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So you want to be a computer criminal?

More IRC logs of famous computer criminals behaving badly...

<Debris> eCh0: lordoak shood get the goat-advisory.org bill neday now
*** Signoff: bread (Quit: .)
<MrNfector> he's from 2600.com, duh.......
<BurntAsh> hehehe
<eCh0> Debris, you carded it to LoRD_OaK's?
<bronc> smary guy who said Linux sucks...all because he could not figure out
how to instell it
<Debris> eCh0: ye
<eCh0> LOL

<bronc> s/instell/install
<eCh0> It's going to get cancelled though.
<eCh0> If you carded it..
<Debris> ya i no
<NetShad0w> hah
<eCh0> All domains like that do.
<Debris> ill re reg it
*** Signoff: Mavrik (Connection reset by peer)
<eCh0> That's why carding sucks..unless its something you know you can keep.
<Debris> eCh0: were changing servers this week
<eCh0> off sphix?
<Debris> and were gunna get shells and bnc
<Debris> ya
<_LaDiLLa_> Question #3. Can some one tell me where can I get mi own free Shell Account (THAT IS NOT CYBERSPACE.ORG)??
<BladerHater> now we have changed the subject to carding, wow what morals
<Macki> so NetShad0w, did you relocate to Beaver, PA for AO?

<eCh0> let me secure the box..DARK doesn't know how to do jack as far as securing goes.

<Coolio> _LaDiLLa_: lonestar.org

<NetShad0w> yup macki

<Coolio> _LaDiLLa_: nethier.net

<Debris> eCh0: its not darks server

<bitshift> I've tried all of those without success

<Debris> chem1st has root on it

<Macki> NetShad0w, aren't you affraid you'll be homeless soon? or do you have lots of money saved up?
<Debris> chem1st will secure hes smart
<eCh0> eCh0 > chem1st, =P
<Debris> they wont gimme root i dont think
*** jericho (~jericho@attrition.org) has joined channel #koan
*** Mode change "+v jericho" on channel #koan by MrNfector
<eCh0> chem1st is canadien anyway, hehe..
<Debris> chem1st is french
<Debris> he lives near me

<eCh0> him and windex- always talk in french in #feed-the-goats
<eCh0> that shit pisses me off
<Punchdown> hey jericho

<Macki> NetShad0w, I mean, usually for a website to be successful it needs
CONTENT.. and not like the stuff you have there now.. it also needs to be in

<jericho> hi there

<Diode> hello

<Debris> ~ech0: ill put a translator tcl in lordgoat

<coreyg> Hiya Diode

<eCh0> haha
<BurntAsh> Hi diode

<NetShad0w> Macki- r u trying to carry a decent conversation or are you being a smart ass? i need to know so i can decide which state of mind i need to be in

*** Signoff: Daenris (Quit: Leaving)

<RunLevel6> Hola Jericho
<jericho> it also needs to stay away from known frauds that are not respected by the industry.
<Darkshad> one website that I think kicks butt is slashdot.org
<eCh0> If NetShad0w can't decide what state of mind he needs to be in by himself, he definitely must be having some trouble.

<jericho> rl6hi

<Debris> if we participate in the wargames are we allowed to rm?

<Diode> and what industry would that be?????

<bronc> I think JP whips him too much

More typical IRC behavior of Attrition.org and Global Hell gang members -->>

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