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June 11, 1997

           This is a moderated list for discussions of *legal* hacking.
                            Moderator is Matt Hinze

 uname Command
 My War
 Re: My War
 Computer Related Legal Troubles
 Really! Deleting Files
 Web site with info on VAX/VMS challenge
 HIP 97
 Free shell accounts for the poor :)
 Your pretty cool!

 CMOS Passwords
 Infowar.com LISTSERV
URL Of The Day:
  An Introduction to VMS/VAX Hacking


Subject: uname Command
From: maztruck <maztruck@ziplink.net>
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 1997 10:16:14 -0400

 What about trying the "uname" command.
  Options: -a prints all alvailable system info
    -v prints OS version
    -r  prints OS release
    -n  prints machines node name
    -s prints systems operating name
> I'm just wondering if someone can explain something for me.  When I dial up
> my ISP (my school) with a comm program, I get a prompt with the school's
> name followed by a ">".  I can type IP addresses and domain names and it
> tries to connect to them.  At one (again belonging to the school) I got a
> UNIX login.  If I try to go to one of the dynamic IPs it asks me for
> password verification.  Is this some kind of router?  Is there anything
> interesting to do here?


[Matt: se7en granted me permission to republish this message in the Happy
Hacker Digest with this condition: this message, in full or in part, may not be
(re) published in any for-profit medium. More on that topic later in this
issue! Parental discretion advised.]

To: DC-Stuff List <dc-stuff@dis.org>
Subject: My War
From: se7en <se7en@dis.org>
Date: Sun, 8 Jun 1997 23:13:12 -0700 (PDT)

Way back when in 1995 when I stopped lurking on this list and became a
regular poster, one of the things I quickly became known for was my
on-line harrassment of those who had stepped over the line in one manner
or another in a way that would ultimately hurt us as a group overall.

Many old-timers here will remember my harrassment of Curtis Sliwa and
Colin Hatcher of the Cyberangels (a.k.a. Guardian Angels). These were the
fools who organized a worldwide volunteer police-wannabe force that
searched out indecency (in the generic and ill-defined sense of the term)
on the net, which when one dug further into their agenda, found it was
just a ploy for funding and political power.

My incessant harrassment led to the revelation of many things, most
importantly that their leader had never ever been on the WWW, stating
that he didn't have time to do so. This despite the fact he had time to
organize a police force to patrol it.

There have been many others since then, most not as evil as the
Cyberangels. They each had their own reasons for harrassment. Among
some of them have been Carolyn Meinel, O.J. Simpson, Captain Crunch, and

As many of you know, I make a living as a professional speaker, with
federal government, military and intelligence communities as my core
audience. Let me put any fears anyone may have to rest: my work
concentrates in Information Technology more than anything else, and if I
get into hackers and hacking, it is more pro-hacker than anything else. I
am working to improve our image as a community of talented individuals.

I recently went off on a serious rant with three different audiences on a
topic I felt was seriously exaggerated/over-hyped/fearmongered/bullshit.
That topic was child pornography on the Internet. If you believed the
press, child pornography was all over the Internet and easy to get. This
brought about even more press and some action by our legislators to
crack down on the Internet.

I conducted an eight-week long search for child pornography late last
year in the middle of this hype. I searched for, followed literally tens
of thousands of links and hacked into pay/private porno servers all over
the world. My opinion based on my results, which were not having found a
single picture of child pornography anywhere, was that this whole topic
was a bunch of bullshit.

Well, that all changed a few days ago. I had asked for a software crack
in a public USENET forum to override the NT4.0 Server 120 day time limit.
While never receiving the crack, some idiot from an anonymous address
sent me a child porn .jpg file. Trust me when I say it was child porn;
the girl was no older than four years old and was very graphic. I
immediately deleted all trace of the message/attachment. I was also very
pissed to say the least that some asshole sent me this.

I looked around on IRC on #teensex, and by whois'ing several operators,
found more insidious channels. Among them are:


There are many others. I joined several of these channels and found that
upon entering each one, I was auto messaged about special kiddie porn
servers dedicated to trading, e.g.,

PreTeenSexPics - FTP at l/p ncc/ncc [|]

I logged onto several of these servers, and upon doing an ls-la found
directories dedicated, among others, to child pornography. CD'ing into these
directories listed several hundreds of files such as:


These are some of over several hundreds of files in a single directory on
a single server. There were dozens of servers. I learned the protocol to
download on these servers was to uplaod pictures you owned and then the
operator would give you "credits" of various ratios for downloading, i.e.,
upload two pictures, you get credit to download one picture. I uploaded
generic garbage pics off of a commercial adult web site, and recived
credit to download three pics. What I saw wanted to make me physically
vomit (yes, these pics are long since overwritten with 1's and 0's and
destroyed). To put any doubts at rest, the material was real and fit the
names of the files mentioned above.

I was also actively sent private messages by those looking to trade. I
asked what they had, and the usual response was "anything and
everything." Some of the more common messages were:

"I have 4-12 year old girls both action or pose."
"I have little boys and girls alone or together."
"I specialize in adults with 4-8 year old girls."

I started logging the channels. I wanted to silently gather IP addresses
and email addresses. These people needed some genuine hacker terror.
Among some of the more active and persistent traders were:

(*denotes server in operation)

* SylphFox has a ftp at 1:2 ratio, anon login
* <hehe@ts33.dac.pace.edu>
* <kiddie@t2o15p13.telia.com>

<lewisJ@user-37kb329.dialup.mindspring.com> name: Lewis Johnson
<hat@dialin9001.slip.uci.edu> name: Tuyen Ha

This log was generated in thirty minutes on #100%preteensexpics. If their
email address appears above, it indicates they were actively offering
trades or had servers in operation. These people listed above *were not*
passive participants in the rooms. This represents only a small sampling
of the overall people in the room at the time. Average number of people
in each room varies, but seems to number about 40 people per room.

I logged out of IRC, and then went to USENET, in such rooms as:


There I found several hundreds upon hundreds of .jpg files of real child
pornography. Several messages also pointed to some WWW sites, such as:


For someone who took a virtual tour of the kiddie porn world for only one
day, I had the opportunity to download enough files to fully max out an
IOmega 100MB ZIP disc. **This is not an exaggeration.** Imagine how much
could be, and has, been downloaded by those who are regular participants
in this activity.

Well, this whole situation is unacceptable. First, I would like to
apologize to all those who have hired me in the past, and were subject to
my emotional rants about how the whole subject was bullshit and not real.
It is very real. It is disgustingly real. It is so real it will make you
want to throw up, and I actually, physically did throw up last night.

Second, in reference to previous conversation over the years on this list,
and in the hacking community in general, I know this type of activity is
not tolerated by us. I have given you enough information above to start
identifying the players in this and the places they congregate. It would
be my sincere hope that hackers of all abilities would spend a few
moments each day and put their talents to use against these people.

Yes, I am advocating malicious, destructive hacking activity against
these people. Who are they going to run to? The police? "They hacked my
kiddie porn server and rm -rf'd my computer!" Right...the police will be
so anxious to lock us up left and right.

These people need to be eradicated from the Internet. While that may
never happen completely, enough harrassment will send a message that
engaging in this type of activity in very dangerous, and can result in
serious harrassment, public embarrassment and computer destruction.

This is my war. It will be a public war. I don't care what happens to me
by their community or by law enforcement. I feel secure enough that no
jury in the world will convict me for taking these people out. I feel
secure enough that no law enforcement agency will ever take action that
would place me in front of a jury. And if by some chance I do end up
being prosecuted, I know what I did was right.

So, now start the logs of the channels and the actions of those in it.
Now starts the public postings of these logs in various places on the
Internet. Now starts the harrassment. Now starts the malicious hacking.
Now starts the war.

I don't expect people to join me here on this. If you do, you have enough
information to start. I caution you to log what is going on, and to make
sure you are hitting the guilty, so no innocent people get annihilated in
the process. Make damn sure you know who you are hitting and why, and be
able to back it up with the idea of having to justify your actions in
front of a jury.

And make *REALLY SURE* that if you do come across files of child
pornography, that you *OVERWRITE AND DESTROY* these files immediately!
You wouldn't want to be the one who ends up being prosecuted for being in
possession of this type of material. I would also recommend getting an
anonymous email account, such as juno.com, mailmasher.com, hacked, etc.,
so that you can conduct your activities without fear of the inevitable
retribution of those who actively trade this shit when the heat starts
getting applied to them.

Of all the people who can help stop this, it is us...hackers. Not law
enforcement, not the government, not the media. Not anyone. Just us,
hackers who have the talent to do what no one else can.

Please forward this message freely around the Internet. It is not
copyrighted in any way, shape, or form.



Subject: Re: My War
From: Carolyn Meinel <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 1997 09:15:37 -0400

Se7en is dead wrong in his approach. I advise using one's hacking skills to
identify the owners of kiddie porn servers and turning them in to the
authoritites. Whenever people write to me about kiddie porn I turn the evidence
over to the FBI and advise the discoverer to exercise self-restraint and by all
means refrain from destroying evidence! In the US, the FBI handles kiddie porn
cases on the Internet.

Let's get real. Are kiddie pornographers going to shut down because their
computers get hacked? Because their phones get phreaked? Se7en is out of
contact with reality here. The only way to shut down kiddie porn is to put
the &%$@#s in prison and their little victims into safe, loving homes.

[Matt: The quoted original message, above here ("My War"), removed.]


Subject: LanTastic
From: [anonymous]
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 1997 21:09:39 -0400

Please make this anonymous.

I am associated with a LanTastic Network where I work.  I think its a toy,
the administrator thinks its the next best thing to sliced bread.  Are the
security attributes that LanTastic totes about worthy or are they useless?
Would it be better it better to drop LanTastic and go with a NT
administered domain?
Thank you...


Subject: Computer Related Legal Troubles
From: [anonymous]
Date: Mon, 09 Jun 1997 10:45:28 -0400

In the last couple of issues of HH there was a mention about a guy who
was having some legal problems revolving around the issue of hacking.
He may want to take a look at the "Hackers Defense Fund" at URL:

*Please do not post my e-mail address*


Subject: Really! Deleting Files
From: average@wantree.com.au
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 1997 20:22:01 +0800

 I have been trying to DELETE files off of a fat system and use various
utilities including Nortons "Wipeinfo" which supposedly writes x then 0
then hex 256 over the entire free space on a hdd it can also do the same
over the slack space at the end of files.
but using a utility like Nortons "Undelete" will always seem to find
deleted files even after rebooting twice (to clear the fat)
if anyone could mail me information on how to DELETE files permanently off
of a fat system...
I am familiar with how fat works ie. there r 2 fat files and these are just
pointers to where a file is located.. etc.etc



Subject: Web site with info on VAX/VMS challenge
From: gtmhh@juno.com (M. A David)
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 1997 23:54:15 -0500

I am putting up a page with info about the VAX/VMS hacking challenge
where I have utilities and text files that can help with the hacking of
the VAX.  Right now, it is in the 'beta' stage, but it has some OK stuff
for people working on the VAX.

The address is:

With this page, I am also allowing people to send me EMail with info that
I can add to the page, so I am thinking this can be a sort of info
suppository for the VAX system.  (I will give credit to the people who
send info on stuff that they have found out.)



Subject: HIP 97
From: winter <brfoarik@gco.nl>
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 1997 21:03:33 -0400

(pardon for my bad english writing, i'm dutch)

Hi to all who r interested , somewhere in the beginning of august, (7,8,9) i
believe, there is a major thing going on !!
This is when the Hacking in Progress party is going te be held. It is all
about hacking,phreaking and other
technical stuff. There will be tents setup with a large network with fast
access to the Internet. The only thing u have to do, is preferably bring
your own computer (laptop/notebook,,best i think--but that's up to u) and a
nic. If you want more info on this, go to the HIP97 website. I'ts the idea
from the same ppl who made hacktic. The month August is most of the time
great weather, so don't worry about it :-) I would suggest rent a laptop or
something, so u dont have to bring your expensive mega-ninja turbo pc. I
don't know the correct website yet, but i'll do a websearch on it. If you
want more info u can mail me.




Subject: Free shell accounts for the poor :)
From: Rubix <rubix@mindless.com>
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 1997 14:25:13 -0700

I've noticed in past HH digests that there are a lot of people who can't
get shell accounts.  The ISP I use doesn't provide shell accounts (BTW
they're totally against this kind of access) so I had to do some
scouting of my own.  I've found several different places that provide
free shell accounts to pretty much anyone.

The one I use is razorsedge.dyndns.com and he runs Linux on that.  You
can just go to the web page http://razorsedge.dyndns.com/main.html and
get started there.  This guy just asks you to fill out a form with your
name and stuff and why you want an account.  I got my login and password
ready to use in under an hour.

Also you might check out http://paradoxisp.net.  It looked promising,
but last time I checked this server was down for upgrades but by the
time you anyone else reads this, it should be up.

Some other places to check out are:

http://phish.nether.net -   Also I think you can telnet here and
http://www.havoc.net - Shell accounts here, plus more stuff...
http://www.nyx.net - Requires heavy authorization for an account :(
http://members.tripod.com/~bclim/email.html  -  Lots of free stuff

I hope this stuff can be of help to anybody with out access to or cash
for a shell account.  I can be reached at rubix@mindless.com and



Subject: Your pretty cool!
From: "Russell Edwards" <chaos4freedom@hotmail.com> (by way of "Carolyn P.
Meinel" <>)
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 1997 12:21:31 -0400

Hello.  My name is russ.  I just wanted to write and ask you a couple

1.  Are you the same person that wrote of starting a hack.net in
Internet Underground?  If you are you're pretty cool.

[Carolyn: Yes. You think I'm cool? There's no accounting for taste.]

2.  What are the programs in windows that let you imitate a VT100
terminal (Hyperterminal?)?

[Carolyn: Hyperterminal and Telnet.]

3.  How could you tell who someone was if they used a service such as
this?  (Hotmail, Rocketmail, etc.)  They don't give out general

[Carolyn: It depends on how and where these services store user information.
Kevin Mitnick made enemies out of the staff of Netcom and The Well for
obtaining that information. As we all know, making enemies was unhealthy for

Thank you very much for any answers you can give me.


P.S.  I gave that one command to my teacher, that you spoke of.  The
ping command, that crashes servers but flooding them.  We have many
servers in our school and I was just wondering if it might have worked
on our intranet.  We have a web page but couldn't it be used against
other servers on an intranet?   I think it was pretty cool.  It felt
good to be helping instead of hurting, and I would just like to thank
you for that.

[Carolyn: Just today there was a post on the NTSecurity list about how some
NT Servers keel over and die when hit by the killer ping of my most
notorious GTMHH. This exploit is mostly just a problem over LANs, although
there are reports that some routers are poorly enough designed that they
allow this attack to be made over the Internet. See if your school will let
you test killer ping on its LAN so you can see if the appropriate fixes (URL
for fixes also cited in that GTMHH)have been made.]


Subject: CMOS Passwords
From: Matthias Ivers <ivers@cymes.de>
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 1997 01:29:33 +0200

>         Ops... the CMOS is requesting a password. Well, that will
> require some hardware knowledge... let's c if i can help...
> - open the computer (don't care how u will do it)
> - beside the battery, there is a jumper. Just remove the jumper from
> there, turn on the computer and then turn off again... place the jumper
> and you are done. This way around will work in almost all the computers
> i know. Even those COMPAQ's! Just be carefull doint that in a PS/2 or
> any other IBM (you all can't imagine how i hate IBM).
> After that, u know what to do, right?

OK ! That´s one solution for the CMOS-password-problem . I don´t think
that everyone wants/dares to open the computer . For the clever guys
there are other ways :

- Try one of these passwords which work for *-!ALL!-* computers with a
certain BIOS-Version

 lkwpeter  (tested - the old (colorful) award bios)
 j262  (untested - various BIOS versions)
 award_sw (tested - award bios)
 biostar / biosstar (untested)
- Hmmm nothing happens ??? then it´s time to search for one of the
CMOS-Password crackers !

look here for password crackers : Silicon Toad´s File Archive
make sure that you have the right version , coz the encryption/encoding
algorithm has been changed often - okok you 3l33t password-hackers the
algorithm does not change often ; they only change some variables ....

and even if that does not work you should not just open the computer
remove some jumpers to delete the password forever , so that everyone
knows that someone has deleted the password . and i´m sure that you
don´t want to get into trouble !!


the password is (nearly) always saved in the RTC (real time clock chip)
of the computer . you can access this RTC via PORT 70h and PORT 71h (at
least on IBM-compatibles) . you will have to read all 128 / 256 bytes
from the RTC chip . i´ve never seen a computer with 256Bytes clock chip
buffer , but it wont hurt to save 128 bytes more . how do we read data
from the clock chip ?? well - it´s pretty easy :


void read_data( char *buffer )
  short x;
 for ( x = 0 ; x < 256 ; x++ )
  outp( 0x70 , x );
  inp( 0x71 , buffer[x] );


procedure read_data( var buffer : string );  | PLEASE NOTE THE var
var x : integer;
 for x:=0 to 255 do


GET A REAL COMPILER !! (pascal guys too)
now we have to save this buffer to disk ( we want to restore the bios
after we did what we want ) . here comes the evil part : we will now D E
L E T E the RTC-Buffer !!

what do we have to do ??
well just use the function above - rename it to flush_rtc and change the
line which says : inp( 0x71 , buffer[x] ) => outp( 0x71 , 0 ); or
buffer[x]:=port[$71]; => port[$71]:=0; !!!
now we have deleted ALL BIOS data !!
this means that we have to configure the BIOS from scratch (HDDs & FDDs
too ! - so don´t do this if u don´t know how to reconfigure the BIOS).
now do the things u want to do . and don´t forget to restore the BIOS
again .
to restore it we´ll again use the functions above - rename them to
save_data and change the line : inp( 0x71 , buffer[x] ) => outp( 0x71 ,
buffer[x] ); or port[$71]:=buffer[x]; .
THE BIOS !!!!!!
After you restored the BIOS nobody will ever notice that something has
happened (ok - the time & date will be wrong) .

And I´m sure that even Azrael will LOVE IBM !

BIOS-Coders: will you ever learn how to write a real virus-protection
function?? after having flushed the RTC with zeros the
boot-sector/virus-protection is turned off WITHOUT having to reboot !!



Subject: Infowar.com LISTSERV
From: "Betty G.O'Hearn" <betty@infowar.com>
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 1997 17:46:15 -0400

Can you do an invite to the HH list, that "We at
Infowar.Com invite them all to subscribe to the InfoWar.Com
list serv?" It's free and on our home page at http://www.infowar.com. --
Winn Schwartau.

[Matt: commercial advertisements deleted]

DISA's DISSPatch introduces WWW.Infowar.Com!

We are pleased to announce that the DISSPatch's feature story for the May
97 issue is about infowar.com.  Go over and take a look!
Thanks to the folks at DISA's INFOSEC Education, Training, Awareness and
Products Branch who do a great job putting together the DISSPatch.

Attack on California's Electronic Infrastructure

This morning's IWAR Situation Report contains information about an attack
on the electric infrastructure in California. Although the attack used
conventional weapons it is one of the  first attacks on the power
infrastructure possibily linked to a political situation.  Surf over to:
http://www.iwar.org ~ and log in and get a password.  Infowar.com will be
working closely iwar.org as we place their icon on our homepage in the near

Introducing OSPro@infowar.com!!!

Eliot A. Jardines, founder of the Open Source Professional List, has moved
his ListServ to www. infowar.com. and will be offering the electronic
version of the Open Source Quarterly in our Bookstore.

Eliot has been published in the Military Intelligence Professional
Bulletin, Army Reserve Magazine and the C2 Protect Newsletter and has
contributed to US Army training manuals and materials on open source
intelligence.  If your not a member of this list, just place this message
in the body of your email:

Subscribe OsPro Your Email Address
Mail to: Ospro@infowar.com

A Lesson in Customs Customs for the Net-Savvy Traveler
By Winn Schwartau

(First published by Internet Underground, Ziff Davis, May, 1997. All rights
reserved. The electronic version of this article may be freely distributed
anywhere in the world without permission as long as (1) it is not edited,
modified or truncated, and (2) this and the copyright notices remain.)

OK, OK, so some people think I'm a Net Personality, but really. I mean
really! Phil Zimmerman was under serious investigation. Dan Farmer made
headlines. All I did was write a few books and redefine war. I mean, really!
With a fever of 102 degrees and my nose dripping with a contagion I had
acquired in Poland a few days before, I handed the customs official my
official "I'm Carrying No Illegal Drugs" form. "Anything to declare?" he
asked indifferently.
"A bottle of Bulgarian Merlot," I snorted while wiping my reddened
proboscis on a sweaty denim shirt sleeve. At that, he pointed me towards
the darkened, most feared section of the vast customs receiving station,
Secondary Inspection.
Over to the x-ray machine I trundled my ailing body, a pair of wheeled
suitcases, two laptop computers, a maze of wires and telco equipment and a
wide assortment of materials that were to soon be my undoing.
The month prior I had in fact cracked three ribs in an oversized London
bathtub, so I had no choice but to ask the next customs man in the "Welcome
to America" gauntlet to hoist my 60 kilo luggage for me. They stopped the
x-ray conveyer belt and doubled, then tripled and then, yes, quadrupled the
ion storm power bombarding my belongings -all in search of a hidden
compartment hiding a golden corkscrew for the Merlot. They peered, and
twisted their heads to the side and invited other Inspectors to crane their
necks and point at the insidiously obvious contraband I was attempting to
bring into the United States.
"Tertiary Inspection," they declared and my luggage was hoisted this time
onto a long slick aluminum tray some three feet wide that was perfectly
suited to carry out bovine autopsies.
And there waiting for me was a snarling young peach-fuzzed Customs
Inspector with an attitude and a gun. His hands were covered with Playtex
Living gloves to protect him from any of the myriad diseases we netizens
carry home with us. He had heard about boot sector viruses, obviously.

Finish the laughs at:




Assistant to Mr. Winn Schwartau


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10. A question about Zip drives.
11. Identifying your IP address
12. Guide Idea #4
13. Guide suggestion #5
14. Guide Idea #5
15. RedHat Acronym List?
16. Net Access
17. Shadow password file location


1. A note from the moderator
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Hello again,

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Finally, thanks for all the suggestions for the guides. Look forward to seeing
one soon.

Happy Administration,



2. Guide idea #1
From: Daniel Schuler <dino@loop.com>

I think a good idea for a guide would be how to set up your ppp/slip
account and/or your LAN adapter. Most people are having trouble with
that, and it even took me six weeks to get it set up due to lack of a
good short documentation.

Greetz, Daniel Schuler

[ Jon : Cool, I think I'll make that the first Guide. As far as LAN, I haven't
        set any up w/Linux yet, but I will soon. ]


3. Guide Idea #2
From: "BitByte @1997" <adehaas@hotmail.com>

- i would like some info about installing linux as a network server. like a
netware server. so that other computers can login and use its resources.

- i would also like some info how to setup linux so that multiple computers can
go on the internet through a single linux server. so that the servers calls the
ISP and the computers in the network can retreive info from WWW for example.


Ciao4Now, Alex de Haas  /  BitByte @1997  /  adehaas@hotmail.com

[ Jon : Any takers? ]


4. Linux?
From: abba <abba@skyinet.net>

hi there,

[CHOPed for brevity]
summer for us now and i was just wondering if it is wise to install a
linux system - like maybe redhat or slackware (from a cd) - into my
computer - it runs on windows 95 now. will it fuck up my hardrive to
partition it to start up in either? or should i just get a new laptop!
well, anytime you can answer back would be greatly appreciated.
[ Jon: Okay. Several things. Yes you should install Linux. No, it won't
       f\/ck up your system.  Just use FIPS, and back up any important
       work. ]


5. Unix or Linux & Misc...
From: Anonymous

1. As I know, Linux is a branch out from Unix. So, what are the
differences in these two Operating System. Is Unix better then Linux or
the other way round ? ( Please don't take the price in account )

[ Jon: Linux is a POSIX compliant operating system. There is no one OS
       that is defined as "UNIX". Unix is a term used to describe a
       family of OSs that conform to the POSIX standard, and tend to
       behave alike. HPUX, Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD, are all UNIXs.
       There is no one type that is labeled as the "best". What Linux
       has going towards it is its large user base, frequent updates,
       and yes, cost. ]
2. In Linux, is it enough to download from the FTP site in the Internet,
or getting the Official Release. Example, downloading Red Hat 4.2 via
FTP you would not get other software such as  the browser and so on, is
this enough to do hacking activities?

[ Jon: If you're talking about a browser as in web browser, you can simply
       d/l Netscape from netscape's home page. Yes, the versions you d/l off
       the ftp have all the utils to connect to the net. As far as hacking,
       this is not the list to discuss hacking. Try the HHD. ]


6. Guide idea #3
From: Joey Maier <maierj@okstate.edu>

Back to the list-of-acronyms subject....

You could talk to the readers about the desktop environments for Linux.
It seems that KDE is in the same place that linux itsself was a few
years ago.

  Joey Maier: maierj AT okstate.edu, SAM009   Geek Code: GS e+++ C+(++) L+>++

[ Jon : I assume you're talking about X window managers? What is KDE? ]


7. Problems with X
From: -1Will you be posting info on X?  I've had some problems getting X to

install properly.  I got everything set up the best I know how and when I
run "startx" it loads fine and displays the wallpaper and pointer but
then immediately blanks and reports a "color orchid" error or something.
I am not sure exactly how that is worded, I'll have to run it again and

Oh Well,

[ Jon : Hardwaye? Video Card? What version of X? ]


8. DNS in Linux
From: Azrael <azrael@trust-me..com>

Hey Jon,

> I need your questionss (and answers) to make this digest what it is. As a
> result, I'm going to spend some time in the next week creating some
> material; perhaps akin to Carolyns Guides TMHH.

        well... I think that something covering DNS in linux would be
kewl... I
think that the HSAD should not cover ONLY instalation procedures.
Configuring Linux is much more difficult and tricky than installing it
(hey, any one that installed OS/2 is able to install Linux... ;)

[ Jon: Did I say only installation? If you can tell from the title,
       this guide is also about Administration. ]

> BTW: Send me Ideas for some guides. I can think of a few, but I would
> appreciate your suggestions. Also, I'd like to setup a weekly website.
> Send me your suggestions.

RPM (red hat packet management) is a really good topic.. Well, i have
other suggestions... if u r interested, e-mail me

Life is short, so drive fast, die hard and


9. Upgrading Slackware
From: k1neTiK <samk@escape.com>

hey, I was wondering if someone out there can help me with upgrading Slackware.
I installed Slackware 3.0 from Linux Unleashed, and was told by someone that I
should upgrade my system after he had cracked root in approximately 20 seconds,
and that my ver was old.  My Q is, what do I upgrade if I wanna upgrade my box?
What do I dl, and what do I install??  I really have no freakin
clue about what to do in that area, and Linux Unleashed doesn't talk about it
too much.  Thanx in advance,

[ Jon: Upgrading Slackware is a pain in the ass. Lets see. He probably means
       your version of Linux is old. Type "uname -a" to find out what version
       it is. The latest version of Slack is 3.2. See the file
       for information on how to upgrade your system. ]


10. A question about Zip drives.
From: BJ Johnson <bjjohnson@mail.usinternet.com>

Hello,  I've installed RedHat 4.1 off a CD onto my parallel port zip
drive.  LILO wouldn't boot it so I found a Slackware boot disk with the
PPA drivers in it and have been using that to get into my system.  I
rebuilt the kernel with the PPA in it and copied it to my Win95 hard
drive.  Then I tried to run it using LOADLIN.  No luck, it couldn't find
the zip drive.  I can't keep using the boot disk becuase I want PPP
support too.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Thanks!

[ Jon : Use the kernel you made to create a boot disk. See the ZIP-Install
        Mini-HOWTO, section 2.3. ]


11. Identifying your IP address
From: Xenakis <xenakis@epix.net>

How can your identify your IP address after dialing your isp? I cannot
seem to find it anywhere!

thanks in advance
<=-=-=-=-[ Xenakis ]-=-=-=-=>

[ Jon: What protocol? PPP? SLIP? What are you using to dial? ]


12. Guide Idea #4
From: maierj@osuunx.ucc.okstate.edu

I'm having problems with X.  you could give us some pointers on that.

(I'll bring in a 'script' of my errors later.  The short version is
that it is not working when I type 'startx'..)

[ Jon : Also, include a hardware description. What kind of problem? ]

  Joey Maier: maierj AT okstate.edu, SAM009   Geek Code: GS e+++ C+(++) L+>++


13. Guide suggestion #5
From: sundust <zeuxis@pacific.net.sg>

dear Jon,
        Could u include some stuff on partitioning your hard disk to allow
multi OS (i.e linux n Win95) ? A rough guide would help 'cos i'm pretty lost
at trying to install both OS. thanx!

[ Jon: Someone's already done it. Check out the Linux+Win95 HOWTO at
       http://sunsite.unc.edu/LDP/HOWTO/mini/Linux+Win95 ]


14. Guide Idea #5
From: "anonymous"

Sounds like a solicitation for ideas?  This might be one for you.  Please
keep me anonymous, I dont want to be made to feel like a total dork.

I am installing my first LINUX OS this weekend.  Once I get it up and
running, I will want to tweak on it.  What are some suggestions of things I
can do to enhance the performance and security of the machine once
installed.  Since it is just for personal use, I would imagine I don't need
to lock this puppy down real tight however, if this thing turns out well
enough, I would like to implement some type of UNIX firewall at work.

****I don't know if you wanted to discuss rudimentary things in the HSAD
but this would at least be of interest to me*******  Thanks.........

[ Jon: Check out some of the Docs at the Linux Documentation Project,
       especially the Kernel Hackers' Guide, The System Administrator's Guide,
       and the Network Administrator's Guide. ]


15. RedHat Acronym List?
From: No One

I was browsing through the redhat site today, and I saw a lot of
references to RMP.  What is it, and what are the
advantages/disadvantages of using it.  I gather from c.os.linux.advocacy
that it has something to do with simplifying upgrades

Basically, a list of explanations of all the TLAs in redhat's site would
be nice....I'm trying to learn, but having trouble with the acronyms. :(

CDE, OSF, RMP, etc.

[ Jon : I don't know RedHat, but I'm sure that someone will be willing
        to do it...Any Takers? ]


16. Net Access
From: BBoy999@aol.com

Just Installed Linux Slackware 3.1 on my machine and am having trouble
getting internet access.  I know it takes some configuration, and I don't
know where to really start.  If anyone has any tips, especially anyone who
has successfully configured a connection to at&t worldnet please post or
private email

[ Jon : Sure, we can help. Just give us some more information. Like what kind
        of connection worldnet has, and what you're using to connect. ]


17. Shadow password file location
From: Andy <jaliviper@geocities.com>

Does anyone know where the shadowed passwords in Linux are kept? I'm just
picking up Linux and I'm afraid I dont know much about the system as I have
had hardly any oppertunity to check out the kernel /apps code and figure out
the location.
The TeChNoViPeR
                        URL: http://viper10.home.ml.org
                          A penny saved is ridiculous

[ Jon : By default, it is in /etc/shadow. But the admin could change it. For
        more info, see the Shadow Password HOWTO at:
        http://sunsite.unc.edu/LDP/HOWTO/Shadow-Password-HOWTO-4.html ] =========

Jon McClintock <jammer@ecst.csuchico.edu>


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