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Beginners' Series Number 10 part 1

How to Explore the Insides of Internet Computers -- from your Browser!

Here's a hacking trick that even a total beginner can do. This technique is so simple that you can learn it in five minutes. Yet it is so powerful enough to amaze your friends and reveal fascinating, hidden things about millions of Internet host computers. Yet it is perfectly legal and harmless (as long as you don't take it any further than what this Guide will teach you). Furthermore, this is a technique that truly brilliant computer break-in experts use all the time. It's muhahaha time!

In this Guide you will learn how to:

How to Uncover Hidden Parts of a Web Site

Let's start with the simplest webserver hack. Some web sites have pages and/or graphics that aren't linked to anything that you could reach starting from the main page. Normally you could only view these pages by guessing their name. However, there is a cool trick often lets you see everything in a directory even if it isn't linked to any other web page. 

 Figure 1: An ordinary view of a web site. But we aren't ordinary web surfers, muhahaha! To see better detail, with Windows right click on this (or any other image in your browser) and select "view image".

Figure 1 shows a normal page in the directory /support/csr/software, viewing a file named csr_software.htm. Now here's how we can see everything else in this directory. Simply delete the file name and now you have the URL http://www.victimone.com/support/CSR/software/. Then hit enter in the location bar and we get: 

Figure 2: Here's how us extraordinary web surfers explore web sites.

More hacking with your web browser--->>

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