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The Best American Science Writing 2002 includes an expose of America's covert cyberwar against China, written by Happy Hacker's own Carolyn Meinel. Other topics include "Can Science Explain Everything? Anything?"; "Rethinking the Brain"; and "Of Altruism, Heroism and Nature's Gifts in the Face of Terror."

Kids: if you've been trying to get your parents to let you buy Meinel's hacking books and they are afraid she's an evil hacker who will lead you astray, try them out on Best American Science Writing first.


You can find The Best American Science Writing 2002 in most book stores, from Amazon.com, or you can order an autographed paperback copy from Carolyn Meinel:

United States shipment via Priority or 2nd day Federal Express $19.00

Global Priority to Canada or Mexico $21.00

Global Priority to other nations that use Global Priority mail such as the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, and most Latin American countries $23.00. Click here to learn whether your country supports Global Priority airmail shipping.

If your nation does not support Global Priority, you can get Best American Science Writing 2002 shipped to you airmail for $29, or Economy Letter for $22.

Please send your check or money order in US$ made out to Carolyn Meinel, P.O. Box 1520, Cedar Crest NM 87008 USA. Thank you.

To use our order form, or include other books in your order, click here.

Carolyn's most
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