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So you want to be a computer criminal?

MostHated Claims Meinel Is a Big Meanie for Accusing him of Being a Criminal

From: "mosthated" <most@pure-security.net>
To: "Carolyn Meinel" <>
Subject: Re: your book
Date: Fr1, 10 Dec 1999

I don't actual appreciate you including my group and my nickname in your book while i'm under investigation and you are basing nothing in your book on facts. You base your writings on something you read in the newspaper and have talked to no gH members directly, which is pathetic in the scene of book writing if you base a factual occurance off your pathetic findings in a magazine or nothing. Especially comparing my group with a gang, every group of people are referred to as a gang, why point us out individually, you claim i will not do good running www.pure-security.net yet i consult daily as a professional, not some mind
delusional bitch with no respect to the scene whatso ever. I would rather you get off on the right foot doing a book including gH, get inside the group, the members, do an indepth look, dont' just assume, their are members never before identified and people who don't even get on irc for that matter, just think about what your doing and how you could be doing this correctly, factual writings is more interesting then assumptions.
mosthated of gH

bash# cat /etc/services
Pure Security Networks
Powered by Hackers

From: "mosthated" <most@pure-security.net>
To: "Carolyn Meinel" <>
Subject: Re: your book
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999

No where did i say i wasn't the leader of gH, but i dont' like to be pointed out in your upcomming book and have your whole book revolve around my life. If you want to know about my real life and how everything is, watch 20/20 or something who got my permission to use the TRUTH and FACTS provided by myself to make a nice story, not assumptions on irc logs. You refer to the logs as us talking about JP of antionline, but no where in that whole irc transcript did we refer to JP and i was the only person in that whole list that was in gH, the rest weren't even members, yet you point out that the "gH gang" was involved. You want a good book, revolve it around someone's life that wants to be in the spotlight of your pathetic book based on shit, other then that, i want no part of it and would like to ask you to just stop. If you don't want to do it this way, i can easily find other ways to persuade your doings to not include myself. You claim i will be nothing and no one will hire me, so you use some clueless people who suspect all people like myself are bad people and can't be trusted, yet i probably have about 200 emails with some of the highest and largest corporations and kept all my emails regarding security advisories and help i have provided some of these large online companies. The trust is in the person and the relationship with the person, not based on past doings, reply or call 2814593302, either way, you concern is wanted about your book.

mosthated of gH

"Anything listed in this email is for your eyes, not to be used, nothing to
be extracted for further logs, just for your reading and not to be used in
any way, shape or form without my concent."

Meinel's response:Whoever gave you the idea I was writing a book revolving around your life? All I plan to use in Uberhacker is that IRC log to show what people like you behave like. This book focuses on truly talented hackers, the folks who have been able to keep www.happyhacker.org so secure it has never been hacked, even though we have run it on several different operating systems.

I have three witnesses and two independent transcripts that show a threat
by one of the participants in that IRC session to burn down the Antionline offices. The authorities, of course, were notified.

You way wish to speak with a lawyer about your claims at the end of your email that no one may quote from it. You may be interested to learn thatyou don't have the power to create laws that would bind other people:):)

Carolyn comments: You've seen what a computer security hero MostHated paints himself to be. Now take a look at the real MostHated, as seen in his recent run-in's with the law.

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