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Siemens Security Customers Fear the Bunni

Fluffi Bunni hacker suspect had been on Siemens' staff for a year
IT security suppliers Siemens Communications and Insight Consulting have begun investigations after it emerged that a man arrested last week by detectives hunting a notorious international hacking group had been representing the firms on an exhibitor's stand at a major IT security show.

Senior detectives at Scotland Yard's Computer Crime Unit spotted 27-year-old Lynn Htun, believed to be the brains behind the infamous Fluffi Bunni hacking group, on the stand run by Insight Consulting and its business partner Siemens at the Infosecurity Europe 2003 show at Olympia, London....

The incident will come as an embarrassment to Siemens, which runs major secure IT projects for the government, and its business partner Insight Consulting, which is partly owned by Siemens and has close links to the security service MI5.

It is also likely to prompt anxious questions from the companies' customers about the adequacy of Siemens' employment vetting procedures.

"It does take some form of carelessness to employ someone who is facing charges and for which there is an arrest warrant out. Obviously, any purchaser of security services has high implicit expectations of the supplier. I think Siemens has a great deal to answer," said Peter Sommer, security expert at the London School of Economics.

According to eye witnesses, senior detectives from Scotland Yard's Computer Crime Unit spotted Htun on a stand run by Insight Consulting and Siemens only yards from an exhibit by the National High-Tech Crime Unit at lunchtime on Tuesday 29 April. More on this story --->>

Arrested Bunni not the Big One?

A little real-world security surfaced at InfoSecurity Europe 2003 in
London when Scotland Yard officers swooped down and arrested Lynn Htun on
the show floor.

The arrest made headlines when Htun was linked to Fluffi Bunni, a hacker
group that gained notoriety in September 2001, when it defaced thousands
of sites with the message “Fluffi Bunni goes Jihad” and its calling card,
a picture of a rabbit at a PC. The group also defaced numerous
security-oriented sites, such as the SANS Institute and Attrition.org. And
Fluffi Bunni left its mark on the SecurityFocus (now part of Symantec
Corp.) Web site by defacing a banner ad hosted on a different server. In
fact, though, Htun was arrested on forgery charges.

“I don’t think it means a thing. The big fish of Fluffi Bunni was t0rner,”
who created t0rn kit, said B.K. DeLong, who co-managed the now-defunct
Attrition defacement mirror. DeLong said Htun was almost certainly the
hacker known as “danny-boy,” who was closely associated with t0rner.

T0rner, whose real name is believed to be Samir Rana, was arrested last September in the U.K. -- From SECURITY WIRE DIGEST, VOL. 5, NO. 35, MAY 5, 2003 To SUBSCRIBE to Security Wire Digest, go to:

Fluffi Bunni Arrested in London

According to a May 1 Reuters news story, "'Fluffi Bunni is one of the most mysterious figures in the hacking panorama. He selects specific targets. His hacks are very effective,' said Roberto Preatoni, founder of Zone-H, a firm that monitors and records Internet hack attacks.

"[Lynn] Htun, a British citizen, had not been charged late on Wednesday with any computer-related crimes.

"Police said he was arrested on Tuesday by officers from the Computer Crime Unit of New Scotland Yard on a warrant for skipping an appearance at Guilford Crown Court, where he was to appear for an unrelated forgery charge.

"A law enforcement source said the investigation was continuing as authorities were trying to determine whether Fluffi Bunni was the work of a single person or a group, which could lead to other arrests and determine whether Htun is charged."

More on this story -->>

Lynn Htun, the 24 year old hacker who some say led the Fluffi Bunni hacker gang, was arrested in London April 29, 2003. Fluffi Bunni has defaced many high profile sites such as McDonalds, Exodus, Securityfocus.com, and the computer security professional association SANS. For some records on these defacements, see the Zone-h.org site, http://www.zone-h.org/en/defacements/filter/filter_defacer=Fluffy+Bunny/

He/they/whoever most infamously went on a rampage of web defacements just days after the Sept. 11 terror attacks. He/they defaced thousands of commercial Web sites with a single break-in that included the message, "Fluffi Bunni Goes Jihad."

He is wanted in the United States for hacking and was arrested while attending a computer security conference.

More on this story -->>

Columbia University Finds Home Page Hacker
(28 April 2003)

A hacker who allegedly defaced Columbia University's home web page
and redirected visitors to a lewd site, has been caught, according
to the assistant director of Academic Information Systems. He will
not say if the perpetrator is a student. The hacker likely obtained
access to the server through a privileged account.
More on this story -->>

More about the woes of computer criminals --->>

California's Premiere Criminal Defense Team

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