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So you want to be a computer criminal?

The blind leading the blind. Darkness falls as foul brainless elected officials take a break from taking bribes to listen to vested interest advisors. These make money by making them scared, lobbying for the hired guns of technocracy. Scared people spend a few bucks. Scared governments spend millions.

"The New Economy is on the verge of collapse!", they scream from already hoarse throats,"something must be done!".

Kill the hackers!

Easier to blame a 16 years old kid with a grimoire on his lap than some multibillionaire who leaves backdoor windows wide open and leads 60,000 bugs in your house. "We made the world a better place!". No wonder that while asking where we want to go today he plays the eternal damnation song from Carmina Burana. Rome is burning - play more music, Nero... But even under question by the Inquisition he never sang. The truth is out there - it's just that he owns copyright on all the vowels...

Back to the wired Elects. They know nothing, and fear tech. Easy marks. The Vizirs say "Hire some guns!", and they do. And who do they do hire but those who grew older but were nothing more than 16 years old kids with grimoires on their lap, just yesterday. Who will watch the watchmen?

License them to kill and let out the dogs. How can you know what you never saw? You can't. Ontological my arse - self-generation was disproved 200 years ago. The plague they see is but a blister, and the cure far worse than any cause.

What do I think about it? Sit back, relax, keep your nose clean as they set fire to the wooden cabana while standing on the roof. Fun times ahead!” -- Pat St-Arnaud, Mac Editor for Happy Hacker.

Fears aroused by today's computer crime wave are being exploited by politicians and law enforcement agancies to violate our freedoms. Check out the latest news reports:


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