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Self Defense against Computer Crime!

If you suspect your computer has been broken into or infected with something dangerous, here is what will almost always work:

Here's what will almost certainly work.

1) Download either Kapersky Internet Security, which offers a free 30 day trial at http://kapersky.com, or F-Secure's Complete Internet security suite, which offers a free thirty day trial: https://store.f-secure.com/cgi-bin/dlreg/ml=EN?ID=FSISTB&desid=TRIAL

2) Disconnect from the Internet.

3) Uninstall your current antivirus. This is absolutely essential because otherwise it and F-Secure or Kapersky will fight each other and might crash your computer. It isn't good enough to just turn off your old antivirus because it probably has been crippled by your virus infection.

4) Install your Internet Security product. Scan your system and follow any instructions it might give you.

5) Connect to the Internet and download any updates available.

6) Run another complete scan of your computer. Follow any instructions it might give you.

7) Reboot.

8) To prevent future infections, don't use Internet Explorer, as it is susceptible to introducing viruses, adware and spyware into your computer. Instead you could use Firefox, free from Mozilla.org . Instead of using Outlook for email, you could use Thunderbird, free from Mozilla.org, or Eudora, free from Eudora.com.

If this works, you can either keep your new Internet Security product or uninstall it and reinstall your old antivirus from either a download of the latest version from their website (if that's how they sell it) or from the disk it was on when you bought it. Be sure to get all the latest updates right away. Usually antivirus companies are pretty good about updating their programs whenever some new attack becomes able to evade or cripple their product.

If you weren't running an antivirus program that includes antispyware protection and a firewall, then I recommend that you not reinstall your old program. Nowadays we need total protection, and this includes antispyware and a firewall.

How to find out if there is a rootkit on your computer

Free vulnerability scans -- find out how easy it is for hackers to break into your computer!

Do you use Windows? Click here for a tool to find all the downloads you need to fix problems that let hackers attack your computer.

Quick, Easy Guide to Keeping the Bad Guys out of Your Computer

"Home Network Security:" http://www.cert.org/tech_tips/home_networks.html

Free virus help:

A free virus scan: http://security2.norton.com/us/home.asp

Don't want hackers breaking into your computer? They usually use Trojan Horse programs that often spread like viruses to break in. Most antivirus programs will defend you against these breakin programs. To see how this works, we put a bunch of Trojans on a computer and ran Norton Antivirus 2000 on them. Here's what Norton showed us:

More help running off intruders--->>

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