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How to Play NetBIOS Wargames
What if you want to challenge your friends to a hacker wargame using NetBIOS? The first thing to do is *don't* email me asking me to break in for you. Sheesh. Seriously, almost every day I get emails from people claiming to have permission from their girlfriend/boyfriend and begging me to help them break in. You can read their hilarious pleas for help at http://happyhacker.org/sucks/ .
The way to run a hacker wargame over the Internet is first, get permission from your Internet provider so they don't kick you off for hacking. They probably run an IDS that scans users for suspicious activity. They probably hate malicious hackers. Enough said.
Second, you and your friends are likely to be at a different Internet address every time you log on. Your safest way to play over the Internet is for each player to get an Internet address that is the same every time he or she logs on: a "static" address. This way you won't accidentally break into someone else's computer.
You have to arrange with your Internet provider to get a static address. Normally only a local provider can do this for you. A big advantage of using a local provider is you can make friends with the people who work there - and they are probably hackers.
If you live in an apartment building or dormitory with other hackers, you can play break-in games without using the Internet. Set up a LAN where you can play together. For example, you can string Ethernet cable from window to window. To learn how to set up a Windows Ethernet LAN, see http://happyhacker.org/gtmhh/winlan.shtml.
Or you could set up a wireless LAN. With wireless you never know who might come cruising with a laptop down the street by your home or business and break in. That can make a wargame lots more fun. For help on how to break into wireless LANs, see http://www.wardriving.com.
Evil genius tip: Attack using a Win NT server with the Microsoft Resource Kit installed. Heh, heh. With it you can give the command:
C:\>Local Administrators \\<targetbox.com>
This should show all user accounts with administrator rights on targetbox.com.
C:\>Global Administrators \\<targetbox.com >
This should show all user accounts with Domain administrative rights. These are exceptionally worth compromising, because with one Domain administrative password you will be able to control many resources among NT servers, workstations, and Win 95/98 computers.
I've tried to install the Resource Kit on XP Professional, but it wasn't compatible.
Another option is to install hacker tools such as Red Button and DumpACL, which extract information on user names, hashes, and which services are running on a given machine.
Help for users of Windows 95, 98, SE or ME
To enable NetBIOS, click
Control Panel -> Network -> Protocols
If you see both NetBEUI and TCP/IP, you are already using NetBIOS. If not, add NetBEUI.
To bring up the command screen, click Start -> Run and type in command.com.
Where are those back issues of GTMHHs and Happy Hacker Digests? Check out the official Happy Hacker Web page at http://www.happyhacker.org.
We are against computer crime. We support good, old-fashioned hacking of the kind that led to the creation of the Internet and a new era of freedom of information. But we hate computer crime. So don't email us about any crimes you may have committed!
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