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June 3, 1998

URL of the day:  http://www.rhino9.com: a big guide to NT hacking
See back issues of the Happy Hacker Digest and Guides to (mostly) Harmless
Hacking at http://www.Happyhacker.org.
GTMHH en espanol: http://underhack.islatortuga.com
Svenska: http://w1.340.telia.com/~u34002171/hhd/gtmhh/svenska/hhdsvensk.html


- Changing stuff in Win95
- A hot new email list to join
- Free shell accounts
- The Happy Hacker Book Review
- Hanging Windows 95 Explorer
- Conseal Firewall update
- Correction: Batch file daemons
- Trojan Horse in icqkiller
- InfowarCon 98!!
- Introducing the new Happy Hacker Webmaster
- Call for volunteers and an old 486

	*** Changing stuff in Win95
From: "Michael Miller" <mikemill@jps.net>
First thing you must do is backup explorer.exe because you will be editing
this file.

Second you must exit windows and go to the command prompt.

Third- type "edit /70 explorer.exe" the /70 is VERY important.

To change the start button go to line 2689, find the part of the line 
that has the club symbol (i can't reproduce it here), after that it should 
look like this "S t a r t".  This is the start button.  The ascii values 
are 5 0 115 0 116 0 97 0 114 0 116.

The club is 5.  This represents the length of the start button.  The most
important thing is the null character between the letters.  This MUST be 
there or the start button will look all messed up.  So to change it we copied
the null character and pasted them and used typeover.  We then count the 
number of chars and change the club to that value.  View it using edit 
from the command line.  Use regular Edit and the look at is using the /70 
afterward to view the values.

I'll e-mail you more details latter as we find them.

Raymond Mowder- Guy who started this all
Mike Miller- Computer Geek consulted to Ray
	*** A hot new email list to join
From: Carolyn Meinel <">>

Here's a hot new email list to join, run by Roger Prata, a sometimes 
editor of the Happy Hacker Digest.  It's the Linux Workstation list.  

To sign up, go to http://www.findmail.com/list/linux-workstation/.  
I recommend it highly!  

Roger also was one of the technical editors of the Happy Hacker

-- Carolyn Meinel
	*** Free shell accounts
From: Digital Convict <DigitalConvict@geocities.com> 

I finally found a great free shell account called innocent.net, 
amazing place, I tell you. I think the sysadmin is a hacker himself,
he has a handle called xenakis. I'd also like to say that your guides
have jump-started me into this new world of technology and i want 
to express my thanx. 
	*** The Happy Hacker Book Review
From: "Betty G.O'Hearn" <betty@infowar.com>
(The following book review first appeared in Network World Magazine, the
issue for the week of May 25.) 

Network Administrator Alert!
So You Wanna Be A Hacker?
By Winn Schwartau

"How do you break into a computer?" 
"How can I break into and write graffiti on a Web site?"
"How can I learn to be a hacker?"

Network administrators, security professionals, corporate  
management, the Department of Defense - to name a few, are 
actively attempting to defend their Internet connections, their 
Intranets, their corporate assets and indeed their jobs against 
an increasingly hostile Cyberspace. The neighborhood is clearly 
getting worse by the minute. 

And the media hasn't helped. Labeling everyone with access to a 
keyboard and an attitude as a "hacker," the term has developed 
incredibly pejorative connotations. "If he's a hacker, he must 
be bad." "Oh, God! It's a hacker, watch out." "Hackers are 
criminal by nature." Well, thank you very much John Markoff et 
al, for rip-roaring headlines that have forever misinformed 

What is the best hack you've ever seen? (Think now, pause. Stop 
reading, and really think before proceeding. What is the best 
hack you've ever seen?)  The answer is from the mega-hit movie, 
Apollo XIII. Remember the scene at NASA, and a manager spills a 
box of assorted parts onto a table and says to a group of 
engineers: "This is all they have up there. Figure out how to 
save their lives."

First of all, hackers are not bad. Criminals are bad. Criminal 
hacking is bad. Hacking is not bad. And that is the recurring 
theme in Carolyn Meinel's thoroughly enjoyable, highly 
entertaining and educational new book, "The Happy Hacker: A 
Guide to (Mostly) Harmless Hacking."

The Happy Hacker will answer hundreds of those unanswered 
questions that network administrators have, like, "exactly how 
do those %@*&#^ hackers break into my computers?"  Meinel 
provides dozens of step by step methods on exactly how it's 
done; from telnet to port surfing to using a shell account. 
In her folksy conversational manner (she's from New Mexico), she 
starts off by teaching the reader how terribly insecure a 
Windows95 box is, and walks us through a series of super-simple 
way to hack right into your corporate network. Considering that 
the vast majority of computer crimes and hacks occur from within 
a company's network, these introductory parts of The Happy 
Hacker are worth the price of the book alone. These are the 
weaknesses that Microsoft will never tell you about, wishes 
would just go away and provide one of the most compelling reason 
to ignore Win95, forget about Win98 and rush right out and buy a 
copy of the infinitely more secure NT. 

Now, before you rant and rave about "Hackers writing a book!", 
Meinel is a computer scientist, a mother of four, and as she 
puts it "an old lady" who remembers her forties. While she 
provides a whole slew of hacks that work, especially on those 
machines "with poor defenses," there are no technical 
revelations of scurrilous Clinton-level scandal. These are the 
basics of hacking, and after a read of this highly worthwhile 
book, I realized that every security and network administrator 
should have this on their shelf.

Far from encouraging teenage wannabes from hacking away at your 
front door, the book is chock full of "You Can Get Punched In 
the Nose, Fired and Busted Warnings" and "You Can Go To Jail 
Warnings."  Many of the tricks and techniques throughout The 
Happy Hacker are clearly illegal, immoral and unethical. The 
point that Meinel makes over and over is that "hacking your own 
equipment is healthy and good. Hacking a box or network with 
permission is good. Any other kind of hacking will land you in 

The Happy Hacker has something for everyone. It is a moderately 
technical book, with advice for the Newbie sprinkled throughout, 
as well as offering Evil Genius Tips for the more advanced 

Her goals are admirable, even though she has been railed by the 
hacker community and several legitimate publishers refused to 
print her tome. She advocates the ethical use of technology, 
legal hacking where the results are beneficial and conducted 
with permission - and totally decries illegal activities of any kind.
Her sections on spoofed email will be a God-send to the network 
administrator trying to train staff in the details of how 
hackers work their so-called magic. The dangers of open ports 
and shell-based telnet are driven home and is the clearly 
written section on How To Map the Internet. 

As Denial of Service attacks become more prevalent, Meinel 
provides the basics of why and how they work, plus the hard 
facts on what can and what cannot be done about them. She gives 
coherent advice on how to protect yourself against spamming, 
email bombs and other words of wisdom. Her participation in a 
number of hacker wars has given Meinel an insider's look at the 
psyche and the psychosis of the Undernet (Underground Internet), 
lamerz, d00dz, wannabes, 3lit3 haxors and host of the 
techno-denizens you probably don't want your daughter dating. 
(Most hackers are of the male of the species.)

While the book needed a good editor, (typos, math errors from 
time to time, inconsistent formatting; but what the heck: the 
tiny publisher, American Eagle, also published the controversial 
Virus Handbooks and similar works) my primary criticism is a 
compliment. Meinel includes so many URLs for reference, in every 
chapter, now I have to spend a lot time to organize them. I wish 
she had put them all into a properly annotated on-line 

So, network admin folks, managers and bosses on high: if you've 
ever wanted to know exactly how systems are broken into, this is 
the book for you. It's easy going style and value-packed content 
puts it on my Top 10 list of Essential Security Reading List.

The Happy Hacker, Carolyn Meinel, 1998.
American Eagle Publications, Inc. 
ISBN 0-929408-21-7 

Available at the on-line bookstore at www.infowar.com

Betty O'Hearn
Assistant to Mr. Winn Schwartau
813-360-6256 Voice
813-363-7277 FAX

To get an autographed copy, shipped to you priority (2-day) mail, in the US
send $34.95 (includes $5 shipping and handling) made out to Happy Hacker to
P.O. Box 1520, Cedar Crest, NM 87008.

	*** Hanging Windows 95 Explorer
From: "Busy" <busy@idirect.ca> 

A while back I saw a hack to remove the Windows 95 Start button but there
was no solution as to how to bring it back without rebooting. 

The way to remove the button is the following...

1. Press <CTRL>+<ESC>2. Press <ESC>3. Press <ALT>+<SPACE>4. Press <C>
Now..... To bring it back.....
1. Press <CTRL>+<ALT>+<DEL>2. Select "Explorer"
3. Press <ENTER>4. Press <ESC>when you see the shut down Windows screen.
5. Wait about 15-20 Seconds
6. Click on "END TASK" When an error message pops up for "Explorer.exe".
(Usually the error message is "An error has occurred in the application...")

Happy Hacking
	*** Conseal Firewall update
From: "wtf" wtfwft@x-treme.org  

Hello, this is wtfwft from the group X-Treme(www.x-treme.org). 
This is to reply about the Conseal Firewall and [A]lien's script 
Dark Eclipse. Right now x-treme.org is going under many changes, 
and you will most likely not be able to find Conseal there. But do try
http://www.x-treme.org/csic for a very good Exploit and Information  Archive
we are still working on. 

Also, [A]lien's script is going through new beta and is going to be 
called X-Treme script v1.0 for now. Well, hope you all enjoyed the 

X-Treme Security Group
	*** Correction: Batch file daemons
From: Magnus Kristiansen makris@online.no  


I am just wondering about the Batch file presented in the latest edition.
I think I may have spotted a mistake.
Create a batch file called batlog.bat (or whatever).
That file should contain the following lines:

@echo off
echo %1 >files.log
notepad %1
You should probably write?!?

echo %1 &gt>files.log

instead. With your method, a new file called "files.log" is created
each time the batch file is run, whereas with two &gt>s, the %1 is
appended to the log file.

If you only use one >, the files..log will of course be useless, as only
the latest file accessed will be registered.

If this is right please let the members of the list know.

Best regards,
//Marius A. Kristiansen

[Dale: Quite right - one redirection symbol causes the file to be
overwritten (if it already exists...), while two redirection symbols
will allow you to append to the file.]

	*** Trojan Horse in icqkiller
From: corey corey@nextdim.com  

Just thought if you don't already know there was a trojan horse found in
icqkiller you can get the info on it at www.warforge.com. I just thought
maybe you should post something on it in the HH digest maybe as a lot of
people have that program...

[Dale: I have not verified this, but better safe than sorry...]
	***  InfowarCon 98!!!
From: "Betty G.O'Hearn" betty@infowar.com

InfowarCon 98!!!

Don't forget InfowarCon 98! 
September 8-11, 1998.

Produced by Winn Schwartau and MIS Training Institute.
Early Bird Registration - 100.00 off!! Ends July 1, 1998.


Here are 21 strategic reasons you won't want to miss this blockbuster
event...You will:

1. Save $100 off the regular registration fee of $895 ($695 government) if
you register by July 1,1998.

2. Hear what the National Infrastructure Protection Center is doing to
coordinate critical infrastructure defense efforts and learn how you can
put its methods to work for you.

3. Benefit from live link-ups to Australia and Cambridge as you take a
"walking tour" of world infrastructures and their vulnerabilities.

4. Focus on the problems that can arise should fire, police, EMS, disaster
agencies, and 911 systems become targets of cyber-terrorists and learn
strategies for protecting these local services.

5. Explore the threats posed by mainstream terrorist groups and trusted
insiders and what you can do to thwart them.

6. Get inside intelligence on the capabilities of SOCOM, including IO
destruction, deception and EW.

7. Discover the high-tech techniques the Cyber Mafia is using to outgun the

8. Witness a real-life attack on a variety of intrusion detection and
response companies to determine which techniques work...and which do not.

9. Examine PSYOP and SOFT WAR, the newest faces of information warfare.

10. Get first-hand details about Germany's approach to Military Information

11. Explore the controversial approach to stopping cyber-terrorism that
allows peace makers to become law breakers.

12. Probe the role of the intelligence officer in an era of massive
information availability.

13. Take a guided tour of the National Infrastructure Coordination Initiatives.

14. Assess how much protection you can really achieve in a corporate

15. Master network design techniques that will help you evaluate the threat
of a cyber-attack.

16. Pinpoint the sources of military conflict in the Information Age and
the key imperatives that must be in place to maximize the benefits of 
information operations.

17. Investigate the critical synergy between telecommunications and
financial infrastructures that must exist to ensure the US' ability to
assume a leadership role in the world economy.

18. Cover a broad range of CERT missions and discover for yourself why some
succeed and others do not.

19. View demos of confiscated technologies used by criminals to compromise

20. Learn the recent findings on the use of HRF/DEW weapons by the Joint
Economic Committee.

21. Gain a military and commercial perspective on the use of intelligent
agents in information warfare.

Remember, to save $100, you must register by July 1, 1998.

Betty O'Hearn
Assistant to Mr. Winn Schwartau
813-360-6256 Voice
813-363-7277 FAX
	*** Introducing the New Happy Hacker Webmaster

        Folks, we have a new Webmaster, Josh Fritsch.  He's an ex-Navy
cryptologist now working as a system/network administrator for a contractor.
He's never published anything in his life, but points out "I know people
that have! Does that count?" Actually, he has written some proprietary
training manuals for the government.
        What I really like about Josh (besides those pictures of him that I
promised I wouldn't make fun of) is his activities on our Hacker Wargame.
He quickly figured out who some of the people are who are root on the
Wargame, and the hard way, too, by getting kicked off by them.  We can
anticipate that Josh will be a fun player as the Wargame grows -- we promise
the newbie box will soon be online with the essential parts of the operating
system on read-only media so no one can kill it with the dread "rm star"
command.  Josh says "I welcome any and all pranks (FRIENDLY pranks) from
any hacker that feels the need, just as long as you don't leave me hanging
if I ask you how you did something. ;)"
        Josh also claims to have a life outside the digital world.  "Love
dogs. Hate cats. Ferrets rock. AND....(drum roll please)....I'm an internet
addict! (Imagine that....)"
-- Carolyn Meinel

	*** Call for Volunteers and an old 486

We need a new postmaster!  We really appreciate the work postmaster Jonathan
D. Zerulik did on the list, but he just took a new job that wipes out his
free time.  The Happy Hacker email list has for a long time been manually
maintained on account of security issues.  The problem is, several hundred
elite haxor d00dz keep on
trying to break into our computers, putting a major work load on those who
run our Web site and the Hacker Wargame.

One of our volunteers is planning to get Listproc running for us on a
FreeBSD or OpenBSD box.  Sigh, Listserv is pretty secure, but we would need
a donation of staggering size to be able to afford to buy it (the free
version is only for tiny lists, we have over 9,000 subscribers).  

We need at least an old 486!  The one we were going to put the mail list
just got drafted to replace a Hacker Wargame computer that died of a
hardware problem.  Al we need is a stripped down 486 as we have an Ethernet
card and extra hard drives and CD-ROM drives courtesy of our new Webmaster,
Josh Fritsch.  Of course, if you want to contribute something better, we
would be delighted.  Since we have a donated T1, a better box, say a 400MHz
class machine, might allow us to run a discussion list as well as putting
out Digests and GTMHHs (for those who would like to subscribe to a
discussion list).  All donations to Happy Hacker are tax-deductible in the
US through the 501 (c) (3) status of our parent organization, Shepherd's
Fold Ministries.

In the meantime we still need a volunteer to manage our mail list manually,
and to manage the odds and ends when listproc is up.

If you take over the job, you will get a free account on the Hacker Wargame
box of your choice, and the email address with POP server of
-- Carolyn Meinel



This is a list devoted to *legal* hacking! If you plan to use any
information in this Digest or at our Web site to commit crime, go away!
Foo on you! 

Happy Hacker is a 501 (c) (3) tax deductible organization in the
United States operating under Shepherd's Fold Ministries. Yes! This is
all a plot to save your immortal souls!

For Windows questions, please write Roger Prata<rprata@cmeinel.com>, 
for Macs, write Strider <Strider@clarityconnect.com>, 
and Unix, write Josh Fritsch <derr@txdirect.net>
Happy Hacker Digest editor: Dale Holmes<editor@cmeinel.com>
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