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Jan.12, 1998


See back issues if the Happy Hacker Digest and Guides to (mostly) Harmless
Hacking at http://cmeinel.com/happyhacker.html.
Super Swedish Happy Hacker site: http://w1.340.telia.com/~u34002171/hhd.html.
Coming soon: Spanish translations of the Digests!

Table of Contents:

* How big is the Internet?
* How much money do sysadmins make?
* Hotmail *NOT* anonymous
* Linux questions
* Spanish GTMHHs
* Telnet trouble
* Happy Hacker book question
* Get your tax deductions here!
* Credit Not Given

*** How Big Is the Internet?

How big is the Internet? According to a statistical search, as of New Year's
Day, about 30 million computers are Internet hosts. This doesn't even count
all the people who get on the Net through dialup accounts. For more info,
see http://www.netsizer.com/.

*** How Much Money Do Sysadmins Make?

Carolyn: Many el1t3 haxors have accused me of being in this hacking business
out of greed. You, too, can be a greedy hacker! You are learning skills that
can land you some of the best-paying jobs there are -- if you can resist the
temptation to commit crime and stay out of trouble. For details, check out
this article from Information Week's mail list:

____Systems Administration, Security Demand On the Rise____
It's a seller's market for systems administrators. That's
the conclusion of a survey conducted over the last six
months by the SANS Institute, a network and security
research firm in Denver. The demand for systems
administrators is increasing, and the supply is low,
according to the SANS System Administration and Security
Salary Survey. "There is a surge in the number of systems
that have to be managed due to an increased presence of Web
servers, as well as more implementations of financial and
manufacturing systems," says Alan Paller, SANS's director of
research and education.

"There is an imbalance between supply and demand," notes
Paller. "Basically, there's a huge demand and no supply."
According to the survey, approximately 22% of the 1,600
administrators and managers surveyed made between $50,000
and $59,999 in 1997. Another 19% made between $60,000 and
$69,999, while 20% made between $40,000 and $49,999.

Experience affects an employee's salary rate more than level
of education. "A person with some college and a lot of
experience is apt to make more money than someone with a
Ph.D. and less experience," says Paller. The survey showed
women with some college made about $48,039, while those who
obtained a college degree made $53,910; with a master's
degree the salary increased to $60,827. Men with some
college made $57,770, while a college degree got them
$56,960; a master's degree afforded them $60,671.

According to the Denver company, higher-paid employees are
currently getting higher percentage raises than lower-paid
workers. Says Paller: "This reflects the terror that senior-
level employees will leave the company, due to the high
demand." --Jennifer Mateyaschuk

[Carolyn: for more IT news, see InformationWeek Online at
http://www.informationweek.com. Or subscribe to their free magazine -- see
details at their Web page.

Want to pick up one of those jobs that pays bunches of money and doesn't
require a college degree? If you are comfortable as the sysadmin of your
own Linux or other *nix computer (see the GTMHH on Linux at
http://techbroker/happyhacker.html), and if you love to find security holes
and fix them, you are ready for the big time. Check out:

Jan. 26-27, Hi-Tech Career Fair, Embassy Suites Hotel, Washington.

March 13-14, Technology Recruitment Expo, Cervantes Convention Center at
America's Center, St. Louis. http://www.asmcorp.com]

*** Hotmail *NOT* Anonymous

I was checking out Andy's Hotmail header prob. And the answer is
yes, Hotmail posts your IP address in the header of the email. I sent
myself 3 different emails to myself using different IP addresses and all
of them showed the correct IP addresses.
If you want to remain anonymous while using Hotmail or any other web
based email, configure your browser with a proxy server. While using a
proxy server your IP address will be the IP address of the Proxy server.
Works for web based chat rooms as well.

A brief description of a proxy server:

A caching proxy server is a fast, high capacity machine dedicated to
handling Web, FTP or Gopher accesses and storing
copies of documents on local disks. The first time a user requests a
document, the proxy server accesses it from the distant
server, makes a copy of it in the local cache and then gives a copy to
the user. The next time any use of the proxy server
requests the same document, it is served directly from the cache.

Hope this helps.

*** More Linux Setup Questions
From: shea6@juno.com (Marcus Aurelius)

Any time you might spend on this would be appreciated..
I recently bought a book (Using Linux, 3rd SE ed., QUE) and it
came with three distributions of Linux, Redhat 4.1, Slackware 96, and
Caldera Open Linux Lite. I have followed all steps correctly with out
much difficulty, but I cannot complete the installation (With Any
version I tried all three) because Linux can't read my CD drive. I've
tried multiple HOW-TO's, mailing-lists and other texts, to no avail. The
drive is a Creative Labs Blaster CD 8x, Model MK4100, And supposedly
should be covered by the sbpcd.i boot image. It isn't. It's on it's own
prepackaged controller card, which is supposedly Ide. I've followed the
install logs, and it finds my other two drives correctly, but no CD-ROM.
It identifies something called ide0:(Stuff I can't recall, numbers and
letters). Is that my CD-ROM, or the hard drive controller? I'd appreciated
any advice any Linux guru's have for me.
~Marcus Aurelius
"Illegitimati non Carborundum" -- Don't let the Bastards grind you Down.
From: Berd I. Skjfveland

I got some questions I would like to ask. I'm thinking of installing Linux
on my PC. I did have Linux on my old PC for a little while, but then I sold
it. On this PC I got Win95. Yeah yeah, I hate it too. I was wondering..is
it difficult to have both Win95 and Linux? I thought maybe I'd buy a new HD
to have Linux on. Do I have to Install Linux first? Is all the stuff on my
current HD safe if I install Linux on another one? Would you recommend me to
install Linux in this situation? Last time I installed it, I thought it was
pretty hard installing, but since I already have done it once, I guess it
won't be that hard this time. When I installed it on my old PC I started it
up and....hmmmm...what do I do now? I almost didn't know a thing. Can you
tell me some places I can find beginner Linux material. Which version of
Linux should I have. The one I installed the other time was Red Hat.
I was wondering...what do you think about DOS? Myself I love DOS. When it
comes to file-managers. I don't know what I'd do without NC. It's probably
the program I use the most. Even in Win95.
Do you know why I can't connect to the Internet when I have my Network card
enabled? I have to disable it to connect. If not it says that my modem is
already in use by another program.
Hmmmm....There's probably more I should've asked you about, but I can't
think of them. I hope I didn't bore you to death.
I just want to say that I think the GTmHH is just great. About the book.
Will it just be sold in USA? I live in Norway and I think I would buy it if
it is sold here. But I guess it won't.

From: Abuser

I have read that it is not possible, however I am writing to see if what I
read is true. I have a 486 and a 1.2 gig hd. I use the ONTRACK TSR so that
DOS can use the whole hard drive not only the first 1024 cylinders(which is
'bout 500 meg).

Is there anyway I can put Linux on my system still using the ONTRACK TSR
and still having win95. In so how? If not thanks.
From: David Fuller

Hi I have installed Slackware in record time 10-15 minutes on a unmsdos
file system and so far I have had only one problem. I accidentally
installed lilo into my MBR (Master Boot record) and I was wondering if
there was any way to erase it from there. I have Linux running on the
same box as win95 and since my brother uses it also I need to erase it
so it will just boot up windows and when I want Linux I just stick in my
boot disk.

***Webauthor's addition: To remove LILO from the MBR, run:

fdisk /mbr

*** Spanish Translations of GTMHH
From: default

Hiya; this is about the Spanish Update stuff mentioned on HH Digest of Dec.
12 1997. Well, I4d like to inform you that several numbers of GTMHH
documents have been already translated into Spanish by a number of people
(and I am pleased to be one of them X)), so, for the ones interested in
reading that translations, they are available at:


*** Legal Question
From: livinghell@atheist.com (Jon Heifetz)

Just curious, if some idiot forgets to password-protect his website, and
someone is able to gain access to the "update" page and alters the site, can
he be prosecuted? Keep in mind that this person isn't gaining access to
password-protected information, although the designer's intent was obviously
to protect his page so that only he would be able to access it.

Of course, I wouldn't be involved in this kind of behavior, now, would I? :)


[Strider: I've often wondered on these things myself. ATleft its
(UNSHADOWED) password file available for guest FTP download. Maybe it was a
fake (and that would be a very effective measure, I might add) but they may
just have been being stupid. Downloading a public file would be legal.

However, if you logged in with this person's username, and they didn't have
a password, that would be illegal, I'm sure, especially if you had the
intent to harm. It wasn't 'guest' or public data, it just wasn't protected

Even so, if they don't have a password (and the sysadmin doesn't enforce
that) they're probably not smart enough to catch you anyway... =)]

[Carolyn: First, none of us are lawyers. So neither Strider or I are
qualified to tell you how to stay out of jail. However, suppose someone's
Web site is world-readable. What if the owner wasn't the one who made it
world-readable? It's a pretty lame excuse to say "someone else hacked it
first." Do you really think a jury would let you off for defacing a Web
page if you used that excuse? If you want to stay out of trouble AND feel
good about yourself, you can always follow the Golden Rule: "Do unto others
as you would have them do unto you." Real hacking isn't being a vandal, it's
discovering and creating. ]

*** Telnet Trouble
From: DumbNate

I have read every one of your Guides to (Mostly) Harmless Hacking and enjoyed
every one of them. I have been able to learn a lot about the Internet and
other such things. But, I have a question, in one of your Beginners' Series
articles, you told how to use the Win95 telnet command, and a connection such
as AOL. I tried using this while logged onto my AOL account, but when I typed
in the host name, and then clicked on connect, it brought up a window for a
CS3 connection(whatever that is), and asked for a phone number and everything.
Anyway, it wouldn't just connect, it wanted to dial in. My question is, how
do I fix this so that I can just connect? Any help you can offer is greatly

[Carolyn: Here's how to fix the problem. Click Start, then Settings, then
Control Panel, then Internet, then in the Internet box click on the
Connection tab. Wait a minute for Win95 to grind away and bring up that last
item. Near the top you will see a box labeled "connect to the Internet as
needed." You will see a check mark in that box. Click on it to remove the
check. Then click OK to save it. Now your should be able to use your AOL
connection to telnet!]

*** About the Happy Hacker book

Carolyn: A number of people have asked about the upcoming Happy Hacker book.
How different is it from what you can find in the Happy Hacker archives?

Almost everything in that book can be found in our archives of Guides to
(mostly) Harmless Hacking and Happy Hacker Digests at
http://www.happyhacker.org. I put a few extra things in the book, not
because I'm trying to hoard hacker secrets that you must *pay* to get, but
just because I'm not perfectly organized (imagine that!) enough to guarantee
that all my brilliant (yeah, just kidding about brilliant) insights will end
up in the GTMHHs.

One reason to buy the book is that it has lots of screen shots. Yes, it can
be confusing to figure out how to do something, especially in Windows, just
from reading words.

Another reason you might want to buy the book is that it is hopefully more
accurate than the GTMHHs and Digests, mostly because a lot of people have
been kind enough to be technical editors. Of course that is no guarantee
that everything in the book is perfect, but at least it should be an

The Happy Hacker book also has more humor. It even has an entire chapter on
nothing but hacker humor.

*** Get your Tax Deductions Here

Carolyn: It's Jan., which means time to work up our taxes. Did you or your
company do volunteer work for Happy Hacker this year? Did you incur expenses
while doing so? Want an itemized receipt so you can save money with a
charitable donation deduction? We must have your REAL name and address and
some sort of evidence of your expenses. I'm individually contacting the
people I think may qualify for 1997: Lobo Internet Services, Rt66 Internet,
Matt Hinze, Jon McClintock, Roger Prata, R.J. Gosselin, Ruben Canlas Jr.,
Jesse Brown, Adam Christopher, Brian Martin, Joel Degan, and Eric Ginorio.
If you think you should be added to this list, please contact me. Remember,
you have to give your real info and some proof of expenses.

***Credit Not Given
From: jsmidnight@juno.com (JsMid night)

Uh, Cryptotek forgot someone in his greets, because I wrote THE SAME
Thing before him, and it was posted a few months ago. "How to defeat
foolproof". Editors of happy hacker, please try to keep records of what
was already written, so that plagiarist like CryptoTek won't get
recognized for nothing. All he did was read some old hh's and cut and
paste and organize them.


[Carolyn -- Thanks! Sorry, there is so much that goes through the HH Digest,
and of course we have several people dividing up the work -- Roger Prata and
R.J. Gosselin -- that we don't always remember stuff. Sadly, plagiarism is
becoming rampant in the hacker world. For example. Bronc Buster pointed out
to me recently that two articles in the Jan. 1988 issue of The Havoc
Technical Journal (THTJ) were plagiarized. The more articles an ezine runs,
the harder it is to make sure the right people get the credit.]
message "subscribe hh."
This is a list devoted to *legal* hacking! If you plan yo use any
information in this Digest or at our Web site to commit crime, go away! Foo
on you! Happy Hacker is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization in the Unites
States operating under Shepherd's Fold Ministries. Yes! This is all a plot
to save your immortal souls!
For Windows questions, please write Roger Prata; for
Macs, write Strider; and Unix, Carolyn Meinel. Editor-in-chief is R.J. Gosselin. Webmaster is Praying Mantis.

R.J. Gosselin, Sr.
Editor-In-Chief -- Happy Hacker Digest

"There is no way you're describing our system,
she could never have gotten past our security.

But I'm going to find her and see that she's prosecuted ...
she broke the law, and she's going to pay!"
President of "Blah Blah Bank"

--&gt&gt>Does anybody ELSE see a small discrepancy here ???????

For full story (and many others), download
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