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Happy Hacker Digest April 12, 1997
      This is a moderated list for discussions of *legal* hacking.
                        Moderator: Carolyn Meinel

                 Send posts to: matt@cs.utexas.edu (Matt Hinze)
Digest archives are held under the "New" button at the Infowar site

               Please don't send us anything you wouldn't
              email to your friendly neighborhood narc, OK?

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unsubscribe, use the subscribe boxes on the menu bars, please..
If you decide you just want to use the forum and not get these
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from this list.
        H a p p y  h a c k i n g !

Table of Contents

· Acoustic Coupler
· Remaining Anonymous
· Cookie Killer
· .DLL File?
· Denial Of Service
· Learning Linux
· Miscelaneous Questions
· Newbies Need Lovin' Too
· Pondering Pine
· Windows 95
· Note From Matt

*** Acoustic Coupler

From: Cybrdroyd <cybrdroyd@net1plus.com>

To the person who asked about where to find an accoustic coupler:
I was thumbing through the "BLACK BOX" catalog and they have one in
ther for $149.  Plus they have a selection of "cups" to fit over
different style phones.  I'm not sure how to contact them but I think
if you do a web search for BLACK BOX you might dig up some contact


*** Remaining Anonymous

From: "morphic" <morphic@accesscom.com>

  I have a question that I hope you will be able to answer for me.  In
GTMHH (Vol. 1 Number 2) "How to forge email -- and spot forgeries,"
you go over TELNETing via port 25 so as to send pseudo-anonymous
email. However, the servers (is that the correct terminology)
apparently are capable of identifying one's email address.  Is it
possible so as to prevent a system from identifying one's email
address (name and domain)?  If so, could you please enlighten me on
the method(s)   :-)

Thanks so much, and have a great day!

*** Cookie Killer

From: Ingemar Hard <uysihr@slottsberg.educ.goteborg.se>

>Hey gang, after reading some posts about cookies, and some responses to
>Netscape, and setting the read only attribute on the cookie.txt file, I
>decided to try that on the cookie files within Internet Explorer.

How do you do this, set read only attribute to the cookie? I have a
Macintosh with netscape.
Can you screw up a cookie in other ways? Does anybody have an
explanation to the code inside a cookie?


*** .DLL File?

From: anonymous

please post as anonymous:

What is the purpose/what is the job of a .dll file? Thanks...

[Matt: .dll (Dynamic Linked Library) files have mulitiple purposes.
Basiclly, they're software code that can be used with many different
programs. ]

*** Denial Of Service

From: jopee@mozcom.com

One way of DOS attack is the flood ping (from GTmHH). D syntax would
be ping -f <ip address>'. How will one know that d ip address being
flooded is down? How exactly does -f work 'coz after around 3 to 4
replies from d ip address d pinging stops (does this mean d flooding
has stopped) or doesn't it? Wouldn't it be a waste on ur modem 'coz u
keep sending useless bytes? In a way u would also be denying urself?
Curios 'coz of 'IRC Wars Lead to DOS Attacks on Infowar Server'.
7hankz...HH and sorry for d wrong interpretation of d email header.

[Matt: The thinking behind lame DOS attacks is that even if your
machine suffers as a result of shutting down another machine, it's
worth it. For the most part, flood pinging isn't that strenuous on
your machine. Avoid DOS attacks, though; the elite don't bother
themselves with it.]

*** Learning Linux

From: hwsnyman@medic.up.ac.za (LiquidMetal)

Hi there!
I am proud to announce that I have actually gained my very first ROOT
access yesterday......my OWN!
I have installed Linux onto my other computer and have done a trillion
stuff with it so far.
Compared to DOS or Windows, I would personally think that Linux
RULES!!!!! ;)
But with a new OS, comes a whole bunch of new questions that needs to
be answered.
(Thank goodness that I'm a fast learner!) ;););)
I have figured out about most of the stuff that I need to know for
now, but I have a few questions.
  one# What is a segmentation fault, and how can I fix it?
  two# How can I check the amount of hard disk space left on my drive?
  three# I like DOOM and Abuse, but where can a person find some other
good games on the internet for Linux?

That will settle it for about now, Thanx!
Oh yeah, all hackers in South-Africa (Pretoria) may contact me.
Thanx again!

*** Miscellaneous Questions

From: "prata@bossnt.com" <prata@boss1.bossnt.com>

>I was wondering if you know the correct commands to enter once you
>connect to the incoming mail port? anything that I type says error!!!!
>Also is there a way to get my mail from the server through a certain
>port, if so what are the commands? Thanks!

>Since you said incoming mail, I assume you mean port 110.

Read the RFC for that service.  That's how I learned ALL the commands,
and good stuff on that and other services.

>Also, what programs/files would I need if I just want Internet
>software?  Thanks!

>BJ Johnson

Minicom (for dialing your ISP) [note, i beleive this only works if the
ISP has Unix boxes, It doesnt seem to work with NT crap]

pppd (for the actual ppp connection)

I'm not sure about SLIP.  I beleive a program called DIP works for
slip only.

>I hear much talk of surfing ports but what good will that do a clue-less
>person.  I mean, I could surf ports till I was blue in the face and still
>not have accomplished much other than knowing that <insert your favorite
>port here> was open.  What is there to do as far as being out side trying
>to get IN?  Are there exploits, techniques...?  As far as being inside, my
>ISP has it's shadow file locked in a root read-only attrib mode. Aren't
>there other ways....it seems every exploit I try is futile. Each day, I
>scour the net for new ones. (I have plenty of time, I am a "Lab
><in house computer-geek who fixes/upgrades/installs hard/software...>) I
>would like to get root some day...=)  I have been at it for 1.5 month(s)
>and well......Any suggestions?

Yes i have suggestions.  First, RTFM. (if moderator chooses to
translate, fine) Second, read the RFCs for the ports or services that
you are interested in.

>2 - Do you have a "Guide to Social Engineering",
>or something like that? I am     REALLY interested in learning more
>about it.


Read 'Takedown!' by Tsutomu Shimumura.  Very good examples.

[Matt: RTFM = Read The Fine Manual (almost) :) ]

*** Newbies Need Lovin' Too

From: bean@audiophile.com

i want to hack my own website and see if i could crack my own passwd
but i haven't a clue where to start. i read somewhere that u have to
get the passwd file and then run this against a list of passwords
using bruteforce but i don't have unix installed and have no
programming knowledge so how do i go about this?
many thanks,

[Matt: That's the $10 question. There are several possible ways, of
course, but the best (although not as easy as having someone tell you,
but more elite) way to learn stuff like this is to find out on your
own. You'll discover tons of other cool stuff in the process, taboot.
Try a web search, lurk in some hacker mailing lists, and read, read,
read. Of course, helping newbies is fine and that's why we posted your
message. ]

*** Pondering Pine
From: Peter Beckman <beckman@nova.org>

On Fri, 4 Apr 1997, vIERJa wrote:

> Hi, I just subscribed to the Happy Hacker Digest and so that you wrote:
> > You wrote:
> >
> >    There are two ways to do this.  First, create a file that
> >    contains the following:
> >
> >    #!/bin/sh
> >    /usr/local/bin/tcsh
> >
> > Doesn't work on my system, Pine 3.95 on Linux.  It gives you an
> > error message of "[ Alternate editor abnormally terminated (255) ]".
> >  Just so you know (since my school lets you have shell accounts,
> > heh).
> More than likely, tcsh isn't the shell you have on your system.  You
> need to know the exact path of the shell (/usr/bin/csh, /bin/sh, etc).
>  What sysadmins normally do is disable direct use of a shell for an
> editor, which is why you have to use a shell script, such as above.
> Try replacing /usr/local/bin/tcsh with /bin/sh, and try again.  It
> will work, you just need to massage it a bit.
> You were talking about spawning a shell from within Pine, right? Since I
> lost the beginning of that conversation could you please tell me what do you
> do with that shell script? How do you execute it?
 ALrighty.  You need to put the above two lines in a file called
 'blah' (could be anything, but we'll use this).

 Now, assuming you cannot create this on the system you want to use it
 on, but you DO have FTP access, create this with notepad (or whatever
 STRAIGHT TEXT EDITOR you happen to have -- please don't insult
 yourself and try to use MS Word).

 Then, FTP it to your site.

 Then, make it executable.  I'm not sure how to do this through FTP (I
 thought you could change the r/w/x bits in FTP, but I don't recall
 how).  Do this: at a command line using chmod +x blah, but hey, if
 you got a command line, what do you need this for?

 Whatever the case, set /path/to/file/blah as your editor, then try to
 compose a message (with the use_external_editor_explicitly flag on in
 pine).  Then BOOM.  YOu have a shell.

Peter Beckman      Webmaster, Northern Virginia Internet Access

*** Windows 95

From: The_PhAnToM <the_phantom@usa.net>

 I first would like to say that I have been reading the posts
regarding telnetting in windows95. And, I wanted to see if everyone
was aware that there is an excellent telnet program that comes with
win95? In the windows directory there is telnet.exe It will let you
specify remote system, port setting, and terminal type. I have read
several of the posts and I think that people may think that under
the port setting since there is a pull down list you can't type in a
specific port but this "is" possible.

The question I had was, I have been reading, and seeing reports on
television about being able to find peoples personal info on the
internet; i.e. Social Security Numbers, bank accounts, medical
records? I was wondering if this "is" possible or if this is just more
negative hype? If so how would someone find a persons SSN? And what
can you do make sure your privacy is protected?


[Matt: IMO, most of it is negative hype. Personal info about us is out
there, however; so don't take for granted that it won't be exploited.]

*** Note from Matt

I hope you guys enjoy reading the digest as much as I like helping
moderate it. Don't forget about all the great information sources at
our fingertips, like web searches and Usenet searches. And remember:
hacking is about knowledge, and the best way to get that (aside from
experience) is to read. All of your questions and answers are


(Carolyn: And please, folks, let Matt know how much you appreciate his work.)

 © 2013 Happy Hacker All rights reserved.