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So you want to be a computer criminal?

More IRC logs of famous computer criminals behaving badly...

*** Mode change "+v coreyg" on channel #koan by temas

*** Mode change "+v cyberkni" on channel #koan by temas

*** Mode change "+v DarkNomad" on channel #koan by temas
*** Signoff: bronc (Quit: BitchX: try our lowfat flavor too!)
*** JP (~jp@ has joined channel #koan
<bitshift> what is mode v?
*** Mode change "+v fuji" on channel #koan by temas
*** MrNfector (~mrnfector@bijou29.fone.net) has joined channel #koan
*** Mode change "+o MrNfector" on channel #koan by ChanServ
*** Mode change "+v Hex" on channel #koan by temas

<Hex> voice

*** Mode change "+v Jenster_" on channel #koan by temas

*** Darkshad (~darkshad@ has joined channel #koan

*** Mode change "+v Darkshad" on channel #koan by MrNfector

*** Mode change "+v Ktinga" on channel #koan by temas

*** gbitshift: No such nick/channel

*** Signoff: Hex (Quit: C9,1 >!< Scoop Script >!< v 5.6 C0 pegue sua copia
em C11,1www.tande.com/scoop C0 ou C4 http://scoopscript.cjb.net)
*** Mode change "+v qironlung" on channel #koan by MrNfector
indivates th

<cyberkni> yeah

*** Mode change "+v hook" on channel #koan by MrNfector

<temas> I wish I remember who else has been in here all day
*** Mode change "+v JP" on channel #koan by MrNfector

<Jenster_> ah thanks

<cyberkni> if the room is +m(moderated)

*** bronc (~bronc@2600.COM) has joined channel #koan
*** Mode change "+v bronc" on channel #koan by MrNfector
*** the_Noid (~the_Noid@cc421668-a.trrsdl1.pa.home.com) has joined channel #koan
*** Mode change "+v the_Noid" on channel #koan by MrNfector

*** chem1st has left channel #koan
*** chem1st (~lamur@modemcable201.251-106.mmtl.videotron.net) has joined channel #koan

<bronc> damn JP got mad and DoS'ed me :(

<bronc> that sucked
<coreyg> If there continues to be a show of IGNORANCE like the last one I will fix the problem
<cyberkni> ok peopl
<JP> sorry bronc

<JP> i was dos'd too whois zet

<JP> so it wasn't me
<cyberkni> u guy are all pretty koo
<cyberkni> laterz

*** zetesis is ~jericho@attrition.org (zetesis)
*** on channels: #koan
*** on irc via server otter.happyhacker.org (Happy Hacker IRC Server)
*** zetesis has been idle 3 minutes
*** Signoff: cyberkni (Quit: Leaving)

More typical IRC behavior of Attrition.org and Global Hell gang members -->>

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