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Chapter 2: How to Explore the Insides of Internet Computers -- from your Browser!

Even from an American Online web browser, you can explore supposedly hidden parts of other computers from across the Internet - and even hack web sites! OK, OK, did Meinel ever say this book it totally harmless?

Chapter 3: How to Break into any Windows Computer from the Console

No computer is safe if you have physical access to it. We show how to create and use a simple customized DOS boot disk to harvest Windows 95/98 passwords from the console within seconds, without even having to log in. We show a technique that often takes only a minute or two to steal password files for later cracking from Windows NT and 2000.

Chapter 4: LAN Fun

Nowadays most readers have access to a Local Area Network (LAN), whether at work, school, or over a cable or DSL modem. This chapter shows legal but somewhat rude techniques that reveal as much as possible about other computers on your LAN. These are sufficiantly obscure and legal techniques that you are unlikely to get in trouble for them. The chapter concludes with tips on how to protect your computer while on a cable modem or DSL connection.

Chapter 5: Telnet - the King of Hacking

How do you telnet with Windows - and what can you do with it? This chapter lays the foundation of how to forge email, probe, and, yes, break into computers from across the Internet.

Chapter 6: How to Forge Email and Usenet Posts

Learn how spammers do it! With knowledge of telnet, the reader now can search for undefended email and Usenet servers and forge fun stuff. The reader learns how to use a free port scanner program for Windows and where to scan to find happy hunting grounds.

Chapter 7: Fun with FTP

Whenever you find a public ftp server, you may be able to explore parts of that victim, er, public server. This chapter shows how to do so with programs such as Cute FTP, and from the command line in MS-DOS. This chapter reveals undocumented command switches for DOS ftp.

Chapter 8: Netbios

What is Netbios - and why is it a giant security problem? The reader learns how to turn on and off this Windows feature, and how to use it on a LAN or over the Internet to connect to other Windows computers.


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