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More on Telnet: the Number One Hacker Tool

How to Turn off a Telnet Server on your Unix-type Computer

If you go online with Linux or other Unix-type computer, a telnet server is the easiest way to ensure you get destroyed by a malicious hacker. Here's how to prevent this. On most of these, the file /etc/inetd.conf launches most of your servers. Edit the file to put a "#" in front of the line that has telnet in it and either reboot your computer or kill and restart inetd.

If your computer doesn't use inetd to launch services, you should be able to find telnetd under /etc/init.d.

Install ssh instead and only use that to log into your shell account.

How to Explore Computers Using Telnet

Even if a computer doesn't have a telnet server, there are lots of fun and even legal things to do to it using telnet. The easiest thing to do is extract "banners" from a victim computer. A banner is a message a computer will often give when you telnet to a port that is running an Internet server of some sort.

For example, most mail sending servers use port 25. To telnet to port 25 from Win 2000 or a Unix shell, simply type:

telnet <hostname or IP address> 25

Windows 95, 98 and NT make it a tiny bit harder. Figure 2 shows how:

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