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April 7, 1998

URL of the week: Portsurfer' new website at www.portsurfer.demon.co.uk
See back issues if the Happy Hacker Digest and Guides to (mostly) Harmless
Hacking at http://www.Happyhacker.org.
Super Swedish Happy Hacker site: http://w1.340.telia.com/~u34002171/hhd.html.
GTMHH en espanol: http://underhack.islatortuga.com


** WarGame Update
** Telnet and Trojans
** Book Hilarity (and an update)
** "Enforcers" agree to a truce
** OLE exploit

** WarGame Update

QUESTION: from "Someone..."
>Hey! I can't make any kind of contact with this computer! I realize that
>I have a lot to learn about the world of hacking, but I can't be that

RJ - You're right, the newbie box was taken down several times by folks
who thought that they were being "3l33t haxxors" by rming a box with big
holes. {note: begin tirade here} (Wow, we are ALL certainly impressed
with their skillz. [Gag, choke, barf] This is right up there with high
schoolers beating up on first graders. These people are all class ....
low.) {note:end tirade}. We're in the process of setting up a "quick
recovery" install CD, so we should be able to put the newbie box up and
keep it up.

An interesting note here, several of these "pro's" tried to take down the
hosting ISP. There are two things that are utterly hysterical about this.
First, (with one exception) not one of these wonder-dudes managed to get to
first base! Second, and even funnier in my opinion, was that the one
person who did manage to get in was (as Carolyn described it) like the
proverbial monkey typing classic Shakespeare -- he did it purely by luck.
this was evident from watching what he did when he was in. He was never
able to install his root kit, he wandered aimlessly about looking for
things that were outin the open, and (best of all) while he *thought* he
had root on one of the ISP servers he was in a virtual machine that was
logging his illegal activity so his stupidity could be reported. {Oh, but
then, he knows that by now}.
This next post is in relation to cryptotek.happyhacker.org . The
following is copied from and email $inapse sent carolyn meinel, and her reply.

>When i did a whois on cryptotek, it told me that it had two servers:
>mack.rt66.com, and chili.rt66.com. This also,coincidentaly happens to be
>the approximate location of the 505 gang webserver, running sunos...

>i did a small service scan on mack, and found that it had anonymous
>ftp access available.. and i poked around. I noticed that there is a
>token-shadowed password file in /etc, and was thinking that perhaps we
>could find a logon for cryptotek through there..(perhaps nobody or
>cryptik or knight)[hacker hint]. Would this be within the rules of the
>game, as long as i didn't break any laws to obtain the shadowed file? and
>if it is ok, would i be able to post any findings to the list?
> -$inapse

In reply, Carolyn wrote:

That is a great idea! Except -- trust me, we don't have any of this
trusted host business here. Actually it would also be legally a bit dicey to
crack mack's password file as you would inevitably get some forbuidden
passwords. So please don't try that.

>$ianpse: inother words, have all the fun you want, but dont hack the
>passwords on mack specifically.. but perhaps if some stupid user put a
>password in plaintext, and they have priveleges on machines where you
>could find cryptotek's password(unlikely), by all means do so. Also
>note that cryptotek hosts 5 daemons.. ssh(secure shell), smtp, telnet,
>www, and ftp(no anon access)
> have phun!!!!!!!!
> -$inapse

** Telnet and Trojans
From: Brendan Callaghan

Hi there

Im glad to see that there is someone trying to educate the uneducated
I have read your Mostly Harmless hacking series and wish that there was more
detail. I do understand that you can give out too much detail because of the
wanna be crooks out there, but I have one question for you that has been
eating me.

Your section on port surfing was very interesting, but I found it almost
useless, so my question is can you gain further access to a computer by
some or other port that you telnet to if you can't then what is the point, if
you can then just say yes and ill try and found out how myself feel free to
give me some hints or direction to go.

[Carolyn: Yes:):)]

Anyway enought of that. I also remember you talking about some hacker
sending you ls trojan hoping that you would run and do some damage. Well im
on a performance tuning and trouble shooting course for UNIX and they deal
with that problem in very easy way. Set your PATH variable with the period
at the end so that when a UNIX command is issued it will find the real one
first before it searches in your home directory for the possible trojan


** Book Hilarity (and an update)

RJ: Carolyn got this message about two days after I sent out the last
digest. She forwarded it to me; and I thought I'd share it with the entire
world. (I'll keep the original sender anon):

&gt>I know what you're up to...and I fully intend on exposing your
&gt>little plot with the checking accounts!!! Unless you mail every
&gt>user that you sent the scam email to...your little scheme
&gt>will be shut down!!! If you have no prior knowledge of this...
&gt>then talk to your editor of your digest...he definately knows what's
&gt>going on!!!
&gt>&gt>Itz over now!!

Well, now that my "litle plot" is about to be exposed ---- uhhmm, well, I
can hardly wait to find out what my little plot IS! Carolyn and I laughed
at this. And we're shaking in our boots as we wait to see my "scheme" shut
down; I'm "definately" interested.

Seriously, folks, if I were going to try a plot, scam or scheme somewhere,
this would be the last place I'd try it. There's this little problem with
anonymity, not to mention morals, judgement and personal convictions. A
quote from our welcome letter might be in order here: "If you happen to own
a bank, his "External Threats To Computer Security In Networked Systems"
will make your hair stand on end. It's a good thing R.J. gets bored by the
idea of becoming an expatriate billionaire." Once you know how to get the
payments group of one of the top 10 banks in the country at the other end
of an anonymous keyboard, pipping accounts for $35 bucks a pop while using
your real name just kind of loses its pizzaz, you know what I mean?

Anyway - here's the update about shipping of the books:

1- They will go out to the US, Canadian and Mexican orders within about two
weeks. Carolyn is going to ship some to me after she autographs them, and
I'll begin sending them out as soon as I receive them from her.

2- I'm working on a way to get the book out to overseas folks. The
shipping may run a little extra, but I think I can work out the details
depending on where we get orders from. I'll keep the list informed.

3- A clarification as to WHAT BOOK we're discussing. All of this ordering
is for Carolyn's new book called "The Happy Hacker". This is a printed and
bound softcover book. We're not talking about my book, but hers.


** Enforcers Make Peace


Infowar.Com was notified last week by the "Enforcers" Computer Hackers
Group, that an agreement was reached with chief negotiator Ian A. Murphy,
aka Capt. Zap, to cease and desist their cyber destruction witnessed in the
recent attacks and intrusions that have rocked the Internet in past weeks.
The Enforcers began their massive assault on corporate and military
websites after the arrest of "Pentagon Hackers" here in the US and Israel.

Ian Murphy, CEO of IAM/Secure Data Systems, and the first US hacker
arrested back in 1981, issued press releases during negotiations. (see
www.prnewswire.com) Murphy began the process to begin deliberations out of
a sense of duty. Murphy's dialogue with members of the Enforcer group
pointed to the fact that the destruction was counter productive. He urged
the group to consider halting this activity. "The destruction of
information systems for an alleged cause is not the way to go about such
things in defense of Hackers and Crackers."

Murphy has been pontificating for years that the government and corporate
entities need to take the powers and strength of hackers seriously. With
the attacks and intrusions on the rise, and information losses at a all
time high, Murphy added, "It is high time that the alleged powers that be
in information security bow to the wonderment of the hackers and their
alleged silent, awesome power. It is time that we as a society realize
that one individual is equal to an entire armed nuclear offensive force and
is able to bring about global chaos if they choose to, from a simple
computer keyboard. It strikes me as being so simplistic and yet so
invasive of all society that such things may occur. And we have become so
dependent and enamored with -- and our society so rests upon -- our silicon
lives and slaves. We have become the servants of our own information
society and still do not see the reality of the situation at hand."

The Enforcers defended their activities with claims that they were calling
attention to system administrators to wake up and 'fix' their system flaws.

Statement from a Enforcers representative is below.

<copy and paste>
To: Adam
From: Betty@infowar.com
Date: March 26, 1998
Subject: Recent Events

I have been following the press releases by Mr. Murphy. I would like
confirmation from you that there is a cease and desist.

Capt. Zap (Ian A. Murphy) is chief negotiator in talks to cease
unauthorized actions against Internet web sites and corporate systems.
Enforcers ComputerHackers Spokesperson states that peace terms will be
abided by and for the Computer Hacker community to cease and desist from
current attacks of web sites.

From: Adam
Reply-To: adamb1@flash.net
Date: March 26, 1998
Organization: Adam's Asylum
To: Betty G.O'Hearn
Subject: Enforcers Press Release/Announcement



We, the Enforcers, have decided that it would be in the best interest of
the hacking community and the security community at large to cease and
desist all web site hacking of external businesses as advised by Mr. Ian
Murphy (Captain Zap.) We agree that our actions are not productive and
are doing more harm than good towards the security community. Therefore,
as an agent of the Enforcers, I hereby state that all web site hacks on
external sites will be immediately halted. We feel that there will be
other avenues opening to achieve our goal of a substantial reduction in
child pornography and racist web sites and netizens. We also support the
larger goals of the hacker community and in the future we will work to
augment the public's view rather than detract from it. All members of
Enforcers who hacked the web sites have agreed to this release and will
stop hacking external web sites. [13:51 GMT -0600 26 March 1998]

We thank you for your time and assistance in this matter.

Paralyse, Immunity, and |DooM|
Members of the EnforcerS

** OLE exploit from Roman


I'm really enjoying to read the HH-articles. They are great and the best
thing to learn more about the net. Keep on like that!

Enough of small-talk; here's some work:
I've found a nice and easy exploit for the chapter "how to be a hero in
computer lab". It uses WordPad and OLE-Embedding for getting access to
DOS in Win95.

1. If you don't have command.com on the harddisk, make a floppy with it
2. Start WordPad
3. Choose "Object" from the "Insert" menu
4. Select "Create from File"
5. Search command.com and insert it

Now you have an icon in your document which launches a command.com -
shell. Have phun with it.

Greetings from Switzerland:
Roman aka. WireWizard

message "subscribe hh."
This is a list devoted to *legal* hacking! If you plan yo use any
information in this Digest or at our Web site to commit crime, go away! Foo
on you! Happy Hacker is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization in the Unites
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to save your immortal souls!
For Windows questions, please write Roger Prata; for
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R.J. Gosselin, Sr.
Editor-In-Chief -- Happy Hacker Digest

"There is no way you're describing our system,
she could never have gotten past our security.

But I'm going to find her and see that she's prosecuted ...
she broke the law, and she's going to pay!"
President of "Blah Blah Bank"

--&gt&gt>Does anybody ELSE see a small discrepancy here ???????

For full story (and many others), download
"External Threats to Computer Security in Networked Systems"
from Winn Schwartau's InfoWar.com bookstore @ www.infowar.com

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