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More How to be a Hero in School Computer Lab

Coyote suggests, "in many cases you may find that if you prove yourself responsible (i.e.: not acting like a jerk in class and not hacking to be cool) it will be easier to gain the trust of the teacher and subsequently gain the job helping with the systems. And once you reach this level you are almost guaranteed that you will know more about system management, and of course hacking, than you could have by simply breaking in."

Here's the first thing you need to remember. Your teachers are overworked. If they get mad at hackers, it is because hackers keep on messing things up. Guess who gets to stay late at work fixing the mess students make when they break into school computers? Right, it's usually your computer lab teachers.

Think about it. Your computer lab teachers might really, really, like the idea of having you help with the work. The problem is--will they dare to trust you?

Karl Schaffarczyk warns, "I nearly got chucked out of school (many years ago) for pulling up a DOS prompt on a system that was protected against such things." Sheesh, for just getting a DOS prompt? But the problem is that your teachers go to a lot of effort to set school computers up so they can be used to teach classes. The minute they realize you know how to get to DOS, they know you could mess things up so bad they will have to spend a sleepless night putting that computer back together. Teachers hate to stay up all night. Imagine that!

So if you really want to work a deal where you become supreme ruler and hero-in-chief of your school's computers, don't start by getting caught! Don't start even by showing your teacher, "Look how easy it is to get a DOS prompt!" Remember, some authorities will immediately kick you out of school or call the cops.

Honest, many people are terrified of teenage hackers. You can't really blame them, either, when you consider those news stories. Here are some examples of stories your school authorities have probably read.

- 13 FEBRUARY 1997 Hackers are reported to be using servers at Southampton University to circulate threatening emails (that) ... instruct recipients to cancel credit cards, claiming their security has been breached.

(c) VNU Business Publications Limited, 1997

NETWORK NEWS 7/5/97 P39 A teenager was fined an equivalent of US$350 for paralysing US telephone switchboards...The unnamed teenager made around 60,000 calls...

(C) 1997 M2 Communications Ltd.


WORLDCOM in the UK recently suffered a systems failure following a hacker attack...

(C) 1997 M2 Communications Ltd.


Scary, huh? It's not surprising that nowadays some people are so afraid of hackers that they blame almost anything on us. For example, in 1997, authorities at a naval base at first blamed attackers using high-energy radio waves for computer screens that froze. Later investigators learned that ship radars, not hackers, were freezing screens.

So instead of getting mad at teachers who are terrified of hackers, give them a break. The media is inundating them with scare stories. Plus which they have probably spent a lot of time fixing messes made by kiddie hackers. Your job is to show them that you are the good guy. Your job is to show them you can make life better for them by giving you free run of the school computers.

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