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Happy Hacker Digest March 27, 1997
      This is a moderated list for discussions of *legal* hacking.
                       Moderator: Carolyn Meinel

            OR to the Hackers forum: http://www.infowar.com
Digest archives are held under the "New" button at the Infowar site

               Please don't send us anything you wouldn't
              email to your friendly neighborhood narc, OK?

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  use the subscribe boxes on the menu bars, please.. If you decide
you just want to use the forum and not get these mailings, we promise
       our feelings won't get hurt if you unsubscribe from this list.
                       H a p p y  h a c k i n g !
URL 'O the Day: http://www.infinity.webhost.com.au

Catch Supreme Moderator Carolyn Meinel on IRC tonight 10 PM EST at
http://www.infowar.com  #hackers, or www.infowar.com port 6667 with yout IRC

Table of Contents

o  In Defense of GALF
o  GALF Discussion List Launched
o  Latest Sendmail Bug
o  Cracking Question
o  Mac Hacking
o  Hacking in Holland
o  Emailbomb Protection
o  Telnet vs Telenet
o  Changing Netscape, IE Logos
o  Calling St. Louis Hackers

In Defense of GALF

From: jericho@dimensional.com

>Hi, I submitted a post a few days ago and got your "obscene GALF
>reply"  I must assume that they now know who I am and being in the
>sec/ tech business myself have now become concerned by the fact that
>I may become a potential target. I can not afford this sort of
>buzzkill.  Nor do I take lightly to this kind of political

So why throw yourself into the fray and try to organize a counter-group?
Seems like you must not mind too much.

>their regimes. We are currently in the process of organizing
>a SAD (seek and destroy) response team to deal with these Internet SS
>creeps. We will at least keep these guys on their toes, stay on their

So should I organize a SADASAD team? (Seek And Destroy All Seek And Destroy)

>No information about this team will be stored on computers.

Why not store on NON-NETWORKED computers? Seems like you are overly paranoid
about this.

>You may contact us by mail at 1705 14th St. suite 354 Boulder CO 80302

Mind if I drop by?

>Please include a phone number so we can contact you back.

"But we won't give you ours..."

> We accept mail from GALF victims and elite's who want to join our
>team.  We would also love to hear from the cowards at GALF if they
>want to talk about it before it's too late.

Seems like you would provide a "throw-away" email account for contact,
or a phone number, or something besides snail-mail. Hell, I only
send books via snail mail.


>Carolyn: That Web page of yours is a great idea. Making phun of the lusers
>who abuse hacking the way GALF does is much more constructive than
>retaliating with illegal attacks on computer systems. It's more fun, too.
>The great thing is that Gilboa and GALF have atrophied senses of humor, so
>this is a battle we can easily win.

"Sticks and stones.."


>guys seem serious, and I can understand why the moderator might not to
>retaliate. But what the heck, I reckon that we should, like let's blast
>them from @escape.com, and see how they like it, two can play that game.

Do you really think a group like that would base their operations from an
account like that? Catch a clue before you fight back.

>There must be enough of us to start an attack, show them who`s boss, but
>I guess that's against the happy hacker ethics??.

What makes you think you can take them? Carolyn and her elite uber-hacker
friends at UTEP haven't been able to. Her good friend super-cop Ira Winkler
hasn't caught them. But you will?

>They act like conquerors not like citizens, they show no respect for
>mutual expression and freedom to say what one pleases. Genius does not
>grant you the right to emulate those that you hate.  If GALF is so great
>they ought to focus on more worthwhile tasks like messing with the
>Illuminati or corrupt governments or at least the super wealthy who show
>no regard.  Don't harass your peers when there are those who oppress you
>all around.    DUH?

"Snatch back your brain". D00d. Don't believe Carolyn's quasi-media hype.
She has no clue about everything GALF has done. I would guess I know maybe a
slight fragment, but I know it is more than she knows. GALF is not this big
bad evil hacker gang like she makes them out to be. Quit believing her rants.

Carolyn: We haven't tried to take out GALF because it's silly. Suppose we
knew of a computer that was actually theirs and not just belonging to some
hapless ISP they've hacked. Suppose we break in and rm the system philes and
lock them out so they have to use a boot disk and reinstall, and in the
meantime reply to everyone who emails them saying "Whoopie doopie, we've
rooted GALF!!!*&%@##!!!" Ahem, seems a little childish. Sheesh, besides,
jericho's so afraid of my hacker team he won't even allow us an account on
his box to demonstrate to him how easily we could get root from a user account.

GALF Discussion List Launched

>From the X-men <antigalf@emarket.com>

New ANTI GALF Mailing list.  Moderated by me, the X-men (all of 'em).

Please send a message with the subject SUBSCRIBE, and in the body your EMAIL
ADDRESS, and NOTHING ELSE.  You will then be subscribed.  Send this to:


You an also send your comments on GALF to there.  I would like GALF
themselves to contribute to this list themselves, and explain themselves..

I suggest that all messages are sent via one of the many fake mail programs
around, because GALF could get their dirty mitts on the messages, but I
certainly won't be giving anything away.

Latest Sendmail Bug

(Reprinted from the Bugtraq list. To join email listserve@netspace.org with
message "subscribe bugtraq")

From: Jeffrey Moyer <phro@SEGFAULT.RES.WPI.EDU>

On Sat, 22 Mar 1997 C0WZ1LL4@NETSPACE.ORG wrote:

> Hello fellow mongoloids
> Try this:
> Make hard link of /etc/passwd to /var/tmp/dead.letter
> Telnet to port 25, send mail from some bad email address to some
unreachable host.
> Watch your message get appended to passwd.
> ie:
> cowzilla::0:0:c0wz1ll4 0wns u:/:/bin/sh

Okay, here is a very very simple kluge to temporarily fix it.  Create a
file /var/tmp/dead.letter with chmod 0644 perms.  That way no one can make
the hard link to /etc/passwd, b/c the file /var/tmp/dead.letter already


phro@wpi.edu                                            Jeffrey Moyer
                        network operations
                Linux - The Choice of a GNU Generation

Sender: Bugtraq List <BUGTRAQ@NETSPACE.ORG>
From: Jamie Rishaw <jamie@DILBERT.IAGNET.NET>

> Hello fellow mongoloids
> Try this:
> Make hard link of /etc/passwd to /var/tmp/dead.letter
> Telnet to port 25, send mail from some bad email address to some
unreachable host.
> Watch your message get appended to passwd.
> ie:
> cowzilla::0:0:c0wz1ll4 0wns u:/:/bin/sh

This is why Good Little Sysadmins(tm) have /, /var, /tmp, /usr, etc. on
separate partitions and/or drives.

If /etc and /var/tmp are on different partitions this wont work. Can't
symlink cross-device far as I know.

> This is not good.  Worked with my 8.8.4, will probably also work with 8.8.5
> Root for the whole family
> -Cowzilla the omnipotent b0v1n3
> PD
> Greets to various #2600 people

jamie g.k. rishaw <jamie@iagnet.net> - Internet Access Group [www.iagnet.net]
  -  Cleveland  -  Akron  -  Pittsburgh  -  Detroit  -  Columbus  -  Toledo  -
Corp: (800) 637 4IAG / (216) 623 3565. DID: (216) 902 5455. FAX (216) 623 3566.
Personal: jamie@@arpa.com || jamie@@null.net (Remove second @, nonspammers) =)

Cracking Question

(please make anonymous)

OK, lets say I have gained access to a UNIX system (ULTRIX V4.3 (Rev.
44)) and then unshadowed the passwd file and gotten lots of passwords.
Now, when I login as one of these people and do nothing harmful (just
look around) and then logout, the next time so and so logs it is will
say "last login from "hacker IP address".
How can I prevent this from happening? In other words, I am not that
worried about sysadm logs, cause I am doing nothing bad to the system
(doing nothing at all really), but I don't want so and so whose account I
used to complain that someone is using his/her account.

Mac Hacking

Sender: dogwalker@hotmail.com

if anyone on this list owns a Mac, tell me, I have good protection prog info.
Otherwise, ill just dump it on a macHack board.


Hacking in Holland

Hacking In Progress is an open-air hacker convention on a
campsite near Almere in the Netherlands. Visitors will bring
their own computer equipment and tents to build the largest
non-military open-air Ethernet ever. People from all over
the Netherlands and other countries will come together to
learn and discuss the benefits and the risks of new
technologies. They'll listen to lectures, participate in
workshops, enjoy special presentations and - last but not
least - party. All of this in the friendly open-air
environment of a very wired campsite far away from the
civilized world.

HIP will be a place for hackers, artists, activists and
many, many others to network themselves, both in the social
and electronic sense of the word. HIP will deal with the
social and political aspects of information technology,
security, Internet, access to technology, cryptography, and
concerns about spamming and other 'hacker-related' topics.

Who is organizing HIP?

Once there was a little magazine in The Netherlands called
`Hack-Tic', and it published wild ways to play tricks on the
information infrastructure of the world. The magazine
doesn't exist anymore, but most of the people that wrote
articles for the magazine or helped organize Hacking at the
End of the Universe (1993) and even some of the people that
helped put up the Galactic Hacker Party (1989) are still in
touch with each other. The every-four-year-itch has gotten
to us again...


There'll be no hotel rooms or anything like that so you'll
want to bring at least a tent and a sleeping bag to HIP,
even if this means you can't bring the paper-tape unit that
came with your VAX 11/780. We'll supply a campground,
toilets, showers, good food and electrical power (as close
to 220V/50Hz as possible) and we'll do our best to supply
everyone who wants it with an Ethernet connection. You will
probably be able to trade wiring, extra outlets, Ethernet
cards, and the use of modular crimping tools for almost

What will be the issues at HIP?

A lot can and will happen in the coming months, and we'll
keep adding new topics even during the event itself. But
we're definitely going to discuss the legal situation
regarding encryption, as well as the latest technical
developments in this field. The current decay of the Usenet,
copyright issues, censorship as well as many other
legislative, social political and technical issues
surrounding Internet will be discussed. Computer security,
or the lack thereof will also be a hot topic. We'll have
research workshops (i.e. GSM and chipcard security) and you
can also join many `how-to' workshops and lectures where you
can pick up on Linux (Unix you can run at home, not built by
Microsoft), perl (a very powerful computer language) and
many, many other topics.

Just visit our web site at http://www.hip97.nl/ and use the
form to subscribe to the announcement mailing list. It's
spam-free and will only carry HIP announcements written by
us. You can also participate in the ongoing, yet slightly
messy debate in the newsgroup alt.hacking.in.progress

If you don't have access to the web you can subscribe to the
announcement mailing list by sending an email message to


with the line subscribe hip-announce in the body of the message.

Announcements will also be posted in alt.hacking.in.progress
How can I contact the people behind HIP?
Check out our website at http://www.hip97.nl/

Mail us at info@hip97.nl

Email Bomb Protection

From: jericho@dimensional.com

>How to Protect Your Server From Being Used For Mail Bombing or Spammers
>This is a Technophoria Release - www.technophoria.com -

(install qmail)

>PrivacyOptions settings. There are various settings, but the BEST and
>SAFEST one is the "PrivacyOptions=goaway". With this set, you ENABLE ALL

No. The best and safest is not to run sendmail.

Telnet vs Telenet

From: jericho@dimensional.com

>What's D difference between TELENET & TELNET?
>Carolyn: There is an excellent discussion on this under the Telenet topic at
>our Hackers forum at http://www.infowar.com.

Which is extremely lagged on top of being down for a few days, so join in!#@$


>>with ans.net passwords. So I'm not telling you how to social engineer those
>Could U give me a hint on how to do it?

No. Carolyn does not know what Social Engineering is. I recently spoke with
someone on IRC who claims to have prank called her, only to find she thought
he was trying to social engineer her. prank != SEing.

- Damien Sorder
(c) 1997

Carolyn: Hmmm, more evidence of atrophied sense of humor... That guy jericho
communicated with sure got mad when I told him he didn't know the first
thing about social engineering, he, he.... Sorry, d00dz, I'm going to win. I
am the biggest propeller head on the Net. Yes! Yes! YES!!!

Changing Netscape, IE Logos

From: Wendy Mosiman <wmosiman@feist.com>

Hey... I thought it would be totally K-Rad 31337 (of course I'm new to
this stuff and my opinion doesn't count for much) if you could change
the pointer in Netscape, you know the little hand with the pointer
finger up that points to links, into something else.  Such as maybe the
middle finger up.  :)  This kind of crude hacking appeals to me for some
reason.  If anyone has any ideas on how to do this e-mail me if you
would.  thanks in advance


There is No Escape.

From: "Michael Paul" <mbp@locke.ccil.org>

I don't know about changing the logo in Netscape, but in IE it's easy.
First you need the picture to put there:  a 40x40 animated bitmap.  To make
one, just make a really tall bitmap in Paint and paste each frame directly
under the preceding one.  The first frame will be shown when nothing is
being loaded, the next three are shown once when a download starts, and the
rest are played in a loop until the download is done.

Once you have the bitmap, run Registry Editor (REGEDIT.EXE), open the
subkey "HKEY_CUURNT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar" and
change "BrandBitmap" to the name of the bitmap.

When the text labels on the toolbar are turned off, a smaller image is
used.  Its dimensions are 23x23, and is specified by "SmBrandBitmap".
From: "Michael" <michaelr@worldaccess.com>

>Sender: candyman@voicenet.com
>I was wondering if anybody knows a way to change the animated logo (top
>left corner) of Netscape and IE browsers.  I know it's possible because
>and Quicken and other companies did that, well at least to the Netscape
>So if somebody figures how to do it please post it on this list.

For IE 3.0 (and I would assume 2.0 as well), use a text editor to create a
REG file, and add this text:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar]

Where whatever.bmp is the path and name of the image you wish to replace
the stock animation with.

A few things to note:  IE will use the width of your image file as the
height for each individual frame.  (ie. a 40 x 160 pixel bitmap would have
4 frames)  Also, you need to have an even number of frames in your bitmap,
or else the animation doesn't work quite right.  The first frame at the top
of the file is the frame IE sits on when it's not animated, when you are
not loading or contacting anything.

To get rid of your customized animated logo, just go into RegEdit and
delete the "BrandBitmap" key.

Hope this helps, you can email me if ya want and I'll send an example image.

Calling St. Louis Hackers

From: "Blake Leonard" <The_Ender@msn.com>

 Calling all Hackers in the St. Louis Area. I am in need of a mentor, please
e-mail me.

Carolyn Meinel
M/B Research -- The Technology Brokers

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