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So you want to be a computer criminal?

Shoveling Sh** on the Intern**

News from the desk of Captain Zap, the first person on the planet to be convicted of computer crime...

Security Information News Service
Internet Slum Lords Crying Foul!
"Our web sites were attacked! Quick call the FBI! " Good Luck! Morons!
Good, they needed a wake-up call!
Internet Alert Message (IAMtm)

Flash Traffic from the Internet front lines!!
02 / 14 / 00 16:40:00
From the Desk and Convoluted Mind of Capt. Zap!

Well in the days that have just passed, we have had major attacks take place and the hits just keep on coming! In the last week we have had Yahoo, Ebay, Amazon, E-Trade, Datek, CNN, and who knows else attacked and shut down. Now the rash of attacks happening out here are just too awesome to imagine. And the federal gumshoes are hot on the trail of the alleged sources of this mischief! Now we have reports that computer networks in California were used to launch these attacks and the US Attorney General is calling for the "death penalty", and Clinton is having a meeting with likes of Steve Case, Ebay's chief and others corporate moron's who have no concept of what is going on in the first place anyway, never use a keyboard anymore except to write letters to other moron's who have no concepts either, and in general Sites that have not taken the needed and required due diligence of security for the control of the systems deserve to be slapped down and given their walking papers from the Internet.

The problems out here with security are vast and can be addressed if the systems owners were to lock the toy box from the children! But of course the need for security is one that is not being addressed by any of the carriers with the exception of the Spaminator, and the other lame attempts to filter out spam.

Now these attacks are something to marvel as a way to truly see the fact that the various Cyber- Emperors truly are wearing no security clothes! For all of you out here in the security arena, have we all not heard that old adage" Security costs money! Why do I want to spend money that I don't have to! All is ok right now!" Well my friends, Security is an asset! If you spend to secure your car, your home and your business, why not your information. The reasons are many, but boil down to a few simple ones. No one is secure! No one really knows what these machines and code can really do when in an real open environment, no really can predict the next attack or the outcome. This is a global nuclear war happening right now! Of course the naysayers are sitting back and saying that this is just a bunch of hackers having their fun. how much money, time and aspirin and scotch did this episode cost? Well the fun has cost some of the bigger web sites and the network providers a few nights of
lost sleep!

GOOD! It is about time that the Internet become more of the real world, with classes taught to the children and adults that the Internet is not here to be your own personal piggy bank or sandbox! And to the Backbone providers out there, grow up and fix your own problems before you go laying blame on the others out there.

Of course we have the problems of the web sites not being informed and ready for such things to occur. Did they forget that they are connected to a net? Do they not have a person or persons, or a department that are geared for security and should be monitoring the net for such exploits? Or is it the fact that they are sitting on their respective asses and not seeing the forest for the trees? Of course they will say that the monitoring of such sites and the needs of security are too overwhelming and can not be done by anyone. 

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California's Premiere Criminal Defense Team

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