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What are people saying about the Happy Hacker book?

Larry Lasker, Writer/Producer of the movies "Sneakers"and "War Games": "We should be thankful that Carolyn has a good heart, or we'd be in a lot more trouble than we are."

According to the article "Tracking the Hack" in the Nov. 16, 1998 Forbes magazine, the top inspiration for the Hacking for Girliez rampage was The Happy Hacker book. Author Meinel "is its (Hacking for Girliez) public enemy number one," asserts reporter Adam Penenberg. He describes her book as "a kind of Hacking for Dummies... The goal of the book is to teach 'newbies' how to hack legally. The book's tone irks (those)... who claim to be on a mission to show how porous most computer security is—the law be damned."

According to security expert Winn Schwartau, "If you've ever wanted to know exactly how systems are broken into, this is the book for you." (Network World magazine, May 25, 1998, pg. 41.)  Click here to see his full review.

Info Security magazine's Michael Tucker says "Meinel... is no threat to the public well being... Maybe one of the Happy Hacker's protégés will end up on your staff one day." Read the latest article Meinel has written for Info Security, which is the world's largest computer security magazine. Because this is a frames-based web site, after clicking on the link above, you will need to navigate to the Oct. 1999 issue to the cover story: "Intrusion Detection Special."

Mark Ludwig, author of The Little Black Book of Computer Viruses: "Now you can join the ranks of hackerdom and learn how to use your computer the way it was meant to be used! Do things you never dreamed possible with the internet...break into computers...track down bad guys...and have a fun time without getting into trouble with the law. Pull up your chair, turn on your computer, and crack this book!"

Ian A. Murphy (Captain Zap) -- the nation's first arrested computer hacker,Vice President, IAM/Secure Data Systems: "This book will show you how to become a super hacker, yet not have the FBI or Secret Service knocking on your door. But your neighbors sure will!"

I wished I had it earlier., April 18, 1999

Reviewer: A reader from Belgium
As the target of this book is beginners, it is the BEST book on how to get started hacking. Carolyn's knowledge about what is lawfully right or wrong makes this book confidently exposes step-by-step instructions on how to hack.

Although I finished computer science degree in New York, and a master degree in telecommunication in the UK, I had no idea on how to break into computer until I met this book. The university teaches 'good' stuffs only, while this book tells something 'cool' using simple commands that I'd been using thousand of times without realising their 'other' power!

If you are an expert in computer security, this book is useful on how to get other information in the net. This is convenient for a busy person like me, minimizing search by taking advice from an expert. The book also directs and recommends what other useful books are!

One thing for sure, your teenage friend/niece/nephew will be tremendously happy to get it as a present.

A great book for begining hackers., December 31, 1998

Reviewer: A reader from Oklahoma, USA
This was an excellent book. It was really good for teaching the basics, and teaching that true hackers don't break the law, or cause damage. I would recomment this book to anyone who wants to become a hacker.

Funny, gentle, moralistic - it serves its purpose., November 2, 2000

Reviewer: A reader from Cupertino, CA United States
This is a most unusual book, in that it's written in the tone and spirit of computer books from the mid-70's hobbyist days. To those who take offense that it's not some kind of flaming-skull testosterone rant, just go away. You've probably OCR'd the book and converted it to Acrobat by now. I'm giving it 5 stars because it's useful and entertaining, and presents a viewpoint almost never seen in this macho arena. Someone has to teach the old-school basics, and I'm glad it's Carolyn.

Reviewer: baldwin@cac.net from Earth
You called it guys. I'm writing a hacking book of my own and this is one of the best. From someone whom has followed the hardcore book industry for a while, this delightful, humor filled romp through hackerdom is among the best...

A great book for Newbies and Some Network Administrators, October 9, 1998

Reviewer: John Arnold, DBA (ARNOJ@netscape.net from So. Oregon, USA
This book is not for everyone - but if you would like to learn some neat tricks, find some holes in your security and be amused then you are here. If you consider yourself a Hacker GURU - it's not for you, Write your own book! But for the average person wanting to learn more, this is it! One nice thing is that it will help you stay out of trouble with the the members of law enforcement, it will tell you what you can legally do and when it CAN get you in trouble! If you are looking for a guide to get you into Chase Manhattan's main system and transfer Millions of dollars to all of your friend's accounts, it will fall short. It does go over the start of some nice knowledge building blocks that can help out the average (even some elite) users and make computing fun and safer.

I love this book....but don't go too far..., March 29, 1998

Reviewer: A reader from Somewhere in Pandimensional Space
This book I would say is the most comprehensive and friendly guide to computer hacking. I wouldn't recommend people who are too curious or immatured to read this because that would only make Earth a more chaos place. The only thing I can say after all, all those compliments that I have in mind, is this book is worth reading.

Hacker Finally Sheds Light On Newbies, January 11, 2000

Reviewer: Jason from Phoenix AZ - USA
The book is an excellent book in my opinion. Tho some things are quite stupid such as how to press "ESC" when it asks for your windows password - but other ends of the book reveal complete port mapping, download links, references to sites and other books to purchease. For anyone wanting to start but has no clue where to start - and wants a fast start into the underground world - This book is for you!

This book is a good one, January 29, 2000

Reviewer: A reader
This book is not just about hacking and doing harm. Basically, it's nothing about doing harm. It teaches you how to do many things from your own computer without changing it at all. This is a great book for a newbie who doesn't want to get caught. I would recommend this book to any new hacker.

A perfectly FINE book, darn it., April 8, 1999

Reviewer: A reader from Anchorage, Ak
I am not a computer wizard by any stretch of the imagination. I am a nice girl with secret dreams of hackerdom, and as such, I found this book educational and enjoyable. After reading halfway through it, I've already learned many useful things about computers, and discovered some nifty tricks to impress my less technologically literate friends. No, it didn't teach me anything really complex, or anything I couldn't have found on the Internet, but that's alright. It was useful to have all the information available in one, easily understandable and locatable source, and nice to have it in a form that I could read during lunch or in bed. Although it's definitely aimed at newbies like me, it isn't nearly as simplistic or stupid as other reviewers have made it out to be (I have to wonder whether they've actually read it . . .). Carolyn Meinel's _The Happy Hacker_ is both a good instructor and a good read.

Reviewer: A reader from siberspase

If you are already familiar with the topics of discussion in this book than it's definetly a waste of time for you. Compared to a story book, it would be like reading the same book twice ( why bother). As far as outdated goes, I can pull books off the shelf from late 99 and their outdated already. The world of computers change at an extremely fast pace. There are some things that generally stay the same and I think this book does a good job of teaching these things. I want some of these reviewers to think back to when they decided to go beyond average everyday computer use. Now imagine asking a question like "how do I port scan" what type of response would you get, not a good one. You are the same as those people that flamed you when you ask those now seemingly slow questions, why, because you only have to learn once After that you think you gain this privilege of looking down upon people that don't know what you do. Trust me this book will not teach you how to "hack", it will only point you in the right direction. I've advanced to the point of being able to penetrate systems with an uncanny ease. I don't consider myself a hacker because I have an utmost repect for the title. These people who are reviewing her book are probably no more than script kiddies keeping themselves up dated on the work of the true hackers (if even that much credit should be merited). I consider myself to be a script kiddie also, and I have no shame. As far as you sysadmins reviewing this book go, you had better look out. I obliterate your college earned, security expertise every day with my happy hackin' skillz.

It's a good book!, February 28, 2001

Reviewer: S.M.Young from PERAK D.R. Malaysia
I have been always interested in "hacking". I surf the hackers' website and brought some books like Hacking Exposed(2nd Edition), Maximum security,Firewall & Network security..just to name a few but I always end up blurr coz alots of thing I don't know. After reading this book, I find myself needing to reread all the book on hacking(I brought earlier) to get a better/clear understanding. She deserves at least 4 stars although it is for newbies. I beginning to shift my windows OS to linux,get registered 2 shell account and plunged myself into C programming althought I like VB.It is a stepping stone toward hacking..LEGALLY..of course!
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