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So you want to be a computer criminal?

More IRC logs of famous computer criminals behaving badly...

<Jenster_> brb
*** Signoff: deekAway (Connection reset by peer)
<MrNfector> b/c a lot of people were being REALLY LAME!!!! so we did

<MrNfector> yes, it does.

<bronc> dang JP, you got ICQ or somnething, right after you got on, everyone you know jumped on this IRC server

<bronc> weird
<hook> I still have no idea what it was about, but hey, it sounded American
and Im Canadian so what do I know? ;)
*** Signoff: eCh0 (Quit: [BX] Mr. Peanut uses BitchX. Shouldn't you?)
*** Signoff: chem1st (Quit: chem1st has no reason)
*** Mode change "+vv Xepher Debris" on channel #koan by BladerHater
*** Mode change "+v McIntyre" on channel #koan by BladerHater
*** Mode change "+v Maqh4" on channel #koan by BladerHater
*** Mode change "+vvv Coolio zetesis Graphix-B" on channel #koan by
*** Mode change "+v random" on channel #koan by BladerHater
*** Mode change "+vv EmBoLa Spart|Bedtime" on channel #koan by BladerHater
*** Mode change "+v bread" on channel #koan by BladerHater
<bitshift> so, what ever happened last night after the server went down?
*** Mode change "+vvv bL3h Sottle sikro" on channel #koan by BladerHater
<Debris> merci
*** Mode change "+v Jugger0" on channel #koan by BladerHater
*** Mode change "+v erudite" on channel #koan by BladerHater
*** Signoff: sikro (Quit: ZeRd ToLeRaNcE v8.20 -> http://ztolerance.cjb.net)

<bronc> here comes the DoS again

<bitshift> dos is retarded
<temas> everyone be nice
<Debris> ay

*** Signoff: bL3h (Quit: |bL3h|)

<bronc> if I ping out, thank JP

*** Jenster_ is now known as Jen|koan

<JP> bronc> sorry, I can't ping or do any denial of service attacks, it's
denied in my router
<Debris> remote shell
#koan> /who #koan

#koan the_Noid H+ ~the_Noid@cc421668-a.trrsdl1.pa.home.com (0 ?uRViVa#
of tHe fitte?t (leopard))
#koan bronc H+ ~bronc@2600.COM (0 Bronc Buster)
#koan Darkshad H+ ~darkshad@ (0 your name here)
#koan MrNfector H*@ ~mrnfector@bijou29.fone.net (0 mrnfector)
#koan JP H+ ~jp@ (0 John Vranesevich)
#koan coreyg H+ ~coreyg@ (0 coreyg)
#koan McIntyre H+ ~McIntyre@d53.dial-2.cmb.ma.ultra.net (0 Clan
#koan Coolio H+ ~coolio@strauss.udel.edu (0 Your One Smart Guy)
#koan zetesis H+ ~jericho@attrition.org (0 zetesis)
#koan bread H+ ~rtfbaldwi@ns.newwave.net (0 Travis F. Baldwin)
#koan Jen|koan H+ ~cv50015@ (0 -)
#koan Debris H+ ~Debris@secure.telnetd.org (0 * I'm to lame to read BitchX.doc *)
#koan Spart|Bedtime H+ ~sprtikus@98C81392.ipt.aol.com (0 JohnDoe)
#koan BladerHater H*@ ~BladerHat@98CC52D1.ipt.aol.com (0 BladerHater)
#koan AlienSoul H+ ~aliensoul@wal117.valint.net (0 Halo Friendly)
#koan fuji H+ ~asdgfs@ (0 Yo Mamma)
#koan bitshift H+ ~fake@ind-usr1-cs-27.win.bright.net (0 Brian)
#koan Graphix-B H+ ~poppy@41.middletown-07.va.dial-access.att.net (0
C12Delta 3.4 C4- C14Dark Illumination C4- )
#koan Jugger0 H+ ~getlost@acay01912684.acay.com.au (0 Who wants to know?)
#koan DarkNomad H+ ~darknomad@cs9349-120.austin.rr.com (0 DarkNomad)
#koan BurntAsh H+ ~BurntAsh@PPPa62-Tulsa11-1R507.saturn.bbn.com (0
#koan Ktinga H+ ~ktinga@ben11.unm.edu (0 Ktinga)
#koan EmBoLa H+ ~hakuna@tc2r9-114.ras.cha.cantv.net (0 Hello World!)
#koan qironlung H+ ~qironlung@dialup-
(0 iron)
#koan random H+ ~random@p01-19.stamford.dialin.ntplx.com (0 blah)
#koan Maqh4 H+ ~eddie17@user-37kbtog.dialup.mindspring.com (0 Eddie)
#koan Xepher H+ ~Xepher@hil-c45-076-vty76.as.wcom.net (0 Xepher
#koan temas H*@ ~temas@modem-0709.rns.tamu.edu (0 temas)
#koan Sottle H+ ~Sottle@user-37kbtog.dialup.mindspring.com (0 Eddie)
#koan hook H+ ~hook@ppp28.a6.du.execulink.com (0 Hook)
#koan Diode G@ ~Diode@diode.rt66.com (0 * Free yourself, From yourself *)
#koan erudite G+ ~erudite@cx638849-a.orng1.occa.home.com (0 Erudition)
*** eCh0 (~eCh0@ppp23.ts8-2.NewportNews.visi.net) has joined channel #koan
<JP> Debris> i'm too lame to use those, remember?
<Debris> Did i say that?
<MrNfector> any lame, or bashing on people will result in /kick, and no voice when you come back in, so think before you speek people.

More typical IRC behavior of Attrition.org and Global Hell gang members -->>

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