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The Happy Hacker: a Guide to Mostly Harmless Computer Hacking

Table of Contents, third edition

Introduction: So You Want to Be a Hacker?

Section 1: Hacking for Beginners

1.1 How to Turn your Windows 95/98 Computer into a Haxor Box
1.2 How to Break into Windows 95/98 Computers (only appears in this third edition)
1.3 How to Use Windows to Hack the Internet
1.4 Mac Hacking
1.5 How to be a Hero in Computer Lab
1.6 Hacker Wars on Internet Relay Chat
1.7 How to Nuke Evil Web Sites
1.8 How to Dig Up Hacking Information on the Internet
1.9 How to Set up a Home Hacker Lab Using Windows 95/98

Section 2: Hacking with Unix

Introduction to Section 2 
2.1 How to Get a Good Shell Account -- and Keep it 
2.2 Hacking with Finger 
2.3 Heroic Hacking in Half an Hour (only appears in this third edition -- all about forging email) 
2.4 How to Decipher Headers -- Even Forged Headers 
2.5 Linux! 
2.6 Port Surf's Up! 
2.7 How to Map the Internet

 Section 3: Programming for Hackers

Introduction to Section 3 
3.1 Introduction to Shell Programming 
3.2 Advanced Shell Programming: A Computer Break-in Shell Script Explained 
3.3 How to Write, Link and Compile C Programs: an Exploit Explained

Section 4: Welcome to War!

Introduction to Section 4 
4.1 How to Break into Computers 
4.2 How to Fight Spammers 
4.3 Email Bombs 
4.4 Hacker War 
4.5 Congratulations, you Have a Computer Virus 
4.6 War Tools: Scan, Sniff, Spoof and Hijack (Only appears in this edition)
4.7 How Hackers Break in -- and How they Are Caught (Scientific American article) 
4.8 Busted!

Section 5: Hacker Culture

5.1 The History of Hacking 
5.2 Real Hackers 
5.3 How to Meet Other Hackers 
5.4 Hacker Humor

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