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Kevin Mitnick claims Happy Hacker's Meinel has libeled him by reporting that "he apparently didn't even know how to program. In fact, there is evidence that he didn't even compile his own C programs!" Click here to read his correspondence with Meinel --->>

Meinel stands by her sources, including two forensics investigators who were concerned over Mitnick while working for Los Alamos National Laboratory. Meinel is not planning to make public the names of the many people who have discussed their experiences with Mitnick because he has a history of harassing and committing crimes against people and companies that he doesn't like. Mr. Mitnick has spent a considerable number of years behind bars and on probation for his many crimes. Two of his victims, computer security researcher Tsutomu Shimomura and New York Times reporter John Markoff have written a book about Mr. Mitnick's threats and crimes, Takedown.

Evidence that Mitnick has never worked at a professional level job are detailed below. Note that Mr. Mitnick is a very middle -aged man. One would presume that he has had plenty of time to turn his interest in computers into an education and career -- so not having done so would appear to be a choice and not lack of opportunity.

1. Although Mr. Mitnick claims in his recent email "I've worked in the private sector as a programmer for several years," he has refused to say for whom he has worked as a programmer.

2. A search of books and news stories on Kevin Mitnick fails to reveal any evidence that he has ever worked as a programmer or, for that matter, in any technical field whatsoever.

3. In his own book, The Art of Deception, Mr. Mitnick has a biographical section. In it he fails to mention any knowledge of programming, and says nothing about ever working in a computer-related job. He says he graduated from the long-bankrupt chain of Computer Learning Centers "cum laude," but does not say what he studied at this "computers for dummies" training school. To be specific, this school only taght a nine-month, non-degreed course that prepared students for entry level computer jobs. He says nothing about ever studying anything at any college or ever getting any kind of certification. He does, however, make a big deal about being a skillful liar and trickster.

4. Most important: Kevin Mitnick has claimed in court that he has never in his life been able to make a decent income, and doesn't expect to ever hold a decent job in the future. That's how he persuaded his judge to set the restitution payment for his many crimes at under $5000, much of what he paid out of the salary of his prison job.

Any professional programmer will make a good salary. So this makes it unlikely that Mr. Mitnick ever has or in the future expects to be able to hold a job as a programmer. Following is a document his lawyer filed about Mr. Mitnick's anticipated inability of ever hold a decent paying job.

In a MOTION TO BIFURCATE THE HEARING ON RESTITUTION of: May 10, 1999, Mr. Mitnick's lawyer argued that Mr. Mitnick never has been able, and does not expect to be able in the future to hold a good paying job. For example, the motion reads:

On June 27, 1997, in Docket Number CR-95-603-MRP, this Court found that the defendant had no ability to pay, stating "Restitution has not been ordered in view of the defendant's lack of resources and limited future earning ability."

The defense does not believe that the issues relating to Mr. Mitnick's present and future ability to pay have materially changed since the Court's finding...

Click here to read the entire motion --->>

If you are curious about whether Mitnick ever sued me, of course he was bluffing. He never presented any evidence that he ever worked as a programmer.

More it sucks to be me --->>

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