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 How to Turn Your Win95/98 Computer into a Hacker Box (continued)

Let's say you are hosting a wild party in your home. You decide to prove to your buddies that you are one of those dread haxor d00dz. So you fire up your computer and what should come up on your screen but the puffy white clouds logo for " Windows 95/98." Lame, huh? Your computer looks just like everyone else's box. Like some boring corporate workstation operated by a guy with an IQ in the 80's. 

If you already are a serious hacker, you could boot up Linux or FreeBSD or some other kind of Unix on your personal computer. But let's say you've invited over friends who wouldn't know a Linux login screen from a DOS prompt. They wouldn't be impressed. But you can social engineer them into thinking you are fabulously elite just by customizing your Win95/98 start up screen. Let's say you want to boot up to a black screen with orange and yellow flames and the slogan " K-Rad Doomsters of the Apocalypse." 

This turns out to be easy. Heck, that's what my start-up screen looks like.  

Newbie note: "Social engineering" is controlling how people think and feel. A computer criminal uses social engineering to talk people into giving away passwords. But we teach harmless social engineering- hey, you can always admit to your friends later you were just kidding about being an el1t3 haxor. Or you could keep on studying and actually become a serious hacker!

Figure 1: Meinel's startup screen. 

 Here's the problem: Every time you boot up, Microsoft wants you to advertise their operating system. They want this so badly that they have gone to court to try to force computer retailers to keep the Micro$oft bootup screen on the systems these vendors sell. M$ doesn't want you  messing with their start-up screen, either. So they tried to hide the software that runs it. Here's how to totally thwart their plans - plans so important that if you were a big company they'd sue over this. 

More on turning your Win95/98 computer into a hacker box --->>

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