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How to Break into Windows 95/98/ME Computers from the Console

Windows 95 hacking? Lame! That's what some elite super duper hackers will tell you.

Wait -- doesn't everyone run Win98 or ME now? Will all the tricks of this article work on Win98 and ME? Actually, yes, many of them will work. In some cases where they don't work, I'll give you help with the Win98 versions of these hacks.

However, if you seriously want to become a hacker, you need to get the courage to try out things yourself and discover the true joy of totally murdering your operating system, er, I mean, of discovering things on your own. So if you get ideas from this article that lead you to thinking, "Golly, I'll just email Carolyn and ask her how to...", instead, just try it yourself.

And, yes, in case you were wondering, I did murder my Win95 operating system several times researching the hacks you are about to read. The only reason I haven't tried the Win98 versions of everything here is that I'm just plain lazy.

Or, if you have Win98, install Win95. It is a lot better than Win 98 -- faster, and easier to use to commit mayhem, er, I mean, to explore the wonders of computing.

In this article you will learn:

  • Several ways to hack your Windows 95/98 login password
  • How to mess with the msdos.sys file -- and live!
  • How to hack your Pentium CMOS password
  • How to fool those babysitter program passwords
  • How to hack a Windows Registry -- key to much more serious hacking.

Now you can have your buddies over to see you hack your Windows box. Heck, get them to bring their own, too. You're going to have some surprises for them. After seeing that Doomsters of the Apocalypse bootup screen they are already trembling at the thought of what, oh what have you got hidden behind that "Hidden Haxor Secrets" icon?

So what do you do next?

How about clicking on "Start," clicking "Settings," then "Control Panel" then "Passwords." Tell your friends your password and get them to enter a secret new one. Then shut down your computer and tell them you are about to show them how fast you can break their password and get back into your own box!

Warning: try this out in advance, because depending on how your computer is set up, there are several different techniques you may have to use. The first few techniques we're showing work on home Win 95/98 installations. But, especially in corporate local area networks (LANs), several of these techniques don't work. But I promise, you can break any password protection system if your computer has a floppy drive, even if it is tied into a LAN.

Easy Win 95/98 Breakin #1:

1) Boot up your computer.

2) When the "system configuration" screen comes up, press "F5." If your system doesn't show this screen, just keep on pressing F5.

If your Win 95 has the right settings, this boots you into "safe mode." Everything looks weird, but you don't have to give your password and you still can run any of your programs.

Too easy! OK, if you want to do something that makes you look more like a scary hacker, here's another way to evade that new password.

More how to break into Win95/98 from the console --->>

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