problem.
I bought RedHat Linux Unleashed (from SAMS publishing). It is
bundled with a really nice linux cd that has plenty of stuff on
it to get you started. It also comes with LILO (read: "lie low").
That's a boot system for linux that enables you to run multiple OS's.
The book tells you how to set it all up.

You're going to need to partition your drive. In order not to
erase your 95 stuff, you have to use FIPS or another partitioning
utility. The book explains this all in detail. The point? Get yourself
a linux book and cd and just follow the instructions.

benc says: RedHat has a neat install facility that steps you
through the whole process. It's CD number 2 in the Infomagic set.
You'll need three blank disks - one for the installation boot disk,
and two ramdisks. Everything is written on the readme files and if you
know how to read ;) you ought to get it done easily. The partitioning
wasn't as difficult as I expected. After you step through the whole
process, you will be prompted on where to boot LILO - hard disk or
floppy. I chose floppy because I heard win95 doesn't work well with

<2: ftp and web sites for linux>
Sender: abszero@epix.net

Linux can be gotten from many ftp sites all over the place.  I
use the closest mirror of sunsite.unc.edu, since that mirror is
at my isp.  For a complete list of offical mirrors of sunsite,
look at  http://sunsite.unc.edu/LDP/hmirrors.html.  The other
major linux ftp is tsx-11.mit.edu.  Both have several complete
distributions of linux in the directory/pub/linux/distributions.  I
use slackware, but RedHat and debian are highly recomended. All of the
subdirectories of distributions should have README files, I suggest
you read them.

"Timothy Ward" ward@carl.all-net.net advises:

... the best place to get the o.s. is from linux systems labs.
www.lsl.com I think.  They have a cd rom with three verions,
slackware 3.1, debian 1.2.5, and Red Hat 4.1 for $2.95.  Yes, you can
get most or all of it for free from various ftp spots, but having it
all in one place helps tremendously.  Also, I recommend a book on
linux.  I like one called "Linux unleashed".  if you get one of these
books, usually they give you a cd rom with it, so there's no need to
buy it.

From: Robert Kennedy  <robk@hyperion.dynanet.com>

Hey there.

For anyone wanting to learn a bit about Linux, just go to this
site: http://www.dynanet.com/~robk/linux.html I put this site
together for the channel i started on IRC. The channel is
#Linux on the starlink server. I have just started using linux
and there are lots of places to get it from: local `puter stores, mail
order, downloads, friends, etc. See ya!

-- rob k

benc's 2-cents worth: don't be lazy guys ;) Search the web for
linux and you'll get a wealth of info.

From: "Stephen James" <sjamesflorida-wellington@worldnet.att.net>

For some reason LILO can't detect my first or second hard drive
when the second hard drive is installed.  I have to remove
/dev/hdb to get Slackware Linux to work.  It confuses the
parameters (thinks both drives hda and hdb have 176 physical
heads) and refuses to boot the system properly.  The error code
LILO gives me is 0x80.

Can somebody give some info on how to fix this problem or tell
me where I can get the info myself.

Many thanks for your time,

Stephen James


prata@boss1.bossnt.com asked this question:
I am using Minicom with pppd to connect to my isp.  Now, I have a
shell acct on my isp's Linux box.  I use Pine when I telnet to that
box. Is it possible to use MY Pine to send and receive email from a
remote box when connected through ppp?? I tried setting it up, but it
doesn't seem to work.

"James Mastros" abszero@epix.net answers back:
Once you have pine set up, you need to run a program to retrieve
your mail from your isp.  Slackware (and other distributions I
assume) come with popclient on the N series.  I made a quick
"wrapper" for popclient called getmail:

popclient -a -K -u abszero -p imnotteling -o $MAIL
mailhost.epix.net $*

this will do the following:
-a:  get all of the mail waiting on epix (my isp)

-K:  delete the retrived mail from epix after geting it

-u abszero:  login to epix's mail server with the name
  "abszero", instead of root

-p imnotteling:  give the password imnotteling to the mailhost
(puting your password on the command line might be a security
risk, since it would be visible with ps.

-o $MAIL:  put the mail in the local mailbox of the
user that is running = the script.

mailhost.epix.net:  the name of epix's mailhost $*:  if I gave
any arguments to getmail, give them to popclient here.

put that script in /usr/local/bin, and chmod it u+x (or a+x to
allow anyb= ody to get the mail, useful if you have one remote
mailbox for everobody that has access to your computer (big fat
security risk).

  -- James Mastros

NB: you will get lots of blank messages from "POPClient" this
way.  If you know how to get rid of these, please e-mail me at

  -- James Mastros

Charlie ROOT <root@ruined.all-net.net> answers back too:

To the Pine questioner:
You may want to see if your ISP support's POP mail. If so you
can use the utility "popclient" provided with most Linux
distributions to get the mail from your server and you can put
it in any mail folder in your spool, and then use pine to mail
it. As for mailing FROM your box, Sendmail may want to be a
meanie and not let you unless you're STATIC, in which case you
may have to do it from your ISP.

Timothy Ward

P.S. if you have a static IP, a .forward in your ~/ on your ISP
will forward your mail to ya, barring the need for popclient.

From: "M.Falsetti aka 1NV3rNoMu+0"

I've been experimenting with IDENTD and SMTP as outlined in
k1netik's post at www.infowar.com.

What I found is:

1) if you comment out auth line in /etc/inetd.conf, no SendMail
will be able to achieve your name via SMTP on port 25 (BUT you
could be traced with msgID of receiver - see 4)

2) if you put in the same file, in the same line the -n
parameter, SendMail will get the user number instead of the user
name (see man identd)

3)if you put -N and a .noidentd in home dir, SendMail's gonna
get HIDDEN USER instead of real name

4)if you create a user called whoUlookingat, identd will pass
this to SendMail

BUT THE REAL PROBLEM, IMHO, is that on slip and ppp running
Linux, we get the ISP IP assignement along with its name
as set in ISP's LAN aliases file -- e.g. in my case,
linexxx.infosquare.it (with xx being a number between 10 and
255) ...... SO:

5)SendMail will usually report Received from:
ALONG WITH THE REAL  IP NUMBER !!! if the receiver email proggy
supports FULL HEADER  .....

6) IP number is not identified through IDENTD which applies
for user names only. Anyone knows how this is achieved and
eventually countermeasured?

7)if we got DIRECT CONNECTION or SHELL on a DIRECT LINK instead
of a slip/ppp (even if linux or other flavours), we can specify
OUR hostname as we like it to appear, say hell.micro$oft.com,
and this should be taken seriously by the SendMail ALTHOUGH the
REAL IP number would be identified .... but inexperienced
users wouldn't look so closely at IP numbers in the Received
field, but only at hostname. POINT 7 ONLY IF THERE'S NO

further infos, discussion and help appreciated ........


benc's 2-cents worth: hi invy! Like I said in a previous post, if
you're logging on from a modem, all your activities are traceable to
the modem port you are using, no matter what anonymous tricks you do.
You have a point in item 7 though. (In fact I already tried that).
Even then, as you said, your IP is still embedded, and will appear on
the header no matter what you do. Short of sneaking into a direct-net
computer and sending your anonymous msg, there really is no way. You
can only fool newbies or those too lazy to trace anonymous mail. Don't
get me wrong, however. I think there are times when we need to send
anonymous mail and like you, i am perpetually in search of those


in a previous hacker digest, someone asked:

>   Now how do I view this pwd.db file? I tried Paradox 5 but it
>   said the file's header is corrupted.

pete@servtech.com replies:

Well, that probably holds the passwords, and from the suffix it
looks like a database file. Does your Unix box have any database
software installed? (I don't know of any Unix database stuff.
Anyone out there?) Or, if you have Acess or other high-end
databse software on your computer, you could try importing it.

>   Another thing: in the passwd file all of the users have "
>   :*: " as their password. How do I find out their password?
>   One of the users also has no password " :: " but when I try
>   to login as that user, the system asks for a password.

The *s mean that the passwords are shadowed, for better
security. (There have been other posts on that subject, so I
won't grind it into the ground.) For the no password user, try
just hitting return, or if it's a default user -- like bin, sys,
admin, etc-- try using the default password for that account.
You can get a list in one of the newbie philes on Infinity Void
(I forget which) but it's out there.

Hope that helps!

>   I Am A Force Of Pure Destruction !!

Good for you.

Pete Hopkins       | "I got both a humidifier and a
de-humidifier for my pete@servtech.com  |  birthday, so I put
them in a room together and let
                   |  them battle it out." --Steven Wright

benc says: thanks pete, for not having to repeat that thing on
shadow files.  ;)

From: Clarky <clarky@Klink.Net>

Ok heres the scenario...
The person who runs the library at my school is an evil witch
who likes to spoil fun. When me and my friend got busted for
using the network for a game of Quake she said that us "hackers"
would never be let back in, ever again!

Time passed and we where not even allowed even near the library
entrance. But now that the windows NT network is up she said that if
we could hack her network and show her how we did it that she would
let us back in.  Us, being labeled as the elite of the school took it
as a welcome challenge.  BUT here is where the trouble starts. She has
the disk WRITE PROTECTED. And since debug wont work properly with the
permissions set like they are we cant do anything with that either.
We tried for hours.. we even tried pinging down the server at no
avail.  WE NEED YOUR HELP.. give us any ideas you have please!!!

<SurgeNet Web Page development >
<    clarky@klink.net          >
<  http://www.klink.net/~clarky  >
<  http://www.klink.net/~surge   >
<    surge@klink.net           >
<    __      __   __  | /      >
<   |   |   |__| |__| |/       >
<   |__ |__ |  | |  \ |\       >
<                     | \      >

Carolyn: A likely story. But I'll assume you're telling the
truth and I won't get busted for contributing to the delinquency
of a minor.

Do you have physical access to the file server on this network?
That would simplify things. Then my suggestion is that you need
to edit the registry. If you can edit the registry you can gain
access to ANYTHING on the network. If you can't edit the registry on
the file server, try the registry of any other box on the network, and
see if from their you cna get administrative privileges. Maybe I'm
asking for flames, but it is my humble opinion that if you can gain
access to the registry, this is equivalent to gaining root on a Unix
box. Any half-way decent Windows 95 or NT manual should give details
about editing the registry. I like the registry editing instructions
in _Secrets of Winodws 95_, _Windows NT Workstation 4.0_ and _Peter
Norton's COmplete Guide to Windows NT 4 Workstation_.


previously, a hacker posted this:

   |<img src="file|/c://whatever"> (this is NOT the "click here"
   to see |your hard drive one).

"Xenakis" xenakis@epix.net answers back:
I believe that you mean <A HREF="file|/c://whatever">Whatever</A> I
already had one at my site for a while....click on this link: <A HREF
= "file://C:\Windows\Notepad.exe">Notepad</A> or if you use Notepad to
do your site, try puting this HTML in your page:

<A HREF = "file://C:\Windows\Notepad.exe"><IMG HEIGHT = 57
WIDTH=99 ALT="Made with NotePad" BORDER=0 SRC="notepad.gif"></A>

It is a cool animated Notepad gif I made....


Sender: Alexei02@POboxes.com


I was trying to do your first newbie hacker trick for Win95, but
I can't get the logo.sys file to show up.  I am following the
directions very carefully and it will not show.  It skips from
io.sys to msdos.. or something.  I don't know whats going on or
why its not working.  Please help me.

Carolyn replies: In some versions of Windows 95 there is no
logo.sys, only io.sys. But naming your graphic logo.sys still
works (I know because I did it with one of those systems.) I
found some info that says only Microsoft Plus versions of Win95
have logo.sys.

From: "Alien Virus" <kyle@felix.teclink.net>

you can go to  http://www.windows95.com/apps/startup.html  and
find a large selection of startup and shutdown screens and also
you can get icons. P.S. you should of saw the weed-dows screen i


From: Nathan <nathanp@worldchat.com>

Hey list. I was sitting in IRC when some idiot came into the
channel swearing and so-on so I kicked him out.  When i tried to
get online later that night i couldn't, after calling my ISP i
discovered that this guy has hacked into some server under MY
username.  How did he do this and how can i prevent him from
getting ANY info from me in IRC.  You guys gotta be careful, my
ISP killed my account and i'm now trying to explain myself to
them.  I was one of the two people who got hacked and i wanna
know how to stop em!


Nathan Poole

benc replies: hey list questioner! :) are you sure you didn't put your
real account name or email address on your chat client?

There are several details you haven't told us. Did he hack
servers in your isp or another server altogether? How was the
attack done and discovered by your isp?

Since I don't know much about the details and am a newbie too,
this is what he possibly did:

First, he did a /whois on you. This returned info on you, like
your IP address, and if you put your real name or email address, those
things too.

In which case he either fingered your email address and found
more details on you, logged on to your isp, cracked your password and
spoofed you.

From: BrainMaster <fifo@concentric.net>

When I am on mIRC once in a while I notice that I get this on my
server status window: *** Identd request from ***
Identd replied: 1145, 25 : USERID : UNIX : fifo ..is it that the
system wants 2 kno whu I am?.. what duz 1145, 25 mean?.. thanks

-BrainMaster - the world at your fingertips

Why to Get a Computer Science/Math Degree
From: Keith Bostic <bostic@bostic.com>
Subject: Sometimes life *does* imitate morality plays.
Forwarded-by: Dave Barr <barr@math.psu.edu>
From: "Elizabeth D. Zwicky" <zwicky@neu.sgi.com>

Long ago and far away I shared a house with two other
programmers. One of them was a starving college student, and the
other one was a highly-paid computer consultant with no
theoretical background.

One day, the starving college student bounght a copy of
"Algorithms". This is a beautiful hardcover full of comp sci
stuff that cost at the time rough $60, which was approximately
$59.99 more than the disposable income he had available. The
highly-paid computer consultant thought this was the dumbest
concept he had ever heard of. 8 different ways to sort things!
Why, anybody could sort things!

The very next weekend, we went down into the basement where the
computers were to ask the highly-paid computer consultant if
he'd like to go to a movie. "Well," he said "I can't go right
now, maybe in a couple of hours, I need to do something as soon
as this finishes.  The odd thing is, I thought it would be done
by now." "What's it doing?" says the starving college student,
and receives the explanation that the pointers have gotten
corrupted for the doubly-linked list that makes up the entire
customer database for one of the consultant's important clients,
and he is traversing the database, sorting it back into order.
With an insertion sort. He's traversing them in creation order,
which means that they are in fact about 75% in final order.  The
reason he thought he'd be done by then is that he watched it do
the first 20 items, and multiplied the time to do that by the
size of the database.

The starving college student whipped out a pocket calculator and
calculated the time necessary to do the sort, using an algorithm
which in this situation approaches O(n!) and that exclamation
point is *not* for emphasis boys and girls, and pointed out that
indeed we might as well all go to the movie since it was going
to finish no sooner than midnight Sunday night and it was then
2:00 on Saturday afternoon, we had plenty of time. The
highly-paid computer consultant hung on grimly until the bitter
end, which was in fact 4am Monday, before admitting that maybe,
just maybe, there was some point in knowing more than one sort

The truly sad point here, which some of you may have noticed, is
that it was a doubly-linked list and the data was mostly in
final order; simply reversing the order in which he traversed
the already sorted data would have changed it from near O(n!)
performance to near O(n) performance without requiring him to
learn a new algorithm at all. Increase in programming time: 5 or
10 minutes tops. Decrease in run time: call it 36 hours. As it
happens, his resulting loss was not just his Saturday afternoon
amusement, but also about 20 billable hours, and very nearly his
major client. All because he didn't know that how you sort
things matters.

Sometimes life *does* imitate morality plays.

 Elizabeth Zwicky


GRRRRR!  OK, Listen UP!  Go to your local bookstore.  Get one of
the 10,ooo+ books, with CDROM (oooh, it's soooo shiny!), on
Win95.  Get one that sez "For Dummies".  Get one that sez "For
Idiots" (yeah, with f'n Cliff Claven on the cover!).  Get one
that sez "Unleashed".  Then Learn to read.  Open the manuals
that came with your stupid OS.  Open the God D**N Readme files!
READ THEM!!  You should have ALREADY learned how to make a
tricky flashing ANSI Charset Color prompt in DOS before you even
THINK of getting anywhere on the net.  Cuz THAT'S WHAT IT TAKES!
If you don't have the guts, stamina, and balls (or ovaries) to
tweak your own system into hell and bring it back alive, how
could you hope to take root on someone else's?  Or to figure out
your own exploits.  Tell you what, when you can crash your OWN
system at will and ressurect it intact, then you can come out
here and make a name for yourself instead of running the same
old exploits again and again and bitching about how they don't
work.  Win95 has NO CONCEPT of taking root.  Just reboot the
f***er.  Hold down F8, and the box is yours.  Now, how do you
get root on a UNIX flavor? (and which flavor do you want?)
Thars a question WORTHY of someone who rules their own system
and wants to taste of power and knowledge of another's.  Just
send your WinCrap Hell/Baitway300 back to th' factory and find
your local community college.  You'll get farther, and no-one
calls you a "newbie".  Just a Freshman.


Carolyn: You're going to hate me for this.  F8 doesn't always
work. To secure your Windows 95 box from this attack, put the
statement Bootkeys=0 in the msdos.sys file.

But to circumvent this fix, reboot the computer with a boot disk
in the a: drive, and then edit the bootkeys statement. Then
reboot and press F8. Then simply delete every file that ends
with the extension "pwl." Tha eliminates all passwords. Then
when you reboot into Win95, when the password dialog box comes
up, just hit enter and you're in.

If the computer won't boot from the a: drive, then you need to
go into the cmos setup at the very beginning of the startup
process and reset the default boot drive to a:.

If there is a password required to reset the cmos ... I don't
know the answer to that one!

benc says: yes Carolyn. open the cpu and remove the CMOS battery. this
messes up everything, but hey, it erases the password! then, you can
just autodetect the hard disks.

From: "Alien Virus" <kyle@felix.teclink.net>

thanks for making me the url of the day, the bombs to e mail
account havve slowed down some but ive been added to hundreads
of e mail list (losers will never learn that all i hve to do is
press the delete button) but i also wanted to let you see the
ice page at  http://www.geocities.com/~pentiumru/icehtml.htm
thanks c-ya alien

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