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More on Telnet: the Number One Hacker Tool

How to Get Telnet Accounts

OK, so you want to get legal user names and passwords so you can telnet into other computers. Here are some of the best ways:

  • See http://happyhacker.org/links2.shtml#shells for organizations that will give you free shell accounts. You can telnet into these.
  • Ask Internet Service Providers for shell accounts. Some offer them, although most don't.
  • Set up a telnet server on your own computer (see instructions below). Yes, once you are running a telnet server, you can telnet from your computer back into your computer. Simply give the command "telnet".
  • Make friends with people who run Internet computers with telnet servers.

Why you May Not Want to Telnet

If you love your shell account server, don't ever, ever telnet or ftp into it. I recommend Ssh or Openssh for logging into remote computers? The telnet (and ftp) protocol is a "clear text" transmission. That means that computer on the same LAN as either You or your destination computer, or any computer on any LAN or network path through which your connection passes can steal your login name, password or anything else that goes across your connection. Ssh and OpenSsh encrypt all communications so no one can snoop on you.

How to Install a Telnet Server on your Windows Computer

Usually you can't telnet into a Windows home computer. The reason is, they aren't running telnet servers. Here's how to get a telnet server on your home Windows computers so your friends and you can telnet in and play.

For Windows NT, the Options Pack includes a primitive telnet server.

For Windows 95/98/NT and 2000, you also can install shareware or commercial telnet servers. Check out http://www.winfiles.com, or do a web search.

Of course installing a telnet server makes your computer vulnerable to all sorts of trouble from hackers. It's your funeral, don't come crying top me if a telnet visitor destroys your computer.

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