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Jan. 31, 1998
URL of the day: http://showdown.org. Bronc Buster is back!
See back issues if the Happy Hacker Digest and Guides to (mostly) Harmless
Hacking at http://cmeinel.com/happyhacker.html.
Super Swedish Happy Hacker site (in English):
http://w1.340.telia.com/~u34002171/hhd.html;(in Swedish):
Coming soon: Spanish translations of the Digests!
GTMHH en espanol: http://underhack.islatortuga.com

Table of Contents:

* Ethical Hackers against Pedophilia
* New Happy Hacker site translated into Swedish
* Linux Answer
* Whois help
* More on Raymond
* Java chat room question
* Free Radio
* Eudora password bug
* Easy way to clear Internet Explorer browsing history
* Looking for advice
* Forging Email with Navigator
* How to Get Happy Hacker Book
	*** Ethical Hackers against Pedophilia
From: RSnake

	Your child tells you about their newest friend on-line.  You're
tired from work, and although you know you should be interested, you just
aren't.  You have had a long day and although your child wants to tell you
everything they know about their on-line friend, you just don't have the
patience to listen to stories about the newest chat.  All the others have
turned out to be harmless little children who type about 5 words per minute
and have substandard spelling.  This time, however, you fail to realize, or
comprehend the fact that your child is talking to a whole new breed.  The
pedophile stalks in the most seductive means, simple chat. Through IRC, or
hypertext/Java chat rooms, or Video Conferencing, the pedophiles of the
earth find the anonymity of the Internet a plentiful garden in which the
fruit is easily found and picked.

	What should you do when you find out your child has been speaking
to a pedophile, or has found some child pornography on the Internet?  You
have many options, including speaking to local authorities, FBI, US
customs, and the countless Internet groups designed to combat distribution
of child pornography on the Internet.  Enter EHAP.  EHAP stands for Ethical
Hackers Against Pedophilia (http://www.hackers.com/ehap).  EHAP was designed
to combat production and dissemination of child pornography and assist law
enforcement in locating the perpetrators involved.  EHAP was created late
July 1997 by myself and Chalk, as a last ditch effort to help control the
overwhelming problems that can readily seen on the Internet involved with
pedophilia.  We were loosely connected with our sister group, founded by
Se7en and Modify, but have since that time, become a completely separate
entity while assimilating another sister
group founded by Tattooman.

	Why does EHAP exist?  EHAP exists because of the overwhelming
problem that has recently become so prevalent.  Only in the last few years
has it been this bad, and only in the last year, has anyone become aware
that the problem was so bad.  The role of EHAP is to act as a go-between for
you and the authorities.  We work with the citizens who find the child
pornography to protect their anonymity while working closely with the US
officials to act on your information.  We gather the information necessary,
and present it to the proper authorities for a speedy conviction.

	Soon after EHAP's creation, backups were needed.  At that point I
mailed a letter, hat in hand, to Matt Hinze, who was the moderator of the
Happy Hacker Digest.  The letter was asking for both recruits and for
donations, to help our newly founded cause.  We had many qualified people
request to be members, but were very selective about who we selected, and
within a few months we had some of the finest talent in the hacking/security
community.  Members currently include (in no particular order), myself,
Chalk, Bernz, Silicon Toad, Genocide, BeastMaster V, Wrl Wnd, Lil Buddha,
Conjuror, DoXaVG, Revelation, Troy, Wizdom, Mantis, Tattoman, Zeno,
PhotonRain, Mercitron, Sgt. Rock, and Oracle.  We are not, however, looking
for new members.

	Since our beginning we have been quite successful.  As one of our
members said, our success is measured not against our peers, but instead
against our enemies (which you can imagine is quite numerous).  Excluding a
few minor setbacks, we have become one of the most well known and respected
anti-pedophilia groups in the world.  Tattooman has been interviewed by
Konr@d magazine (a German publication), Oracle, and Bernz have been on
several radio shows, Oracle and I have been interviewed by a author writing
a book on layman's Internet security, and I have been asked to be
interviewed by the FOX network.  More importantly, EHAP collectively wrote a
paper that is now in use in many law enforcement agencies on finding and
convicting on-line pedophiles.

	A common question is how we go about our task when informed about
a site.  Most of our methods and techniques are classified, however, we
like to dispel the notion that we merely hack a site and remove whatever
is there, and get out.  We instead like to work closely with the law, and
use national, and in some cases, international contacts to help us put away
these perpetrators for good.

	Because of the nature of our organization and sheer vastness, we
require outside funding and favors, both.  The task of logging everything
alone, requires major resources.  With literally hundreds of megabytes of
log files, this becomes even more tasking with our limited resources.  To
help us overcome this problem, we are now a non-profit corporation, making
us a separate tax-deductible entity, allowing more contributors an avenue to
help us fight this worthy cause.  To date, we have been surviving only on
the hospitality of the few system administrators who have been alerted of
our cause, and the need for our existence.

	This is where we need your assistance.  Again, I come to you, the
people of the Internet community, and ask for your help.  Please do not
try to find these people on purpose, as there are many laws to take into
account.  You may be breaking a law in just receiving a picture, and we
don't want anyone going to prison for something of this nature.  If you
have questions about contributing, please e-mail us at ehap@hackers.com
directly.  If you are unable to assist via monetary compensation, and you
own a web-site, please feel free to link to http://www.hackers.com/ehap
(please contact us if you do link to us).  If you have information on the
whereabouts of on-line pedophilia, also contact us at that same address.
Every bit and every child counts.  Thank you for your time.

Robert S. Hansen                 RRrRRRr.            RSnake
rsnake@ecst.csuchico.edu         RR'  `RR        EHAP, Inc. President 
Finger above for pub.asc: PGP    RR           ehap@mail.hackers.com
http://www.s-alchemy.com/rsnake  RR Snake  http://www.hackers.com/ehap

[Carolyn: I have spoken with both EHAP president Hansen and the volunteer
lawyer for EHAP, Troy Larsen of Computer Forensics
(http://www.forensics.com). I believe that EHAP is using their powers to
make the world a better place. They refused to be tricked by the Succeed.net
attackers into thinking that Bronc Buster was a pedophile (see the GTMHH on
Hacker Wars at http://cmeinel.com/happyhacker.html for details on that
hacker war.) EHAP also has refused to accept members whose ethical standards
are questionable. EHAP is careful to gather enough evidence that when they
do take action it is against serious criminals. Please help save children
from the Internet kiddie porn industry by supporting EHAP. Email
ehap@mail.hackers.com for information on how to make your donations.]

	*** New Happy Hacker Site Translated into Swedish
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 15:25:53 +0100
From: NoWorries
Reply-To: hakan.wassberg@kungsbacka.mail.telia.com

Well I have started to translate the Beginners series in to Swedish, so
far I have translated #1 and are working on #2-1 and #2-2 .
I haven't gotten any response for other language yet, except that most
people want to have something in return which I can't offer them.
Well, the only one so far was someone that wanted to translate them in
to French.

I am doing my best in the translations but as I am not a translator it
goes slowly and I also have to check out all the names in Win95 to see
what they are in Swedish but that's not the hard part, it is all the
slang like Phun and kewl we don't really have any words for them in
Swedish so I substitute them in to ordinary Swedish words.

I also let some of my working friends read them so I get all the words
in the right order.  I have noticed that when I do translate I get word
blind if you get my drift.  What I mean is that I change places on certain
words ...It doesn't mean it become unreadable, but it looks and sounds funny :).
I have also checked the spellings in my word processor so there should
not be (too many) spelling errors.

My Happy Hacker Digest Archive page has now over 100 visitors a day :)
that's brilliant ... only wish they could check out the rest of my pages
as well but they don't :( well as I use to say s*** happens. 

If you do know any Swedish person or someone who understands Swedish 
I wish you could redirect them to that page 
so you get another opinion of what it is like *S*

	*** Linux Answer
From: Johan Norrman

In the Jan 12 mail Marcus Aurelius asked a question about 
Soundblaster CD-ROM and Linux.

My guess is (and I know this has the case).
If the controller card really is IDE (check their website), and it 
would if the CD-ROM is 8x, then all you have to do is to rip out the 
controller and move the CD-ROM to the IDE-controller on your 
main board. Don't forget to set the CD-ROMs master/slave correctly!

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