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So you want to be a computer criminal?

Following is an IRC transcript of famous computer criminals behaving badly. This transcript features the much-busted and convicted Patrick W. Gregory (MostHated, leader of Global Hell), the much-raided head of Attrition.org Brian Martin (jericho), and Martin's sidekick Debris, who is evidently trying to win a reputation. Warning -- these guys use naughty words!

Highlights of this transcript:

Capture file opened 8-Apr-1999 08:16p

*** zetesis (~jericho@attrition.org) has joined channel #koan
*** Mode change "+v zetesis" on channel #koan by MrNfector
<MrNfector> it was a reference to anyone.
<MostHateD> he don't post the REAL letters
<eCh0> Hmm
*** Coolio (~coolio@strauss.udel.edu) has joined channel #koan
*** Mode change "+v Coolio" on channel #koan by MrNfector
<eCh0> McIntyre
<eCh0> heh
<Coolio> Hi
<eCh0> zetesis = jericho?
<McIntyre> Jez?
<eCh0> Coolio, werd
<Coolio> my nickname is Coolio!
<McIntyre> Si
<eCh0> Coolio, Your One Smart Guy
<Debris> JP: why didnt antisearch ever index my site
<eCh0> lol
<MostHateD> gH > antionline.com<bronc> heheh
<MrNfector> everybody that wants to argue, /join #argue, ok?
<eCh0> eCh0 > antionline.com, =PPP
<fake> microsoft.com > antionline.com
* MostHateD hugs bronc.
<bronc> this log is going to look funny on my web site
<eCh0> Everybody that wants to code linux virii come to channel #gayhackers

<MostHateD> so JP, respond.<fake> bronc: will my name be on 2600?
<MostHateD> you are like a reporter and shitl.

<Debris> jp is scared

<MostHateD> what are your responces?


<EmBoLa> heh

<MostHateD> you can't speak with out html or what?
<bronc> fake: err ask emmanuel :P

More typical IRC behavior of Attrition.org and Global Hell gang members -->>

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