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Inside Happy Hacker, May 3, 1999

Visit the Happy Hacker site at http://www.happyhacker.org
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Table of Contents

* Another win in battle for Internet Freedom of speech
* Hacker wargame news: Antionline offers prizes!
* Black Helicopter sightings
* Instructions for sending viruses and Trojans


        *** Another Win in Battle for Internet Freedom of Speech

Our thanks to Antionline.com for providing an email list server to
manage our mailings.  It isn't easy running an email list when some of
the world's most notorious hackers are trying to shut us down.  Hurray
for Antionline founder John Vranesevich and Antionline and Happy Hacker
Wargame staffer Corey Gallatin for figuring our how to keep an email
list server running under conditions of brutal, incessant attack.  They
are real heroes in our battle against those computer criminals (AKA
"hacktivists") who believe they have the right to censor the Internet.
I (Carolyn Meinel) predict that Vranesevich and Gallatin will go down in
history alongside with other heroes of the battle for freedom of speech,
such as Thomas Paine, Voltaire, and Benjamin Franklin.

        *** Antionline offers Prizes in Hacker Wargame

Check out http://www.antionline.com for how to win prizes in the Happy
Hacker Wargame.  You might even win a prize just for registering in the

        *** Black Helicopter Sightings

You may have noticed Antionline, John Vranesevich, Happy Hacker and
Yours Truly (Carolyn Meinel) are often the subject of nasty stories
originating from a number of folks who are prominent in news stories
about hackers.  Just in case you haven't seen about how terrible we are,
you can learn about our supposed crimes and noxious behaviors at:


People who have put in a great deal of effort trying to convince people
that I am one or more of the following: a fraud, an FBI secret
informant, someone who sells my body for crack cocaine (whooee!)

* Pete Shipley (according to a recent Upside magazine story he is chief
of security for top six accounting firm Peat Marwick
http://www.kpmg.com/; his hacker gang web site is http://www.dis.org)
and who reportedly was questioned by the FBI in conjunction with the
Hacking for Girliez attack on the New York Times Web site; and who runs
the dc-stuff hacker mail list (email majordomo@dis.org with message
"subscribe dc-stuff")

* Brian Martin, who Shipley says assists him with security projects, and
who has been raided as a suspect in the Hacking for Girliez attack on
the New York Times web site (Martin's hacker gang web site is
http://www.attrition.org and his computer security company is
http://www.repsec.org) (formerly with Trident Data Systems
http://www.tds.com/, which serves Federal Government military and
intelligence agencies)

* Chris Valor (Se7en), for a long time a close confidant of Pete
Shipley, until recently a member of Shipley's Dis.org gang, and a
sometimes roommate of Brian Martin, and who was recently exposed as a
fraud who pretended to be a hacker when he knew nothing about hacking,
and who tricked the media into reporting that he was running a hacking
campaign against kiddie porn

* Michael Schiffman, recently laid off from his job with Cambridge
Technology Partners (http://www.ctp.com/), and co-editor with Brian
Martin of Phrack magazine (http://www.phrack.org), and who at one time
negotiated with C-Net TV to defend the actions of the Hacking for
Girliez gang on one of their TV programs

* Modify (real name unknown, but he tells people he is Craig Whitmore),
who represented himself as Se7en's partner in their media hoax about
being a team of anti-kiddie porn hacker vigilantes, and who is a member
of Martin's gang

These four hacker media icons have something truly surprising in common.
John Vranesevich reports (http://www.antionline.com/cgi-

In 1996, the self proclaimed "subversives
expert" Fred Villella began forming a team of
hackers through "New Dimensions
International", a company which he is currently
the president of. As of this year, Villella's team
of hackers have included: Pete Shipley, Michael
Schiffman, "Christian Valor", "Craig Whitmore",
and Brian Martin. These individuals have
arguably been the biggest names in the hacker
culture, the true "head of the hacker hierarchy".

You can see these people listed as working for Villella at his web site,
http://www.newdimensions.net.  Note Crag Whitmore is listed as

For more on Villella's past involvement in penetration of suspected
subversive organizations, see:

To see what the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was accused of
doing while Villella was the number three man there, see:

Or read the book "The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis"
by Bill D. Moyers, Henry Steele Commager.  According to this book, the
leaders of FEMA, in conjunction with Col. Oliver North, attempted a
military coup against the United States.  The publisher's press release
on this book reads,

        Based on an acclaimed PBS documentary, The Secret Government
        analyzes the threats to constitutional government posed by an
        illegitimate network of spies, profiteers, mercenaries, ex-
        generals and "superpatriots" who have tried, at various times, to
        take foreign policy into their own hands.

I talked with a reporter from the New York Times about the peculiar
coincidence that several Hacking for Girliez suspects/advocates working
for Fred Villella.  He told me that Villella, even though he was the
number three man at FEMA, was never more than a bureaucratic
functionary, that contrary to news reports such as those cited above,
Villella never took an active role in FEMA's alleged plans to track down
hundreds of thousands of Central Americans and throw them into
concentration camps in the event of a US invasion of Nicaragua.  He told
me it is ridiculous to suppose that Villella and his contractors may be
preparing plans to throw hackers into concentration camps in the event
of a cyberwar emergency.

HOWEVER, if you want to be safe, I recommend that you unsubscribe from
any hacker mail lists -- ESPECIALLY Shipley's dc-stuff, Schiffman's
Phrack, and our Happy Hacker list, and resubscribe under an email
address that is hard to trace.  Examples of free, hard to trace email
accounts may be found at juno.com and hotmail.com.  When surfing hacker
web sites, you may keep your identity secret by using anonymizer.com or
try the experimental service lpwa.com.

True, you still can be tracked down if the black helicopter set is
willing and able to set up sniffers or carry out search warrants to get
access logs from your anonymous mail and web surfing servers.  But at
least this way you will force the US Federal government to have to work
hard to violate your constitutional rights.

To unsubscribe from the Happy Hacker list, email   You can resubscribe with your
anonymous email account from our home page, http://www.happyhacker.org
or by emailing with message "subscribe hh".

"black helicopter" you will turn up many references to FEMA and
"America's Secret Government."  Actually I see lots of black
helicopters over my home, but that's just because I live near the US
headquarters for the "Special Forces" and its black helicopters.  Read
all about black helicopters at

Or read about black helicopters in the book:
Black Helicopters Over America: Strikeforce for the New World Order
by Jim Keith, 160 pages, $12.95 Order info at

Actually, I'm tempted to offer expensive vacation stays at my Sandia
Mountains home so people can view black helicopters from their choice of
my deck, sun room or swimming pool.  Sorry, no sky views available from
the sauna.  As long as we are going to play with conspiracy theories, we
may as well do it for fun and profit.  Oh, yes, we have horses and 100
square miles of wilderness for the truly adventuresome.  Now do you want
to be my friend?:^)

I don't believe that Hacking for Girliez hit the New York Times Web site
as a federally-funded (through Villella) retaliation for the Times
providing downloads of the Starr report.  It probably was a coincidence
that this happened on what was shaping up to be the busiest day in that
Web site's history, what with all those people rushing to download the
just-released Starr report on the Monica Lewinsky's salacious details of
her interactions with President Clinton.  There is no way the Clinton
administration would make the same mistake that President Nixon made
when he hired people to burglarize the Watergate headquarters of the
Democratic Party.

Seriously, while the Villella thing may turn out to be just a series of
amazing coincidences, I do believe it is worthwhile to research any
signs of a government plan to round up us hackers into concentration
camps.  During WWII all people of Japanese ancestry were stripped of
their property and thrown into concentration camps.  News stories claim
that Villella's section of FEMA put in a lot of effort into tracking
down US residents who where born in Central America, and had planned to
throw them into concentration camps if Reagan had authorized an invasion
of Nicaragua.

Thanks to several volunteers, we now have an in-depth dossier on
Villella and his associates.  I would publicly credit the people who
have been helping with this research, except that Villella is
threatening to bring lawsuits against anyone who goes public with
stories about him.  Anyone who does want public credit, let me know and
you, too can hear from Mr. Black Helicopter himself!

Also, there is a possibility that some of Villella's contractors may
commit computer crime against people who ire them, as suggested by news
stories about Hacking for Girliez suspects who are Villella contractors.
So don't identify yourself as having any involvement in our research
project unless you are prepared for massive computer crime attempts.

If you would like to help us dig deeper into the Villella story, here
are some areas where we need help.

* Have you attended any of Villella's seminars?  Who has spoken at them?
What would you rate the technical quality of these seminars? Is he still
using pretend hacker Se7en?

* We need true identities of members of Pete Shipley's gang or any other
gangs that are associated with Villella.

* If you live in the Bay Area, Denver, Nashville, Northern Virginia,
Boston region, Tampa/St.Petersburg, or San Diego areas, you might be
able to find out amazing things about who the Federal Government is
using in its research efforts on hackers.  Contact me and I'll tell you
how to research people's criminal and civil court records.

I will be using this information in my upcoming book "Hacker Wars."
Find something significant and you win an autographed copy.  If you are
willing to face attacks by Federal contractors and computer criminals, I
will credit you by name or handle in the book.

Again, let me emphasize that I am not making any accusations against
Villella.  Other people, such as reporters at the New York Times,
Washington Post, and the Nation, and a Congressional Committee headed by
Al Gore, are the ones who made these accusations.  Villella briefly
posted something at his web site saying that he has been exonerated of
all accusations made by Al Gore's former Congressional Committee against
him; that he was the victim of a vast, politically motivated conspiracy.


        *** Instructions for Sending Viruses and Trojans to Me

Lots of folks try to trick me into running Trojans or viruses by sending
me files that they claim are something else.  Actually I welcome these
and try to run them so I can study them.  If you REALLY want me to run
your Trojan or virus, however, please keep in mind that I variously use
many Unix varieties, Win95, Win98 and WinNT flavors of operating
systems.  Since each virus or Trojan is usually only good for one
operating system, you will make it easier for me to run your program if
you tell me what operating system it was written for. -- CM

From: Donald J Carter <donaldjcarter@juno.com>

I wanted to comment about the Happy99.exe, the newsletter I got said it
was sent via a stranger, well I was sent the Happy99.exe from a friend
and I ran it thinking it wasn't a virus, and I have Norton Anti-Virus
5.0 and it didn't detect a virus when ran, but when I updated Norton it
found the Trojan.  I just wanted to say it is sometimes sen to you from
people you know too.


From: "Spud" <spud@wf.net>

Hey. I just read this section in your last newsletter about Happy99.exe
and how people keep sending them to you hoping you will run them.  Well,
I doubt that they even know that they are sending it to you.  Do you
know how the Happy99.exe trojan works? So they probably don't even know
they are sending it to you. I got infected with it a long time ago, and
I unknowingly sent it to several of my collegues before I realized what
was going on.  I don't know if those guys that are sending you that
stupid worm know how to get rid of it, but here is how I got rid of it:
The file is usually named HAPPY99.EXE in the email or article
attachment.  When being executed, the program also opens a window
entitled "Happy New Year 1999 !!" showing a firework display to disguise
its other actions. The program copies itself as SKA.EXE and extracts a
DLL that it carries as SKA.DLL into WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory. It also
modifies WSOCK32.DLL in WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory and copies the original
WSOCK32.DLL into WSOCK32.SKA.  WSOCK32.DLL handles internet-connectivity
in Windows 95 and 98. The modification to WSOCK32.DLL allows the worm
routine to be triggered when a connect or send activity is detected.
When such online activity occurs, the modified code loads the worm's
SKA.DLL. This SKA.DLL creates a new email or a new article with
UUENCODED HAPPY99.EXE inserted into the email or article. It then sends
this email or posts this article.  If WSOCK32.DLL is in use when the
worm tries to modify it (i.e. a user is online), the worm adds a
registry entry:

The registry entry loads the worm the next time Windows start.
Removing the worm:
4.delete the downloaded file, usually named HAPPY99.EXE
NOTE: You will have to disconnect from the Internet before you can
some of the files, or you may even have to drop to DOS.

                   Spud <spud@wf.net>


        ***  Call for Writers

From: Lee Codrington-Marshall <techwiz@freeuk.com>

Hi Carolyn, I'm sure you get loads of enthusiastic writers wanting to do
stuff for your newsletter, but due to the exact nature you are probably
having to turn them down a lot.  Please could you send them to
http://www.techwiz.freeuk.com and tell them to look at the InfoZone
section, if they want to write for my online magazine then I'd be more
than happy to give them a place to speak.

The InfoZone is entirely run and edited by volunteers, of all ages and
experiences, on anything to do with computers and the internet.



Or subscribe from our Web site,
http://www.happyhacker.org.  Unsubscribe by sending message
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This is a list devoted to *legal* hacking! If you plan to use any
information in this Digest or at our Web site to commit crime, go away!
Foo on you! Don't email us bragging about any crimes you may have
committed. We mean it.

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