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Croatoan, left, Spagheti, right.  Croatoan is playing with the Happy Hacker webserver.  It seems Blips (who set it up), had gone out for a few minutes and left his console logged in.  Croatoan has just typed in "whoami" and gotten back the answer : "root".  Right now he's busy shouting "I got root!  I got root!"

This is just too good to be true!  It's the first time anyone has rooted one of Blips' servers.  OK, OK, it's a lame hack, but Croatoan and Spagheti are going to play this one for all it's worth.  What pranks can they play on him? 

The blond fellow on the left wants to be anonymous.  Just in case you're wondering, he says "I'm half Mafia."  He's helping Croatoan come up with some cool pranks on Blips.

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