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Aug. 31, 1998

URL of the day: http://thor.prohosting.com/~sp3cialk/text/unix.txt Intro to
basic Unix commands
See back issues of the Happy Hacker Digest and Guides to (mostly)
Harmless Hacking at http://www.Happyhacker.org.
GTMHH en espanol: http://underhack.islatortuga.com

**This week's posts**
* What is "elite"?
* Online BO installer
* Re: The Magical Mystical Crypto-Primer
* Back Orifice, and PGP (2 topics, not related)
* Hacking Lessons On-Line
* How to download Real Audio files
* Another BO detector that is actually a trojan
* Re: GTMHH: Part 2 of War Tools!
* Juno gold
* PhreakNIC v2.0

**This week's Questions**
* Virii question

**Answers to previous Questions**
* IRC answer

**Editorial - InfoWarCon 98 coming up!**
 *** What is "elite"?
From: keydet89 <keydet89@yahoo.com>

I have an answer to the question...what is "elite"?
In English:  elite
In "haxor":  31337
In binary :  0111101001101001
In Hex    :  7A69

Maybe I should get a black t-shirt with '7A69'
printed in big, white letters on the back...
 *** Online BO installer
From: gabe@tether.com

Hi, Carolyn

The applet that installs BO online is at:

Just thought you'd be interested if you didn't already know... ;)

Thanks for the HHD! Keep up the good work - nice to see a TRUE hacker - Keep
sharing! Seeya!

Gabriel B.
 *** Re: The Magical Mystical Crypto-Primer
From: David Jackson <thejoker@earthling.net>

Hi all,In regards to "Part 2, The Magical Mystical Crypto-Primer", another
good program for browser encryption is Safe Passage Web Proxy.  It is
available at:


It needs a bit of work to set it up, but once it is working, it is fine.
It offers a wide range of ciphers that can be used, including DES-CBC3-MD5
(is the most secure cipher available), RC4-MD5 (the most widely supported
cipher type), EXP-RC4-MD5 (the most commonly supported cipher among
export-crippled servers), and EXP-RC2-CBC-MD5 (sometimes supported by
export-crippled servers).  There are around fifteen other (weaker) ciphers
that can also be used.

This is available for Win3.1/95/NT (not yet for Mac) and has an
unrestricted (I think  :) ) evaluation copy.

There is also another page like https://www.fortify.net/sslcheck.html for
checking how secure your connection is.  It is:



David Jackson  d.a.jackson@usa.net
"Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once!"
 *** Back Orifice, and PGP (2 topics, not related)
From: Hidden Access <user@email.com>

Back Orifice=========
I've just had a curious (unpleasant <:(  ) experience. While more or less
innocently surfing the net, I couldn't help but notice that my computer
rebooted 3 times. Without my permission! I also found a rude message on my
desktop (Win 95). I did a 'netstat -a' and discovered that I had left the
server program for Back Orifice (BO)running after testing it. This left the
31337 port open for attack. I promptly removed BO (and the rude message).
Follow this link to safety:

Software: http://www.genocide2600.com/~tattooman/new-uploads/antigen10.zip

Moral: Don't leave BO running on your own box! and regularly use 'netstat
-a' to make sure no one else has either!

I also found an interesting and frustrating limitation to PGP. After
encrypting one of my hard drives, I discovered that I could't decrypt it
because my system didn't have enough RAM to allow it (file size = 253.5 MB;
RAM = 64 MB). Since I had deleted the source info for the encryption, I
_was_ trapped!! This is no excuse not to encrypt, just be careful.

Moral: Do not delete source info until you are sure you can fully decrypt it!!

"While experience is a great teacher, someone else's experience is a safer
one!" - Me

Hidden Access
 *** Hacking Lessons On-Line
From: UQ Mail <Anonymous>

Dear Happy Hacker,
I'd like to point out for people the new 'step by step' hacking tutorial now
on-line at:


It's still in the process of massive expansion right now, with a lot of
hackers sending further chapters for different areas, but until then, it
should already lead people through some of the basic ideas about hacking.

Also, some good text files through the tutorial.

 *** How to download Real Audio files
From: Rahim10@aol.com

Ok, here's something useful- how to download real audio files:

1. save the link as a file (it will have the *.ram extention)
2. open the ram file in notepad
3. go to the url in the file (it will have a *.ra extention)
4. save the ra file and then open it with real player

If you know this trick you probebly think it is too simple to mention in the
HHD but many people have asked me how to download real audio files from web
pages and many think that it can't be done.

 *** Another BO detector that is actually a trojan
From: Ken Williams <jkwilli2@UNITY.NCSU.EDU>


I recently came across a program called "BoSniffer.zip" that the
author claims will "block key points in the registry from BO as well as
search for existing installs of the backdoor."

Close examination has revealed that this is actually a BO server
with the "SpeakEasy" plugin installed.  If you run "BoSniffer.exe", the
BoSniffer executable (read: BO Server Trojan w/ SpeakEasy) will "attempt
to log into a predetermined IRC server on channel #BO_OWNED with a random
username.  It then proceeds to announce its IP address and a custom
message every few minutes."

This program, "BoSniffer.zip" is currently being widely distributed
as a "cure for Back Orifice infections".  It is probably being distributed
with other software packages and with other names too.  Listed below are
relevant details about this program.

File Sizes (in bytes)-
231068 BoSniffer.exe
108573 BoSniffer.zip

MD5 fingerprints and strings (checksums)-
MD5 (BoSniffer.zip) = 2d75c4ac54b675778ff22f76f9a6a77f
MD5 ("string") = b45cffe084dd3d20d928bee85e7b0f21
MD5 (BoSniffer.exe) = 63748087b2e1598fcf34498b0295212e
MD5 ("string") = b45cffe084dd3d20d928bee85e7b0f21

Evidence that BoSniffer.zip is really BO Server with SpeakEasy Plugin-
sector 0x028C38
irc.lightning.net:7000:Hey MASTER where are u!!!

sector 0x0303F0 - sector 0x0306D8
BO ButtPlugs and goodies...http://www.netninja.com/bo.html
AJ Reznor: The pierced, tattooed grand master god of flame wars!
Who is John Galt?
Yes, you too can own my box with this special introductory offer of $0.00!
I'm sad to see Kontrol Faktory go away.Use Linux!
This box is now property of the Illuminati.
<<tap>> <<tap>> <<tap>>...Is this thing on?
Where do *YOU* want to go today?!

sector 0x031848

sector 0x0318A8 - sector 0x031980
#BO_OWNED with IRC commands:
Own Me @ .NOTICE .JOIN #BO_OWNED host server :Owned USERNICK BO
.QUIT Psssst...Speakeasy was told to shut down
.NOTICE #BO_OWNED :Psssst...Speakeasy just started up

You get the idea by now, hopefully.

Instructions on removing BO Servers from compromised servers can be
found at:  http://www.iss.net/xforce/alerts/advise5.html
or by searching through the NTBUGTRAQ archives at:

If anyone wants a copy of BoSniffer.zip for further examination, send
email to Packet Storm Security at PackStorm@Genocide2600.com

Please note that we will disregard any non-corporate or suspicious requests.

Ken Williams

Packet Storm Security http://www.Genocide2600.com/~tattooman/index.shtml
E.H.A.P. Corporation  http://www.ehap.org/  ehap@ehap.org info@ehap.org
NCSU Comp Sci Dept    http://www.csc.ncsu.edu/ jkwilli2@adm.csc.ncsu.edu
PGP DSS/DH/RSA Keys   http://www.genocide2600.com/cgi-bin/finger?tattooman
 *** Re: GTMHH: Part 2 of War Tools!
From: Andrew_Brandt@pcworld.com

You wrote:  while you can protect your Windows boxes from attacks from the
Internet with a well-configured router and firewall, what if the intruder is
inside your LAN?

Here's your answer:

I've found a "personal firewall" device that performs standard firewall
tasks and connects to a LAN from an individual desktop PC:


I have one, and it works perfectly.
 *** Juno gold
From: scorpion104@juno.com

Hey, I saw a file you wrote on hacking SMTP.  Well, thanks for the
info.  Anonymously emailing my friends will keep me happy for a while.
Well, I feel obligated to share some info with you now, so...

I don't know if your use juno or not, but they've recently started
promoting "juno gold", their new service that finally lets you get file
attachments with your email.  Up until now, when someone sent any juno
member a file attachment, the attachment was shown at the end of the
message as a bunch of garbage.  Well, you don't need to pay to get file
attachments with Juno.  You're savior will be Winzip (www.winzip.com)
Here's what you do:

1.  Use the "save as text file" option under the file menu
2.  Open the text file with any version of Winzip
3.  Extract the files from the text file.

You see, winzip treats that text file like an archive, probably
because Juno's central computers UUencode binary file attachments and
tack them on to the bottom of mail, and Winzip understands UUencoding.
You may have to rename the files you "extract" from the text file because
when they're extracted, they may still have the TXT extension.  Don't pay
for anything you can get for free ;)
Thanks alot...
 *** PhreakNIC v2.0
From: jonnyx <jonnyx@mindspring.com>

Good lord! It's                                              v2.00 09/01/98
`88888b. 88   88 .d88888 888888P   oOo  `88~  dP~88   d88 Y8888P  o888b.
 88   8D 88   88 88'  88 88       dP Yb  88  dP  88  d8V8   88   d8P~~Y8
 88ood8F 88ooo88 `Yboo88 88oood  dC   5b 88,dP   88 d8V88   88   88
 8888F~  88~~~88   d8'88 88~~~T  88ooo88 88`Yb   88d8P 88   88   88
 88      88   88  dV  88 88      88~~~88 88  Yb  888P  88   88   Y8L..d8
d88b     88   88vdV   88v888888b.88   88v88,  Yb.88P   88 d8888b  Y888P'

1010000  1001000 1010010 1000101 1000001 1001011 1001110 1001001 1000011

Who: se2600 (Nashville/Atlanta hackers) What: a weekend of hacking, panel
discussions, partying and other mayhem Where: Drury Inn south, I-24 and
Harding Place, Nashville TN, 615.834.7170 When: 30 October - 01 November Why:
why not?
Greetings! This is the initial invitation to and announcement for PhreakNIC,
a convention for hackers, phone phreaks, cypherpunks, programmers, civil
libertarians, ham/scanner enthusiasts and culture jammers. Not one of the
above? No prob. Network engineers, ISP owners, sysops, security consultants,
the generally curious and (especially) those who want to learn about some of
the more "underground" elements of our technological culture are all
encouraged to attend. We're even inviting a few feds.

The con starts 3:00pm Friday and runs nonstop until noon Sunday; there
may be a few additional events afterwards, so check our contact site at
http://se2600.org/phreaknic on a regular basis. There will be live djs,
films and videos, a series of lectures and panel discussions from 1:00pm
to 6:00pm Saturday, a costume party and mini-rave Halloween evening, and
numerous informal tech talks and demos. We're also providing space to the
Nashville Linux User's Group for a Saturday install-fest and swap meet.

A computer network will be set up early Friday for a weekend-long session of
r00t wars. The goal will be to hack into as many LOCAL machines as possible
and take them over, while preventing the same from happening to you.
Participants will learn a LOT about internet and network security. Bring
your own ethernet/RJ45 equipped computer(s); the network will be TCP/IP.

Why are we doing this?

A very wise man once said "Don't get mad at the media, BECOME the media!"
We see this as a chance to dispel many of the misconceptions and outright
lies spread by certain greedy corporations (especially those in the
telecommunications industry) about our subculture, expose the bad laws their
lobbyists sponsor and our politicians pass (usually over the protests of
experts), and chastise the mainstream media for frequently poor and biased
reporting (and for perverting the word "hacker", which was a complement up
until the 80's). Assuming anyone wants to listen, that is...

It's also an excuse for a big party Halloween weekend. See ya there!

PS - Did we mention that its free?
 *** Virii question
From: Dmitry Markushevich <Dmitry@Home.Com>

Hello HH. Been reading you for some time, and i think that you are great ;-)

My question is, how close to truth are these "virus warnings"
(read CCMaker File on the net, last digest).
Through the several years that I've been using computers, I
heard about a lot of programs claiming to **damage** your
computer **physically**. Such things as for example, destroying
your hard-drive (perhaps a low level format with wrong
tracks/clusters/heads), blowing up your computer, burning up
the video card and/or monitor.

Did anyone ever encounter such programs? Are they actually
possible? And if you did, how did they work?


Dmitry Markushevich   11:39 PM
Black clothes: Ideal tool for removing cat hair from furniture.
 *** IRC answer
From: cdcd <cdcd@onit.com>

In response to Raymond's question about IRC:

There is no legit way from IRC to snoop on someone. You may have Back
Orifice (it has a key logger) that was grabbing what you type and then
he simply snatched that file. ircN (6.02?) and several other mIRC
scripts (LittleStar, etc) have a CTCPREPLY exploit. He may have done
something there. Check out http://www.rootshell.com and see if you are
suseptable to the WinHack. If you are and you log your msgs, he may have
simply gotten the log right off your pc. Or, my final thought, your
connection was sniffed.

Good luck on the answer,
From: Jim Conner <notjames@jlmnet.com>

Hi!  Let me answer your question.  Before I do let me tell you who I am.
My name is Jim.  I run an IRC network and I can probably tell you exactly
how this guy was doing what he was doing...because I've done it before.

Anyone who assumes any traffic over the Internet is completely safe from
people looking at the data transmission is fooling themselves.  This fella
was probably running something called a packet sniffer.  The one I use is
called sniffit.  If this guy was indeed using a packet sniffer to watch
your conversation then he knows something about how the Internet works.  It
is a little tough to get a packet sniffer to sniff packets outside the
domain of your ISP or the network on which you are broadcasting on.  I
admit I don't quite FULLY understand how that all works since I have never
successfully been able to sniff packets outside my domain.  I would love to
have someone explain that to me because I believe it requires some h4xor'ing.

I watch for hackers on my network with sniffit.  But hackers can watch for
other nifty things on the net with it too.  I have watched these
conversations before in the past.  However, don't get paranoid thinking
that this person was definitely watching what you were saying.  This is
still per se.  There is a possibility that this person was also somehow in
kahoots with the person you were in chat with.  They might know each other.
The person you were talking to might have been cut & pasting your comments
to the guy whom you were talking about.  I have seen this happen a lot and
wouldn't put it past someone you don't know in IRC to play a prank such as this.


If anyone can tell me more about how sniffit works past the domain it is
executed in please email me.

remove (nospam) from the name to reply.
 *** Editorial - InfoWarCon 98 coming up!
From: Dale Holmes <editor@cmeinel.com>

It is not very often that a really cool hacker type Con comes to the DC area
*and* I get to go... I am not sure that InfoWarCon 98 qualifies as a hacker
type of Con, but it should prove very enlightening anyway.

I am looking forward to meeting some of the people who will be there to
demonstrate the "Tools of the trade". I plan to attend as many sessions as I
can, and will report to the digest readers the things that I find in future

I especially can't wait for the "Why Infowar is a Paranoid Myth: Point
Counterpoint" discussion - it should be a very lively and perhaps heated debate.

The "Information Terrorism and the Dangerous Insider" session should be
interesting too - I wonder how much of it will be substantive and how much
will be hyperbole. You'll find out shortly after I do.

The "Cops Breaking the Law to Enforce the Law" session sounds interesting
for obvious reasons.

The web site for the Con promises attendees will receive conference
materials from all sessions, whether you attend them or not (optional
tutorials excluded), so I should have a lot of material to digest - and
report on in the Digest. :) Stay tuned for more...



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