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More fun with finger...

Sometimes a system will have no restrictions on how lame a password can be. Common lame password habits are to use no password at all, the same password as user name, the user’s first or last name, and “guest.” If these don’t work for the cracker, there are widely circulated programs which try out every word of the dictionary and every name in the typical phone book.

Newbie Note #2: Is your password easy to crack? If you have a shell account, you may change it with the command:


Choose a password that isn’t in the dictionary or phone book, is at least 6 characters long, and includes some characters that are not letters of the alphabet.

A password that is found in the dictionary but has one extra character is *not* a good password.

Other commands which may sometimes get a response out of finger include:

finger @
finger 0
finger root
finger bin
finger ftp
finger system
finger guest
finger demo
finger manager

Or, even just hitting <enter> once you are into port 79 may give you something interesting.

There are plenty of other commands that may or may not work. But most commands on most finger programs will give you nothing, because most system administrators don’t want to ladle out lots of information to the casual visitor. In fact, a really cautious sysadmin will disable finger entirely. So you’ll never even manage to get into port 79 of some computers.

More fun with finger--->>

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