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Happy Hacker Digest March 7, 1997
         This is a moderated list for discussions of *legal* hacking.
                           Moderator is Carolyn Meinel.
                 OR to the Hackers forum: http://www.infowar.com

                   Please don't send us anything you wouldn't
                  email to your friendly neighborhood narc, OK?

     To subscribe or unsubscribe, just
     use the subscribe boxes on the menubars. If you decide you
      just want to use the forum and not get these mailings, I promise my
           feelings won't get hurt if you unsubscribe from this list.
                                 Happy hacking!
                     "Any excuse will serve a tyrant" -- Aesop
URL 'O the Day:  http://www.newsday.com/ap/rnmpfn15.htm

*** From the Desk of Carolyn Meinel
   We aren't getting so many posts lately at our Infowar Hackers site
   (http://www.infowar.com). But more people will read you if you post
   there than if you post to this list. We only have a little over
   2,000 readers on this email list, but Betty O'Hearn, who manages
   that site, Infowar's Hackers forum gets the lion's share of the
   traffic of some 50,000 hits per week. And remember, Infowar is an
   award winning site, with a hot link from the prestigious New York
   Times web site.

   Besides, we are getting way too many excellent posts. The trouble
   is that many readers are complaining about getting 25 kb/day from
   this list. Right now we are badly backlogged, too. Post to Infowar
   and we'll get your post up within 36 hours, whereas you may wait
   for 5 or 6 days on this list.

   o IRC Woes
   o Down on Unix for Dummies
   o Email Forging Answers
   o Finding Dynamic IP Addresses
   o Linux Q&A
   o Tracking Down Bad Guys
   o More on Cracking
   o Identd Clarification
   o Flames

*** IRC Woes

From: Warpy <root@null.net>

   I'm noticing a disturbing trend starting to form on Infowar's IRC
   server.  To start off with it was OK. We were a bunch of
   newbie-intermediate hackers who actually wanted to learn how to
   hack. There were no op and/or flame wars, and we all managed to get
   along pretty well.

   However this is not how it is today. Increasingly, people who have
   heard of the channel either through friends or HH have been leaping
   on-line.  Unfortunately their only idea of hacking is IRC-war,
   which is lame to the extreme. But who can blame them? Their just
   newbie's like we all were at some stage.

   However I would just like to re-iterate that the #hackers channel
   on www.infowar.com is for the discussion of hacking in all its
   forms. And under most people definition, channel take-overs,
   flooding, and pinging someone down with a war script you didn't
   design is NOT hacking.

   As well as that you DON'T advertise warez in the channel openly. If
   you've got a site ask people individually whether they'd like a
   look rather than flooding the screen with "/me has a warez site at

   I'm not trying to be a pain in the a**, although I'm sure that's
   what it's coming across as to some people. I'm trying to get those
   people out there to whom mIRC and war-scripts are gods to
   understand there is more to hacking than that. If you really want
   to trade warez. Setup a new channel, don't join #hackers to trade
   it. And to those IRC warriors out there, sure playing with a war
   script is fun. But there is more to hacking than just that.


*** Down on Unix for Dummies

From: Anna Chronica <mcck@ucsu.Colorado.EDU>

   > From: "NiNo" <NiNo@main.rgv.net>
   >    I am wondering if there is anyone out there that puts out a
   >    *.txt, or book that is a definitive guide to UNIX commands and
   >    all their flags without all the other hooplah that comes with
   >    typing MAN.  Just: The Command; The Flags; An Example Of Each;
   >    How They Interact With Each other! No more, no less....There
   >    has to be one SOMEWHERE.  I have *heard* the "Unix For
   >    Dummies" (Yeah, flame me!!) book was somewhat decent.

   Actually, don't get _Unix for Dummies_ if the above is what you are
   looking for.  I won't knock the Dummies books because I think some
   of them can be quite useful for people, especially people who are
   really computer phobic or brand-spanking new at something, but if
   you even know how to use the MAN command you are almost certainly
   beyond this book being of much use to you.  I've never encountered
   the sort of resource you are describing above.  Most Unix books
   I've encountered (the real Unix books, not the "for Dummies" type
   books) are pretty useful and straightforward.
   About all _Unix for Dummies_ says about flags is a really basic
   definition of them and that just because 1's and l's look a lot
   alike on your screen, they aren't interchangeable.  That's the
   learning level you are looking at here.  Again, good for someone
   that that wouldn't occur to, but not much use to anyone who's
   beyond that point.  ;)

   Anna Chronic

*** Email Forging Answers

From: Iggy Drogue <optimus@canit.se>

   >From: Jay Clements <jayc@compusmart.ab.ca>

   >   Another thing I was wondering about...when ever I send mail to
   >   myself using sendmail on port 25 of some server...there is
   >   never any subject.. How do you specify a subject?

   Just insert the line "Subject: blablablah" before the body of your


   ... and put it in just after the "data" command.

*** Finding Dynamic IP Addresses

From: THE ZOMBIE RITUAL<zombie@thepentagon.com>

   I think I can answer this pretty easily.

   The site that you are referring to are using Java. A good example
   is Silicon Toads page. You go to his page and right there in front
   of you is your OS what browser and how many times you've been
   there.  This doesn't mean he knows this about you. I think of this
   as a Java mirror. All it does is show you what you already see.
   Many people think this is just the most amazing thing but it isn't.
   Anyone can do it and it isn't hacking.

   If you want to see how they do it then go to the page you want to
   see, go to View at the top of your browser then go to "View
   Document Source", this will show you the HTML and Java script used
   to publish this page.  These codes are read by Netscape, or what
   ever browser you use, to create .html documents containing variable
   font sizes and colors, etc...

   There is no magic to it. Its an illusion at best.

   As far as your friends IP is concerned you have me a little

   I'll explain IP addressing very shortly. An IP is a set of numbers
   in groups of four. You are assigned these numbers when you log on.
   They are always the same except for the last three. These three
   numbers change every time you log on (I wont go into why). Tracking
   a person should be left to the ISP. You can usually have this done
   (only if its necessary) by e-mailing the date time and IP number.
   The ISP will review their logs to see who it was.

   I hope this helped a little. It wasn't very descriptive, so don't
   take this as gospel.

From: Iggy Drougge <optimus@canit.se>

   >From: Andre Chaperon <and-e@iafrica.com>
   >   IP address, as is mine, is Dynamically assigned. Basically, is
   >   there any way (by means of a program) that I can fined his IP
   >   number by just knowing his e-mail address (dxia@aol.com) or
   >   ISP.  An easy but unpractical way would be when he logs on,
   >   e-mails me his IP address. But using this way I must know when
   >   he's on or he must know when I'm on. I want to be able to scan
   >   or ping or something. If he is logged on it will return his IP
   >   address, or if he hasn't logged on yet return nothing.

   Go to a Tucows mirror and look for "IP posters". Such programs for
   Windows post your IP address on a web page or whatever.

   >   I've heard and even seen that when someone, such as myself for
   >   example, browsers a site like for example www.microsoft.com,
   >   that site or server can tell what my IP address is, name of my
   >   ISP, what type of machine or OS I am running etc. Using this
   >   method can't I track who has visited my site, then looking at
   >   that list, look for dxia@aol.com (my UK friend) which will have
   >   his IP address, or does this only work with servers (such as
   >   ISP's) connected directly to the Internet.

   Any web server written in more than five minutes can see that. It's
   not that much to care about if you're just surfing the web, since
   it's just an IP address, not an email address. Any web server can
   sense the IP address, direct line to the net does not add anything
   but speed and a permanent connection.-

From: "Aileron" <aileron@aileron.com>

   > From: Andre Chaperon <and-e@iafrica.com>

   >    I have a friend in the UK who has recently subscribed to AOL.
   >    His IP address, as is mine, is Dynamically assigned.
   >    Basically, is there any way (by means of a program) that I can
   >    fined his IP number by just knowing his e-mail address
   >    (dxia@aol.com) or ISP.


   http://www.mirabella.com has some software called ICQ which may be
   able to help you. It keeps track of people you specify who are
   online and connected to their site. (Runs in the background).  You
   may want to make sure it's compatible with AOL, though.

   ColeSlaw Creative Internet

*** Linux Q&A

From: "Robert B. Greer" <robin1@kersur.net>

   Can anyone help me . I partitioned my HD and installed Linux
   leaving half for a Dos partition to reinstall Win95. The first half
   I left as a DOS partition. When I reinstalled Win I am afraid it
   took the whole drive back . There didn't seem to be a place in
   setup to designate where it should go.  Setup said there was an
   operating system already there.  Any help would be appreciated.

   Robin Greer

From: k1neTiK <samk5@idt.net>

   In the feb 27 issue John Beal wrote:
   > A. You can Backup your entire Drive that you intend on installing
   > Linux on and then Fdisk it and create 3 new separate partitions.
   > 1 for Win95 to reside in 1 for The Linux system itself and
   > finally 1 for the Linux Swap file <tip the swap file size should
   > be approx. twice the size of your physical Ram onboard>.

   I am not sure there is really a point for creating the Linux
   Partitions with Dos's Fdisk.
   What I did, is on my 850 meg drive, I partitioned it into one 600
   meg partition, which I of course made as the primary active
   partition, and that was all I did with Dos's Fdisk.  So basically
   what I had was an 850 meg drive, of which 600 meg was accessible
   through Win95.
   I then formatted the drive, and rebooted using the BOOT and ROOT
   disks I had created.

   I then ran Linux's Fdisk, and since I had 250 meg that was not in
   any partition on my Hard Disk, I made a Linux Native partition and
   a Swap Partition partition.
   If I am not mistaken if you try to create the Linux Native and Swap
   Partition using Dos's Fdisk, you will just have to delete them
   again.  If you exit at this point, and run Dos's Fdisk, and check
   the partitions on your Hard Disk, you should find that it says one
   primary partition, and two non-Dos partitions.  Now you just have
   to install Linux.

         |//E-mail:  samk5@mail.idt.net////////////////////////////|
         |//IRC: usually on irc.stealth.net from around 5:30 p.m.//|
         |///(under the handle k1neTiK, duh!)//////////////////////|

Tracking Down the Bad Guys

X-Sender: jopee@mozcom.com

   I wanted to know who did something. So here's what I did with Win95

   >whois dgte@foobar.com
   >No match for mailbox "DGTE@FOOBAR.COM".

   >finger  dgte@foobar.com
   >Welcome to Linux version 2.0.0 at foobar.com !
   >  1:51pm  up 1 day,  6:00,  1 user,  load average: 0.08, 0.03, 0.02
   >Login: Dgte                             Name:Joe Schmoe
   >Directory: /home/Dgte                   Shell: /bin/bash
   >Last login Tue Dec  3 12:33 (PDT) on ttyp1 from *****
   >No mail.
   >No Plan.

   Are there other ways to find info about dgte@foobar.com?


   I anonymized the domain name and some user info to protect the
   privacy of jopee. One thing I would suggest is to do "whois
   foobar.com." This will probably give you the technical contact for
   Joe Schmoe's ISP. Then if this "Joe Schmoe" has been causing you
   serious trouble, email the technical contact and describe your

   If the whois command doesn't give you the technical contact, there
   are other options. See the GTMHH Vol.3 No.2 for a bunch more
   commands that will tell you more, most significantly nslookup. Or,
   if you have a Unix shell account, give the command "man nslookup"
   for details of the commands you can run from this invaluable

More on Cracking

Sender: jericho@dimensional.com

   >   I just saw a *.txt file that said that would work.  I want to
   >   know for sure.  You don't have to TELL ME EXACTLY, just point
   >   me in the direction of some *.txt's for me to read I have done
   >   SO many fr****** searches for "Rlogin" stuff and cant find it!
   >   Thanks Carolyn.

   So many? Try 'man rlogin' at the prompt big guy.

   >   Alas, the NeXt operating system is a hackers' paradise because
   >   it has so many hackable holes...

   Unless you know something I don't, SunOS and Linux have just over
   10x the amount of holes in them as NeXT

   But the NeXt holes are old and unpatched, so oftentimes serious
   crackers have all the tools they need to crack them already on


   My question arises from the fact that in this day in age of Caller
   ID on every phone or modem that matters, how do crackers get into
   systems? I mean eventually any dialup no matter how routed can be
   traced back to a base number somewhere and other than cell clones I
   can't conceive other untraceable methods. Wouldn't detection be as
   easy as asking telephone companies to show their logs or something?
   And isn't cell cloning expensive?  It's been a question I've been
   asking myself ever since I read The Fugitive Game, shouldn't it be
   easy to catch crackers by now? On a side note who is GALF? (I'm new
   to this list.)


   GALF stands for Gray Areas Liberation Front. Gray Areas is a
   magazine edited and owned by Netta Gilboa. At last year's def con
   convention there a near-riot broke out when Netta used her speech
   to accuse a long list of hackers, many of whom were present, of
   being narcs. GALF then set out to punish her attackers, but got
   mixed up on who they were. I wasn't even there at the time. Since
   then the dc-stuff  and Happy hacker email lists have both been
   prime GALF targets. The modus operandi is to break into a computer,
   send threatening and obscene messages to email addresses found on
   the system, and then erase the system files. Breaking tactics
   typically begin with sniffed passwords, followed by installing a
   program that allows telnet into a root shell.

Identd Clarification

From: k1neTiK <samk5@idt.net>

   >   See Bronc Buster's excellent tutorials on identd in back issues
   >   of the Digest. To summarize, if a computer is running the
   >   identd (short for ident daemon -- a daemon is a program that
   >   lurks around all the time on a port waiting to do its job) it
   >   can tell your IP address. So to successfully forge email you
   >   need to find a computer that is not running identd.

   repeat after me:
   Ident has NOTHING to do with the computer knowing your IP address!
   ALL Ident does is make a query to port 113 of your computer and if
   you have Identd installed there it will ask Identd to provide the
   server with your Username.  The easiest way to get around this is
   to install an Identd on your computer, and feed it a fake Username
   (you can use this to fake a fake Email).  If you have Win/Win95,
   edit the Ident tab in mIRC setup and leave mIRC running when you
   send your fakemail.   I posted a pretty long description on how to
   exploit this at Infowar in the "forging Email tips" section.

            |//// http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Arcade/4594 ///|
            |//E-mail:  samk5@mail.idt.net////////////////////////////|
            |//IRC: usually on irc.stealth.net from around 5:30 p.m.//|
            |///(under the handle k1neTiK, duh!)//////////////////////|

*** Flames

From: me38@juno.com (Certian Ly Notme)

   >   I'm doing the meanest, nastiest thing of all. I'm helping turn
   >   email bombers into laughingstocks.  Did you hear that RealAudio
   >   piece we had at the _PC World_ Web site. Hit records showed it
   >   was one of their most popular interviews. It got people
   >   laughing their ****** off at that johnny xchaotic d00d.
   >   We'll see about GALF and your box. Just gimme that notarized
   >   contract test your security. What, are you afraid a 50-year-old
   >   newbie will rm your system philes?
   First off, let me say thanks for not posting anything that I've

   Second, you think that you are making everyone laugh at johnny . .
   . but look at what he's accomplished.  There aren't very many lists
   that haven't changed their formats after his email bombings.

   Yes, we'll ALL see about GALF.  And I have no doubt that you cannot
   break into Damien's box.  Have you broken into anyone's box (and
   not your own, that doesn't count: ooh, is there a double meaning to
   this????) ever?   What the f*** do you want a signed letter for?
   He won't give you one.   You know that.  You would lose face if you
   accepted because you can't do it.

   Find a new hobby CM.  You're an idiot.


   So then why doesn't jericho give me that notarized statement so he
   can prove to everyone that I'm an idiot?

From: jericho@dimensional.com

   >   So if it is so simple, why hasn't he been caught yet? Or u4ea?
   >   Or Angry Johnny? Or...
   >   I'm keeping my mouth shut on Angry Johnny because he's been a
   >   publicity gold mine for me. Look at the mistake John Markoff
   >   made. Once Kevin Mitnick came to trial everyone realized that
   >   super reporter Markoff was full of baloney.  So I need Angry
   >   Johnny to stay in hiding. Don't get caught, please?

   So you're going to cut him in on some of the profits, right? Last I
   checked, Netly News owed him 150 bucks for an article he wrote. He
   told them to hold the tab for now.

Moderator (aside):

   (You know and I know that Angry Johnny email bombed me as a free
    public disservice that just happened to backfire on him to my
    advantage.  But, hey, if you think email bombers should be paid by
    their targets, why not run an ad in Infoworld or 2600 offering to
    email bomb anyone who will pay your for the 2 minutes it takes to
    carry out the attack?)

   >   As for GALF, that team used to strike everyone who said
   >   anything bad about Netta Gilboa. I don't agree that opposing
   >   Gilboa should

   Not even close to everyone...

   >   be punished with wiping system files. In my case, GALF goofed.
   >   Some jokester posted an alleged attack by me on Gilboa to a
   >   hacker bulletin board, and GALF went on the war path against
   >   me. You see the results -- now I attack Gilboa at every
   >   opportunity. In fact, GALF has become such a joke that lots of
   >   people are attacking Gilboa just to have fun seeing what kind
   >   of attack GALF does next.

   Don't believe everything you see is the only advice I can offer

   >   If any of you readers want the excitement of dueling with GALF,
   >   the best place to go to incite attacks is to post to the
   >   dc-stuff list (subscribe by emailing majordomo@dis.org with
   >   message "subscribe dc-stuff.") Also, GALF guys attend every def
   >   con convention taking notes on who says bad things about Netta.

   Completely out of curiosity here.. lets play hypothetical. Lets say
   I know most of GALF. Lets say they were NOT at the last Defcon. How
   would you reply?


   I'd ask Rogue Agent and a few other guys how come they saw GALF and
   you didn't. Is it possible GALF is more than one person? That's my

Carolyn Meinel
M/B Research -- The Technology Brokers
     To subscribe or unsubscribe, just
     use the subscribe boxes on the menubars. If you decide you
      just want to use the forum and not get these mailings, I promise my
           feelings won't get hurt if you unsubscribe from this list.
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