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If you need help installing Norton Antivirus 2000 or getting it to operate properly -- they have a new policy. It used to be customers had to pay a long distance phone bill to wait up to 40 minutes for help, even if it was because of flaws in the Norton installation program. Their 800 number used to be reserved for people who had paid for "PriorityCare" or "PremiumCare."

Nowadays, you can call 800-927-3991 for free help. I suggest manually running your Live Update and then manually setting Norton to scan all files on your computer just to make sure those L0pht groupies and other bad actors, no matter how much venture capital they have to use against you, can't trash your computer.

If your problem with computer criminals isn't solved by an antivirus program, you can get more help at The PC-Help site, or http://www.safersurfer.com, Antionline's Fight Back section and at A. Cole's free Computer Support Site.

If you want more than just to save yourself from the bad guys, if you want to fight back and tease and torment them -- legally -- you can read the chapter on War Tools, posted online from The Happy Hacker book. Or, if you are really, truly serious about becoming a talented white hat cyber warrior, get both of Carolyn Meinels books on hacking. Her just-released Überhacker! -- How to Break into Computers, with CD-ROM, will take you all the way to the top.

More on fighting back when computer criminals strike --->>

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