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More How to be a Hero in School Computer Lab...

If you have gotten this far with IE, next try entering r:/ or w:/ or z: etc. to see if you can access the disk of a network server. Be sure to do this with your teacher watching and with her permission to try to access network computers. If you succeed, now you have a really good reason to ask her to take IE off all the school computers. This is because you have just taken over the entire school LAN. But you are a hero because you have done it to save your school from those mean kiddie hackers who change grades and class assignments. By now you have a great shot at getting a volunteer job running the school's computer systems. Before you know it, you and your friends will be openly playing Quake at school--and the authorities will consider it a small price to pay for your expertise.

Cheap Tricks with Microsoft Office

You also can run a Windows shell from several Microsoft Office programs. Remember, once you get a shell, you have a good shot at disabling security programs.

The following exploit works with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. To use them get into a Windows shell:

1) Click "help", then "About Microsoft (name of program inserted here)," then "System Info..."

2) This brings up a window which includes a button labeled "run." Click "run" and put in anything you want, for example regedit.exe! (That is, unless the security program you are trying to break has a way to disable this.)

(Note: this doesn't work on MS Office 97 or MS Office 2000. However, just by clicking some different choices, you can still break in through Office 97. We haven't tested Office 2000 yet, but it's a good bet that it also has the same vulnerability. Check out http://happyhacker.org/gtmhh/ to see it the instructions for breaking in using the later versions of MS Office have been posted by now. If not, hey, hacking is all about discovering things for yourself. You have the basic concept -- time to explore!)

How to Circumvent FoolProof

There is usually a hotkey to turn off FoolProof. One young hacker reports his school uses shift-alt-X (hold down the shift and alt keys at the same time, then press the "x" key.) Of course other schools may have other arrangements.

If you get the hotkey right, a sound may play, and a lock in the lower-right corner should open for 20-30 seconds.

Dante tells how he managed to get out of a hot spot with an even better hack of Fool Proof. "My computer science teacher asked me to show her exactly HOW I managed to print the `the universe revolves around me' image I made to all the network printers in the school..." So he had her watch while he did the deed.

You can get punched in the nose warning: Dante was lucky that his teacher was understanding. In some schools a harmless joke like this would be grounds for expulsion.

Here is how Dante was able to disable FoolProof.

1) First, break into the Windows box using one of the techniques of the instructions at this web site on how to break into Windows 95/98 from the console. Warning -- if this is an ancient computer on which you can't remove the CMOS battery unless you use a soldering iron, don't try the soldering iron bit. Your teacher will faint.

2) Now you can edit the autoexec.bat and config.sys files. (Be sure to
back them up.) In config.sys delete the line device=fp, and in autoexec.bat, delete fptsr.exe.

3) Run regedit.exe. You have to remove FoolProof from the Registry, too. Use the Regedit search feature to find references to Fool Proof.

4) Find the Registry backup files and make copies with different names just in case. Making a mistake with the Registry can cause spectacular messes!

5) Save the registry, and reboot. FoolProof won't load.

6) To put things back the way they were, rename the backup files.

You are now the school hero security expert.

More how to be a hero in computer lab--->>

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