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Happy Hacker Digest Feb. 27, 1997
This is a moderated list for discussions of *legal* hacking. Moderator is Carolyn Meinel. Please don’t send us anything you wouldn’t email to your friendly neighborhood narc, OK?
To subscribe or unsubscribe, use the subscribe boxes on the menu bars, please.. If you decide you just want to use the forum and not get these mailings, I promise my feelings won’t get hurt if you unsubscribe from this list.
Happy hacking! “

URL ‘O the Day: http://www.nwfusion.com

Table of Contents:

Linux Answers
Not Afraid of Narcs
Email Bomb Stuff


From: root <abszero@epix.net>

> From: "Stephen James" <sjamesflorida-wellington@worldnet.att.net>
>  I have the Linux packages on /dev/hda1. I mounted it with the "mount -t
> msdos (yes, it's a msdos drive) /dev/hda1 /dosc" command ("can't find the a
> series").  Setup can't recognize this pre-mounted partition.  I am sure I
> have gone through the proper menus.  I also tried to install from disks.
> Setup tells me that "this does not look like the correct disk."  I have an
> "a1" directory on each of the disks.  When I let Setup mount the partition
> for me, it still says (after I input the source directory) that it "can't
> find the a series.

For the floppies:  You need to put the contents of the a[1-6] directories on a
floppy, one directory apiece

For the HDD:  You don't seem to give enough info for a complete answer,
 0) Download each of the a? disks into a separate directory, e.g.
 1) After partitioning, run "setup"
 2) Say <S>ource
 3) 1  Install from a hard drive partition
 4) /dev/hda1
 5) /slackwar (note the 8 character name)
 6) Yes
 That should be enough to get you through the part you've been having
troubles with.

> Moderator: On my Win 95 system I have to turn the computer off -- not just
> control-alt-delete, but actually power down. Then I put the Linux Loader
> (Lilo) disk in the a: drive and turn it back on. This is the only way I can
> get it to work consistently. Several times I got going by starting off the
> CD-ROM basically by pretending I was installing Linux. But that s***s.
> Anyone know a better way to make Win95 behave with Linux?

My system never had any problems.  Have you installed the "Disk Type
Specific Driver Update for Windows 95" upgrade from Microsloth
<http://www.microsoft.com/windows/download/dsktsupd.exe>?  I have the strong
feeling that it will help <G>.

> PLz post this anonymously.
> I would like some info on how to change win95 boot up screen.
> I have tried but I can't seem to achieve this.
> Also could someone plz explain to me what exactly can be done with Win95
> system registry and how it works.
> I appreciate your help...thank you
> Warlock

Simple.  Run RegEdit.  Change stuff till you get interesting results.  Read
Resource Kit <d:\admin\reskit\helpfile> on the Win95 CD-ROM.

> From: "SauRON *THe* DaRKLORD" <sauron@themall.net>
> I have read the last version of the Happy Hacker.  I just wanted to quickly
> know what is the NAME of the file on the Win '95 bootup that looks
> like clouds.  I have been trying to find that out for a while.   I HATE
> those
> white CLOUDS.
> I  am  t h e  c h o s e n  o n e
> Moderator: You can find that file in c:\windows\clouds.bmp. But perhaps what
> you really want to know is how to choose your background so you don t have
> to look at boring clouds any more? If that is the case, click  start  then
>  settings  then  control panel  then  display.  The  clouds  image is on the
>  background  menu. You can pick from anything there, or make your own
> background.

Nope, that’s the desktop after booting.  the file he wants is
c:\windows\logo[sw].sys.  One is the startup, the other is the shutdown.

> From: " Sebas  ." <prograss@hotmail.com>
> Hey Carolyn and all!
> I just discovered something:
> When I connect to my ISP after writing the login and the password they told me
> to write PPP default.
> I wrote PPP return and it said "enter IP Address" or something like that instead
> of default I tried telepac.pt and I got connected with telepac.pt IP address but
> I couldn't connect to anything but my ISP.
> Anyone knows why this happens and how can I make it work? If possible..
> Thanx
> progress

Try entering a numeric IP address, ex to claim to be from
home.netscape.com.  Better yet,, www.whitehouse.gov!

 --- James Mastros

From: glinear@juno.com

Linux & PPP?

I've Recently Put Slackware (Kernel 2.0.26) On My Computer and Have A PPP
Account With Netcom. I've Tried Many Ways To Set up A PPP Connection With
Linux But I Can't Get It Done. I Was Wondering Should I Use A Script,
Minicomm, Or Something Else? If Any Of These The How Would I Get The Job
You May Have Seen Me On IRC at www.infowar.com Asking This Same Question.
Thank You

You Are Free To Comment, Flame, Respond, HELP Me At glinear@juno.com


-   Eagles May Soar But They Also Get    -
- Sucked Into Jet Engines. -
-  -Anonymous  -

From: the Phreaki Tikki <phreakitikki@mercury.theonramp.net>

>This is my first time posting so bear with me...I am quite the newbie and I'd
>like to install Linux on my PC.  I have downloaded the software and
>successfully set it up on a separate hard drive (d:) but my problem is this:
> Windows 95 (c:) seems to more or less hate the Linux Native format of drive
>D.  In fact, when I start the computer my pretty picture comes up as my
>background but it sits there...no icons, no start menu, nothing!  In order to
>make Win 95 act sensibly again I have to re-format the second drive as a DOS
>format.  I would like to have Linux accessible by boot disk and running apart
>from Windows.  Any help on how I can get Windows 95 to, in essence, ignore or
>accept the second hard drive containing Linux would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks for posting this...
>  -=- Jackal -=-
>Moderator: On my Win 95 system I have to turn the computer off -- not just
>control-alt-delete, but actually power down. Then I put the Linux Loader
>(Lilo) disk in the a: drive and turn it back on. This is the only way I can
>get it to work consistently. Several times I got going by starting off the
>CD-ROM basically by pretending I was installing Linux. But that s***s.
>Anyone know a better way to make Win95 behave with Linux?

I run both fine with Lilo as by boot.  It boots to 95 automatically except
when I type Linux into Lilo. I dunno what your problem is.  You might need
to boot Linux and type "pico /etc/lilo.conf" then set the win95 partition
as the first partition to boot then when you exit and type "lilo" you
should be OK.

 the Phreaki Tikki

From: jalexfox@wwi.net (John Beal )

OK A not so quick Piece of info about Linux living inside of a Win95
# 1. You have to repartition your hard drives to make room for Linux and its
swap file.
There are currently 3 way's to do this..
    A. You can Backup your entire Drive that you intend on installing Linux
on and then Fdisk it and create 3 new separate partitions. 1 for Win95 to
reside in 1 for The Linux system itself and finally 1 for the Linux Swap
file <tip the swap file size should be approx. twice the size of your
physical Ram onboard>. Now You need to set the Win95 Partition as a Primary
active partition that is Where you will boot from. The two remaining
partitions should be left unformatted at this point since if you format them
using DOS’s Fdisk Then You will only have to delete them and reformat with
Linux anyway.... The next step is to <tip 2 You should have created a Boot
disk Before you Fdisked the system so that once you formatted it you can
Reinstall The System and Files that you previously backed up> <Tip 3 Unless
you know what a partition is and how to use Fdisk, Backup, And create a
Master Boot Record Then you may as well hang it up and move on down to 2 or
    B. After you have restored the Win95 system to the Primary bootable
partition of your system and Managed to Boot the system you will get two
sets of errors... They will say that Drive <so and so> and Drive <so and
so> Don’t appear to be valid drives but will have icons listed in the My
computer folder. This is because if you followed the above instructions
they are unformated drives and Cant be used by Win95.. your next step is
<did I mention that you needed to create A Linux boot disk and root
disk<ramdisk before you could install them?> There are hundreds of
resources available on the Net that explain in Complete detail how to do
that.... Just load your browser and type Installing Linux... :-)  You
should be at the point now where you have your Linux boot disk and root
disk handy and just need to reboot the computer with the Linux Boot disk in
Drive A. It will then go through a series of checks and start readying the
system for the Kernel install.. After that is complete it will ask you for
your Ramdisk <root disk> and you change disks and install the root disk and
press enter and it then starts umcompressing the Linux kernel installing it
and gives you a Login prompt... at the login prompt you need to do a
variety of things depending on the particular version of Linux you are
installing... Most of the time you will just type Login:root when it asks
for password you just press enter and it should log you into the system at
that point... if it says something like invalid password then you need to
read the install instructions with the version you have it may make you
type Login:root Password:root Once again that is version specific... now if
you are logged in then Congrats your 1/3 of the way to installing the
   C. Now is when you Are going to hide the previously unformated drives
from Win95 so that it cant see them...:-) At the prompt you simply type
fdisk. It will then say something like Fdisk Defaulting to /dev/hda. which
should be the drive that you intend on installing Linux to and also the
drive that Win95 resides on as well... Now if you are going to be
installing to a different drive than you would have to tell it which
primary drive that you are going to need to Format like this..

Fdisk /dev/hda    Where hda is your 1st physical hard drive
Fdisk /dev/hdb    Where hdb is your second physical hard drive
Fdisk /dev/hdc    Where hdc is your third physical hard drive
Fdisk /dev/hdd    Where hdd is your forth physical hard drive

Now notice that these are not labeled as C:,D:,E:,F: That is because your
physical drives and your Logical drives could be very different Take my
system for example I have This setup:
/dev/hda 1st physical drive
  /dev/hda1 1st logical drive    Dos C: drive
  /dev/hda2 2nd logical drive   Dos D: drive
  /dev/hda3 3rd logical drive    Linux Native EXT2 drive
So I have 3 partitions on My /dev/hda drive 2 for Dos and 1 for Linux
I also have the following:
/dev/hdb 2nd physical drive
  /dev/hdb1 1st logical drive  Dos E: drive
  /dev/hdb2  2nd logical drive Linux Swap drive
/dev/hdc 3rd physical drive
  /dev/hdc1 1st logical drive Dos F: drive
  /dev/hdc2 2nd logical drive Dos G: drive
  /dev/hdc3 3rd logical drive Dos H: drive
And finally since I am using a IDE ATAPI CDROM that is connected to My
Secondary IDE cable I have:
 /dev/hdd   Cdrom

That should give you the idea as to what is necessary now So when I had to
format my Linux Partitions that I created I did the following things:
Fdisk <enter>
Fdisk is defaulting to /dev/hda
Then I typed m to get a listing of available commands <help>
The four main commands that you will be interested in are:
d   deletes a partition
n   adds a partition
p   prints the partition tables
w  writes the table to disk
What you have to do is decide where your Linux swap partition and Main
Linux data File partitions are going to be located and format them
accordingly. In my case Main Linux File partition was /dev/hda3 so I did
the following:
p <enter>
Which gave me a listing of Partitions that are currently in use on /dev/hda
and there respective begin start end blocks id and system types and whether
or not is was a boot partition. I then did this:
n  <enter>
Command Action  <--- This was the output by Fdisk
 e extended          <---
 p primary (1-4)     <--- to which I typed
p <enter>
Fdisk then asked which partition number I wanted to create. If you enter a
number that already exists then Fdisk says that you have to delete it first
and then create it <tip Remember That Listing I told you to get above Well
don’t use any of those numbers if they say Dos cause they are your Win95
system also you should have and I repeat should have not Formatted The
partitions that you intended to use for Linux when you repartitioned your
Hard drive with the Dos Fdisk Proggie that is what we are doing now :-) > So
I replied :
3 <enter>
p <enter>
At this point I should see that I now have the following partition table
listed Shortened  cause this is already to long...
Device       ********************************* System
/dev/hda1     *****************************    Dos 16-bit
/dev/hda2    ******************************    Dos 16-bit
/dev/hda3    ******************************    Linux Native
Next we type the following:
w <enter>
And fdisk then writes the changes to your hard disk and Dumps you out to the
Login prompt after saying that you have to reboot for the changes to take
effect but we aren’t done yet still have to create and format the Swap
partition too.... Like this:
Fdisk /dev/hdb <enter>
p <enter> to see what the table looks like and the numbers of the used
n <enter> to create the Swap file partition
p <enter> in response to the Primary or extended formatting we need to do
2 <enter> Since this is the second partition on the existing drive
t <enter> here is a new command it tells Linux what reference to apply to
the partition we just created based on the following response we are going
to give it.
82 <enter> 82 tells Fdisk that we are creating a Linux Swap partition
p <enter> to print the table out and verify the changes we want made
and finally:
w <enter> to write them to disk

OK I left out a few things too First off the sizes of the partitions are
strictly up to you but for a basic No frills Linux install you can get by
with 120 meg Main file partition and a Swap file that is twice the size of
your physical Ram on board< I have 32 megs of Ram so I made my swap file 64
megs in size>. I also Set aside 300 megs for my Main file partition for
Linux Because I planned on using Xfree86 the Xwindows system that runs
under Linux..... It took 120 megs of space with all the bells and whistles
added :) At this point you should have created the needed partitions for
Linux and also have hidden them from Win95s sight to prevent Win95 from
complaining about them :-) Now all you have to do is install what ever
package of Linux that you have Be it Slackware, Redhat, etc... Usually all
you have to do is this:
Install <enter>
Then follow the instructions from there :)

2.  Use a experimental Proggie that is usually included with most Linux
systems called Fips which allows you to partition your hard drives without
destroying any of the existing data on your hard drives.... Although it is
still recommended that you Create a Set of backups just in case you make a
mistake :-) There are very complete and concise instructions with the Fips
package on how to do this so I wont make a already to long Post about the
wherefores and how to's.... :-)
after you do the repartitioning you just follow the above instructs for
booting the Linux system and Creating the Linux Partitions and Formatting

3. <my personally recommended Method> Get Partition Magic From 2.0 up
they all are very stable and very easy to use cost $40 Savings in hair
pulling and possibility of making a major mistake Much reduced.....
Basically it is a graphically mapped representation of your hard drive that
allows you to tweak everything from the Partitions to the Cluster sizes
without having to destroy your data the advantages become clear when say
you have a 1 gig plus hard drive and are losing about 40% of your hard drive
space due to the 32k clusters that you are using to store a 1k file for
example most of your smaller .ini files or text files anything under 32k in
size automatically becomes a 32k cluster in space on your hard drive start
adding all those small files up and the wasted space becomes clearer to
you... There is a very complete and concise book that comes with the
Program so explaining the process here is also not necessary but the
important thing to remember is Not and I repeat Once again to NOT format or
set active the partitions that you intend on creating for Linux You do that
from the Linux Prompt that you receive once you put the Boot and Root disks
into the system and Then follow the above section 1 instructions for
Formatting the Linux Partitions.....


From: Mjolnir <Mjolnir@thor.pla-net.net>

Hacking is gaining information.  Hacking is not "Well I had better not
do that, its ILLEGAL."  I don't care if every single FBI agent in the US
is reading this group, I would think they have bigger fish to fry than
someone who says "I want to hack my ISP."  I thought my hard earned tax
dollars are going to help the FBI track down hard core criminals.  Yes,
someone out there may put this information to malevolent use, but that
happens.  Is this a mailing list for hacking discussion or setting up
UNIX?  If someone asks a question, give them a straight answer.  Don't
say "you may be an accessory if he does something illegal."  This type
of responce is not a Happy Hacker response, its a "computer trickster"
response.  Yes some of these things may be illegal, but I challenge any
law enforcement official reading this letter to tell me that they would
track my email address and arrest me if I answered a question on how to
hack a system.

Moderator: You’re right, so long as you don’t cause harm you aren’t too likely to get caught. But -- some people do wind up in jail for relatively harmless pranks. Kevin Mitnick is an example. Apparently his three biggest mistakes were eavesdropping on FBI agents, reading the email of _New York Times_ reporter John Markoff, and making a hacker/phreaker (Tsutomo Shimomura) mad at him.

The best way of all to wind up in jail for computer crime is to make hackers mad at you. Oh, you think a hacker won’t narc on you? Look at Shimomura. That’s also how the Masters of Destruction got caught -- they p***** off the Legion of Doom. So guess who it was that gathered enough evidence to bust the MOD? Yes, it was the LOD. Five MOD guys were convicted: Phiber Optic (Mark Abene), Outlaw (Julio Fernandez), Corrupt (John Lee), Acid Phreak (Elias Ladopoulos) and Scorpion (Paul Stira).

Now Eric Bloodaxe (Chris Goggins) -- the LOD guy who did the most to bust the MOD -- is a revered hacker, a successful consultant, and author of the book _The Complete Internet Business Toolkit_ which you can find in almost any bookstore. It comes with a CD-ROM full of  kewl Windows hacking tools. At hacker conventions you can buy a T-shirt with the slogan “I only hack for money -- Eric Bloodaxe.”

So if you are going to break into a computer, just remember that the sysadmin of that box may well be a hacker. Or, the owner may hire a hacker to help bust vandals. If you damage his or her system, you could be in for BIG trouble.

Watch and see what happens to GALF. With their file wiping blunders they’re way down the same path as the MOD. Remember: don’t hack hackers! Oh, by the way, it’s not wise to email bomb hackers, either...heh, heh...make my day...


From: "ruben d canlas jr" <benc@skyinet.net>

here's my 2-cents worth on....

> Anonymous post:
> Is there any way that I can find the identity of a prat who e-mail bombed
> me, shutting down AOL's UK Mail servers?
> He/She is a social retard, and used the anomonious.com mail server to
> initiate the bomb.

you can write anonymous.com and send a copy of the mail sent thru
them and tell them that the sender has used anonymous.com for



Do you know what really pisses me off? Everyone is trying to tell
everyone else what hacking is supposed to be. Some say pheaking is not
hacking, some deny that IRC hacking is not true hacking, others claim
UNIX hacking is the only real hacking.
And then there is this whole "social engineering" thing.
Who cares what is real hacking and what is not. Is everyone waiting for
an Oxford Dictionary definition of what is and is not allowed to be
labeled hacking?
Most of us are in this game because of our love of computers and a
certain rebellious spirit that tells us to do things others have no idea
could be done, let alone how to do them.
We seek to learn new things and new ways of doing old things. Does it
really matter whether you hack UNIX via a modem, Win95 at a box or IRC.
Or any of the millions of other things this large and DIVERSE community
gets up to.
(feel free to flame my a** at will)
PS: please anon my E-mail address. Thanx Carolyn.

Moderator: you wouldn’t by any chance be worried some self-styled hackers would demonstrate their imagined intellectual brilliance by email bombing you, would you?

From: pmurgs@aztec.co.za (P. Murgatroyd)

Caroline, are you stupid or really stupid?

The guy below was asking about the 95 startup screen and he seemed to make
that pretty clear then you go off talking about W95 backgrounds.

The file he wants to change is c:\logo.sys which is hidden/system/read-only.
Its 320x200x8. c:\windows\logow.sys is the 95 "please wait" shutdown screen
and c:\windows\logos.syst is the "It is safe..." shutdown screen.

Caroline... you really s***.

Moderator: Gee, well on my Win95 operating system, the startup screen uses the same file as the background screen. But I suppose it is possible that other versions of Win95 are not set up to do this. All I can say is I do what works. Isn’t that what hacking is?

From: Mjolnir <Mjolnir@thor.pla-net.net>

>By the way, I am all for freedom of speech, but Child Pornography is >NOT freedom of speech, it's visual - so it ain't speech.  Saying you >condone child porn is freedom of speech!  Get your facts right.

Freedom of expression is a better term.  I can say Usenet posts are not
speech, they are not spoken.  We should be able to express ourselves
however we want, within legal (and moral) limits.  Images are
expression, but child porn is illegal (and sick, and immoral)


 © 2013 Happy Hacker All rights reserved.