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So you want to be a computer criminal?

Shoveling Sh** on the Intern**

More news from the desk of Captain Zap, the first person on the planet to be convicted of computer crime...

Well, we do it! They should be able to do it! In fact the NIPC issued a warning about the Tribal Attack code in December! And so did Cisco offer information concerning this problem.

So what's the excuse? Too much eggnog at Christmas? These "E-Slumlords" of the net keep on taking in the money and still have not maintained their real-estate to a proper manner that should be addressed each and every day! Maybe it is time that the "building inspectors" come in and shut them down and demolish the "buildings", clear the lot and then re-build! Did they forget that the whole world is able to get to them from a few keystrokes? Or did they forget that they are not the gods that they think that they are and are just mere mortals like the rest of us? While the web sites themselves were not affected in general, the idea that this can happen because these greedy Internet companies have not done anything but squander their money on fancy graphics, fluff content and other window dressings, they forgot about the loading dock and the number of "trucks" that were lining up to off-load!

Now in all of this fray, we have the numerous Security companies that had their phones ringing off the hook about all of the paranoia going on with web sites. Just what are some of these web sites thinking. If your site is a target, and you have done nothing to protect yourself, then you are in for a world of hurt, and all of the phone calls to the alleged Big 6,5,4 or whatever Internet Security Guru's they are this week all lining up with fancy proposals, blue suits and vast audit programs to examine the "inner workings" of the "scared to death" clients and their web sites, are not going to help! In simple terms so you can understand it! It's gonna cost you money kids!

And of course we have the wonderful Packet Storm that has gone ahead and gave Mixtor (read his explanation!) a 10K prize for his little programs. Gee, on one hand the kid makes a program that can bring about havoc, and on the other hand, he makes one that stops the same crap he started! Can someone please explain the logic here in this soap opera? Well if that does not take the cake!!!! The owners of Packet Storm are none other than Kroll-O'Gara and should have their hands slapped for such an action. While there are a number of sites out there that release exploits and should continue so, the need to understand such exploits is ...We will stay the course we are on and we have the ideas that such things should be released in general to just show what can happen. And a glowing example this was!

(Carolyn's note: Mixter was recently sentenced in a German court for unrelated computer crimes.)

And we would like to thank Bob Sulivan of MSNBC for removing his (our) story as being allegedly copied by him and his organization from an unnamed source and our last communiqué'. It seems that someone called Mr. Sullivan and stated that hey had received an 18 page letter stating that the Internet was owned by all, not a few greedy companies with their massive control exercised upon the masses. Well the story was a somewhat direct copy of ours and caused a bit of major grief around this office for all of the staff. MSNBC then changed the story after talking to his unnamed source. So, the source that is on this list, please feel free to contact us before you think of releasing this information or opinion! And in general, as always your opinions count, so don't be shy!

From the Desk of Capt. Zap!

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